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Texe Marrs

CIA Funnels Top Secret Files to Israel

President Bill Clinton and CIA Director George Tenet (a Jew) have organized a covert system in which top secret CIA files are regularly stolen from CIA headquarters and transferred to Israel by agents who use their own home computers.

This criminal conduct recently came to light when a patriotic, lower-level CIA employee, angered that agency bosses were committing treason, privately exposed the fact that John Deutsch, former CIA director (also Jewish), has been transmitting CIA documents via his home computer.

Evidently, the CIA materials—obtained by CIA spooks around the world and through the NSA’s computer spy system, "Echelon"—have been a virtual mother lode for certain high-flying, wealthy Israeli billionaires. They have used the privileged CIA information to make very profitable global investment decisions. As a result of his inside help to these Jewish billionaires, after he leaves office next year, Bill Clinton will be a rich, rich man.

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