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Special Bonus Report
by Sandra Myers

Creating His Own New World Order

George Soros and Open Societies Foundation

Sandra Myers

Sandra Myers

World Domination. History is replete with tales of one country’s domination and subjugation of other countries to their power—often by force. What I’m about to tell you is much more sinister and stealthier.

    This is the story of one, singular man with a grandiose messianic-god complex. Like a messiah, he believes the world has been waiting for him and like a god, he alone, knows what’s best for the whole world.

    This is the story of one, György Schwartz, better known as George Soros... born in Budapest, he survived the Siege of Budapest (Nazi-Soviet fighting), the family fled to London where he was educated. In 1956 he moved to New York City where he pursued a career in finance. Soros started his first hedge fund in 1969. Profits from his first fund furnished the seed money to start Soros Fund Management, his second hedge fund, in 1970. Later, in 1992, Soros became known as “the man who broke the Bank of England,” when Soros made over $1 Billion by his short sale of England’s pound sterling. Today, George Soros is one of the 20 richest men in the world.

George Soros

Taken directly from OSF’s website.

    In 1979, after his great financial successes, Soros reflected that he had more than enough money for he and his family and turned his thoughts to the other impressive lesson learned from his mentor, Sir Karl Popper, at the London School of Economics. Soros turned his eyes to creating a different world—an “Open Society.” Popper, and thus Soros, believe an open society is permissive, inclusive, with little definition of right or wrong, good or bad; where as closed societies force people to submit to authority, whether that authority is religious, political or economic. Thus began George Soros’ epic journey of righting all that is wrong in the world.

    Think about this: One man, with his billions of dollars, has 27 offices around the world including on the African continent, Central America, South America, the Middle East, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, in many of the countries that are formerly part of the USSR. Even where there is no office, he and his minions are close by orchestrating civil unrest, riots, movements and marches in over 100 nations. The depths of his manipulation and steering of events around the globe is beyond staggering.

    George Soros is creating his own New World Order! He’s financing and directing entire regime, cultural and social changes around the world.

    The Open Society Foundations (OSF) website, under their History states:

“We are the second largest private philanthropy in the United States (backed by an $18 billion endowment from Soros announced in October 2017). We have annual expenditures of over $940 million, and we work in over 100 countries around the world.”

    Under their Mission & Values statement:

“We help to shape public policies... We implement advance justice, education, public health, and independent media... We believe in taking on controversial issues and supporting bold, innovative solutions that address root causes and advance systemic change.”

    Judicial Watch says of Soros and his OSF:

“They are ‘...a radical, progressive agenda that seeks to destabilize legitimate governments, erase national borders and identities, target conservative politicians, finance civil unrest, subvert institutions of higher education, and orchestrate refugee crises for political gain.’”

    Lest you think Soros seeks only to destabilize countries and their politics, here is but one example of his foray into undermining religious institutions. This report was given:

“Sojourners, Rev. Jim Wallis and allies are touring many states on ‘Vote Common Good’ buses to ‘flip Congress’ split the evangelical vote before the mid-term elections. Wallis publicly denied that he was a recipient of Soros funding. Journalists found hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from Soros’s Open Society Foundations to Sojourners. Wallis later replied, ‘I didn’t recall,’ as he finally admitted the Soros connection.”

    A few countries have caught on to Soros’ tricks. The OSF has been kicked out of Moscow, and Hungary, and most recently expelled from Turkey. Turkey’s President Erdogan stated:

“The person who financed terrorists during the Gezi incidents is already in prison. And who is behind him? The famous Hungarian Jew Soros. This is a man who assigns people to divide nations and shatter them. He has so much money and he spends it this way.”

Save us from Soros

The people of Turkey plead with the US to save them from Soros.

    Just because OSF has been ousted, don’t let this fool you. Although he may not have offices in each of these places or in any particular country, OSF still works to steer and undermine any government Soros deems necessary of his god-like engineering and manipulate society according to his own left-wing socialist designs.

    Where you see regime changes (local, national, or international), think Soros. Where you see civil unrest and rioting (Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, LGBTQ) think Soros. Where you see forced cultural changes, think George Soros. Where you see abortion on demand, needle exchanges, caravan hoards and unchecked immigration, think Soros.

    Multiply all of the above by everything going on in countries around the world. Billions have been given away by this man and his foundations. With the OSF in over 100 countries, the magnitude of one man’s reach is stunning. Does Soros think himself to be as our Lord in Psalm 35:10?

“Who is like unto Thee, which deliverest the poor from him that is too strong for him, yea, the poor and the needy from him that spoileth him?”

    No man’s machinations for creating an “open society” will fix this world’s problems. Only our Lord and Saviour can deliver the poor and needy. Soros, himself, is a “spoiler” spoken of.

    Some parting thoughts and questions (perhaps for another article): What is going on with Brexit? Will England ever leave the European Union? Who is driving Venezuela’s political debacle? Are your politicians, Republican and Democrat alike, beholden to OSF? And lastly, Open Society Foundations does not have an office in Israel. Why? The answer will surprise you.  

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