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Special Alert
by Texe Marrs

Texe Marrs’ Books Available in E-Book and Kindle Formats

Power of Prophecy is excited to announce the availability of all of Texe Marrs’ books in e-book (electronic book) or Kindle format.

Who doesn’t love the feel of holding a “real” book in their hands, and even the smell of a book? But the benefits of e-books should not be over looked.

E-books are less expensive, yet all the components of a “real” book are there—the Table of Contents, chapter separations, the pictures and captions, a bookmark—everything.

E-books are searchable. Are you looking for where Texe Marrs discusses Jacob Rothschild in his book? You can perform a search for it and it will show you every occurance of where Texe mentions Jacob Rothschild.

With the rising cost of domestic and overseas postage, friends of the ministry near and far can skip the cost of shipping and handling. Buying an e-book also means you’ll get your books faster than overnight—within seconds or minutes.

If your vision is becoming impaired, the text can be re-sized for greater readability. Screens can also be lit for reading in the dark.

With e-books, your friends are not going to borrow your book and forget to return it. And, e-books are ageless.

We hope you’ll consider taking advantage of this less expensive way to read Texe’s books and learn the truth. You may order your e-books directly from or through your favorite online bookstore.

Click Here to view our E-Book Store.

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