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Texe Marrs

Arabs and Israelis Rob American Citizens of $100 Billion—With Full Blessing of Clinton Administration

Americans stunned by the gigantic recent hikes in fuel bills "including a spike in prices at local gas pumps" would be shocked to discover the real reason for this highway robbery.

Power of Prophecy has learned that the price increases are payoff for an upcoming Middle East peace agreement between the Jews and the Arabs.

Here’s how the scam works: The Clinton Administration agreed to wink and look the other way as Arab OPEC oil partners (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.) grossly jack up the price of oil, creating a windfall estimated at over $100 billion. The Arabs, meanwhile, are secretly siphoning $40 billion of the excess profits to Israeli banks. Both the Arabs and the Jews thus profit from U.S. economic misery.

In effect, ignorant U.S. citizens are being robbed by higher fuel costs so that temporary peace can be "bought" in the Middle East and President Clinton can leave office next year with a legacy of "peacemaker."

Clinton and his advisors decided on this indirect payoff scheme after it became clear that Congress would not approve the $100 billion to be appropriated directly from U.S. taxpayers. Clinton is reported to have exclaimed, "If the (expletive deleted) cowardly Congress won’t pony up through the front door, we’ll have to get what we need through the back door" at the cash register. "What Americans don’t know won’t hurt them."

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