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Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report

Texe Marrs

The Phoenix Program

In Vietnam, in the 60s and 70s, the United States really got its concentration camp program in high gear. The CIA and U.S. Army special units set up a string of torture and death camps throughout South Vietnam. The project was called “The Phoenix Program.” Sometimes, entire villages and towns were targeted for extinction. My Lai was one such village, and U.S. Army Lt. William Calley and his soldiers carried out orders and wiped out hundreds of men, women and children at My Lai.

My Lai massacre

Actual photo of US soldiers getting ready to massacre civilians and burn the village of My Lai in Vietnam. This killing was approved by the Generals and by the White House.

    Just like in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, the genocidal butchers of the U.S.A. used the best of statistical and high tech methods in their Vietnamese concentration camp program. Death quotas had to be fulfilled by village chiefs, local political bureaucrats and lower-level commanders.

    As Doug Valentine points out in his powerfully documented book, The Phoenix Program, “neutralization quotas put on them meant they had to sentence so many people a month regardless. And God, if you ever saw those prisons!”

My Lai massacre

U.S. soldiers massacred over 500 unarmed Vietnamese in My Lai as part of the Phoenix Program.

    In Hostages of War, Don Luce also examines the perverse Phoenix Program, recounting its massive and unjustifiable use of torture, repression, and assassination. Most victims, he notes, were innocent, brought in only after a nosey neighbor, village gossiper, or family enemy falsely reported them to authorities as a potential threat to security. Many were accused of saying something they shouldn’t have said, or of “insufficient support” for the political system.

    Both Valentine and Luce say this demented brainchild system came straight out of The Company (the CIA) in Langley, Virginia. Computers were used by the thugs that ran it, and everyone in authority, from the military officials, to the U.S. Ambassador, the bureaucrats of the State Department, and the occupants of the White House, knew of Phoenix.

    But—consider this—the American people knew little or nothing about Phoenix. And to this day, almost five decades later, the press (CBS, NBC, ABC, Washington Post, etc.) still refuse to report the facts.

Phoenix Program military patch

Phoenix Program military patch, from Vietnam era.

    Those who scoff at the word “conspiracy” better rethink things. How often have you heard the faulty rhetoric, “Oh, I don’t believe in conspiracies. If that was true, why don’t I read about it in the newspaper or see it exposed on the TV news?”

    Sure, just the way Phoenix was so courageously exposed by our bold journalists?

Death in the Middle East

In my video, Gulag USA, you will see just how close we are to that scary night when the jackbooted thugs of America’s ruthless new Gestapo will begin breaking down doors and hauling Christians and patriots off to the camps. These gulag camps are already built. They are being furnished with the most heinous of torture devices. Some will be equipped with guillotines. Thumbscrews, cattle prods, branding irons, skull crushers, tongue clamps, and microchip implantation devices will be used in dark dungeons of torture and death.

John Kerry and Bob Kerrey were butchers in Vietnam

Secretary of State John Kerry was one of the CIA Phoenix killers operating in Vietnam. Former Senator Bob Kerrey (left) was also a butcher who killed unarmed innocents in Vietnam.

    The CIA is still killing thousands at secret U.S. prison camps across the globe. Millions have been tortured and murdered in Iraq, Syria, and Libya. The CIA and its Homeland Security are in the U.S.A., preparing the way, conditioning the mass public, rousing fear and alarm, declaring that cell after cell of domestic and foreign terrorists are out there, “plotting more crimes of infamy.” If necessary, Washington, D.C. tells us, the Constitution must be shelved. The need for the peoples’ security and safety make the Bill of Rights antiquated and obsolete. Torture, also, must be made acceptable, say Jewish lawyers like New York’s Alan Dershowitz and associates.

    During the French Revolution, as the Masonic/Illuminist plotters ominously rounded up frightened legions of bewildered men, women, and children targeted for rape, torture, mass drownings, and the guillotine, the revolutionary leaders of the government in Paris, led by Robespierre, Voltaire, and other Illuminists, cried out “Everything now is different. Everything has changed. Liberty requires action. Carpe Diem! (Seize the day!)” Listen closely, my friends, for that same, fatal cry is being loudly cried out, even today, in the U.S.A. And the same devils are behind it.  

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