codex magica mysterious monuments

Special Report
by Texe Marrs


Judaizer/Zionist Teachings

What the Bible Says

Israel is focus

Jesus is focus

Jewish Messiah

Jesus Messiah

Old Covenant

New Covenant

Jewish-led Kingdom

Jesus-led Kingdom

Jews are Abraham’s seed

Jesus’ saints are Abraham’s seed

Jews are God’s Chosen People

Jesus’ saints are God’s Chosen People

Jewish racial and spiritual superiority

God no respecter of persons

Jews to judge the nations

Jesus to judge the nations

Kingdom of God physical

Kingdom of God spiritual

Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

God’s Temple in Heaven

Earthly Jerusalem is God’s Holy City

Earthly Jerusalem is “Sodom and Egypt”

Animals sacrificed and blood shed

Jesus the one and only sacrifice

Jews to possess the land and set up physical kingdom on earth

Jesus kingdom not of this world

Jewish feasts, holy days, new moons

Jesus worshipped in spirit and in truth

Laws written by rabbis in the Talmud

Laws written by God in heart of believer

Redemption by obeying the law

Redemption through faith in Jesus

Restore planet earth

New heavens and new earth

Physical circumcision

Spiritual circumcision

Central Mission: Bless and support Israel and Jews

Central Mission: Preach Gospel of Jesus Christ

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