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A Woman Vice President in AD 2000?

Reliable sources inform us that the inner circle of the Illuminati (see my book, Circle of Intrigue) is actively considering three women as potential U.S.A. vice presidential candidates for the year 2000 national elections. On the Democratic Party side, California's Senator Diane Feinstein is the choice. For the Republican Party, it's either Governor Christine Whitman of New Jersey or Elizabeth Dole, wife of former presidential candidate, Senator Robert Dole.

Only Liberals, Globalists, and Pro-Israel Candidates Need Apply

Prominent Jewish millionaires affiliated with the Illuminati are demanding that the liberal Feinstein be vaulted to the VP slot because she is Jewish, rabidly pro-Israel, a supporter of a global police state, a friend to gun control radicals, and an abortion leader.

However, some key members of the Illuminati are backing First Lady Hillary Clinton for Vice President on an Al Gore/Hillary Clinton ticket. If Hillary gets the job, she and her lesbo-feminist girlfriends will continue to run the White House from behind-the-scenes, just as they do now in President Bill Clinton's administration.

Picture of Christine Todd Whitman

Picture of Bill Clinton

New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman is a leading Republican candidate for Vice President, with Elizabeth Dole her top competition. Bill Clinton wants to be President for a third term—and the Y2K crisis may be the catalyst.

Whitman, a Republican neo-conservative, is acceptable because she's a pro-United Nations globalist and a Bilderberger. Governor Whitman is also a dedicated environmentalist opposed to property rights for the people. Like Feinstein, she favors the killing of innocent babies through abortion.

Another prominent woman who desperately wants to run for the Vice President slot is the photogenic Elizabeth Dole. Mrs. Dole may eventually be approved by the elite to be their nominee for Vice President. To win their nod, Elizabeth Dole is being advised to be "moderate" on issues like abortion and homosexuality. She has been told to disown the social agenda of the so-called "Christian Right," but to do so softly and with a smile.

Screening the Presidential Nominees

Meanwhile, as presidential candidate, the Illuminati insiders are still supporting Al Gore for the Democratic Party ticket. But watch out! A certain dark horse candidate is lurking around. He's privately attempting to get the Illuminati's inner circle to ditch Gore and choose him, instead. And who is this scheming dark horse candidate? None other than William Jefferson Clinton!

My sources tell me that President Clinton is trying to convince the monied elite who control his destiny to let him run for a third term. No other President except Franklin D. Roosevelt has ever served more than two terms. To allow the ambitious Bill Clinton this opportunity to remain in power, it would be necessary for Congress and the people to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution.

No problem, says the ambitious Mr. Clinton. The President has presented a diabolical plan—connected to the AD 2000 Y2K crisis—to his Illuminati superiors. He's assuring them that the Congress and the people can be convinced it is in their best interest to junk the 22nd Amendment and let him stay in office a third term.

Bush Passes Jewish Test, Renounces Christ

On the Republican side, Texas Governor George W. Bush, like his father a globalist member of the notorious Order of Skull and Bones, is currently the overwhelming favorite to run on the ticket.

Recently, Governor Bush flew to Jerusalem to meet privately with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The younger Bush also presented his case in confidential interviews with Edgar Bronfman, head of the World Jewish Congress, and Abe Foxman, boss of the Jewish ADL. Governor Bush gave Netanyahu, Bronfman, and Foxman assurances he would not promote the Christian social agenda if they'll just let him become President.

George W. Bush also promised the ADL's Foxman he would never again say publicly—as he once did in 1992 in order to get the Christian vote—that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and eternal life in heaven. As if on cue, recently the Governor's press office at the Capitol in Austin, Texas, announced that Bush no longer professes Jesus as the only way to salvation. This eye-opening news was reported in the Austin American-Statesman newspaper.

Celebrity Christians Back Bush

Meanwhile, fearing a fundamentalist backlash against his renunciation of Christ, Governor Bush quickly lined up the support of celebrity Christians, including famed evangelist Billy Graham. Graham has already begun telling leaders in the Christian establishment that he agrees with Bush's position on liberal ecumenicism.

Governor Bush was also promptly invited to speak from the pulpit of Houston's 13,000 member Second Baptist Church, pastored by evangelical moderate, Pastor Ed Young.

Given this support by Christian power-brokers, his betrayal of Christ has not cost Bush at all among the influential Christian "establishment." However, his rejection of the Bible's teachings has paid off handsomely in the cash realm for the younger Bush. In return for Bush's renouncement of Christ, Seagram's Distillery billionaire Edgar Bronfman has agreed to recruit many wealthy Jews to advance money for Bush's campaign.

Picture of George W. Bush

Picture of Newsweek

Governor George W. Bush has been anointed by the elite to be Republican Party standard-bearer as presidential candidate. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is obviously the liberal media's reigning glamour queen and dream choice for any political post she wants.

Others in the Running

Other "chosen son" potential candidates on the Republican side include Lamar Alexander, Steve Forbes and Dan Quayle. Alexander is a vice-president possibility at best. Forbes magazine publisher Steve Forbes is a staunch pro-life supporter, which is good. Unfortunately, he is also a loyal globalist, as is former Vice President Dan Quayle. Quayle is a Rockefeller stooge and a bonafide lackey of the Illuminati, but he's not their favorite. Alexander, Forbes and Quayle do not have a real shot at the nomination.

For now, Texas' George W. Bush is the man the inner circle backs for its prestigious, but puppet-like, job of President of the United States. If, however, Bush falters, the Illuminati will likely promote Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) to head the Republican Party ticket. McCain's UN globalist political views, his willingness to take bribes, and his free trade economic policies are perfectly crafted to please the elitist bankers and industrialists.

Then, there's Pat Buchanan. Buchanan talks a good patriotic game, but is actually an establishment hack. The feisty talk show personality is running merely to make Christians and patriots think they have a real choice.

Elections Don't Count

As long-time readers of this newsletter know, it is not the voting electorate but, instead, the ten men who comprise the inner circle of the Illuminati who choose our nation's candidates for the highest offices. Political primaries, party caucuses, and state and national conventions are purely for show—a sham. America will have a President and Vice President chosen by only one political party—the hidden party of the Illuminati, the party of money, and of sinister ambitions.

Politicians Sell Out

The politicians, in fact, have sold Christian and patriot values down the river. Except for a handful of loyal American Congressmen—Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Helen Chenowith, for example—the wishy-washy Republicans are only marginally better than the vultures in the depraved Democratic Party.

Still, Christian patriots are winning victories. God is our strength and our protection. We're not giving in to intimidation and bullying. We're standing our ground.

Little do most Americans know it, but were it not for the courageous and bold efforts of the small and numerically insignificant, patriotic Christian community (I'm talking about you, dear reader!), this country would years ago have been turned into one, gigantic Communist/Socialist concentration camp.

As long as we have breath, let us continue to resist the encroaching darkness, remembering always this truth—that Jesus Christ our Lord already has won the victory.

We dare not put our trust in politicians and men. Instead, let us trust wholly in He who alone holds the keys to life and death. He is the Light of the world, and His glorious name is Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords.

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