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Special Report

Texe Marrs

What Happened to Jobs, Mr. President?

Even as President Obama was delivering his inaugural address, our nation’s Congress was hard at work. But not on jobs. That is America’s #1 priority—putting the 25 million jobless back to work. But Congress decided instead to diddle around with Immigration Reform.

What happened to jobs, Mr. President? And you, Senators McCain, Schumer, and Rubio—What in heaven’s name were you doing meeting in secret to plot out Immigration Reform when all those millions of Americans are out of work?

President Obama apparently doesn’t give a plug nickel about the unemployed. Neither do either the Democrats or Republicans in Congress. Obama is working on nonexistent “climate change,” the gay agenda, women in combat, etc., etc. There’s all this talk about gun control...But what about the suffering who can’t find jobs, Mr. President?


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