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Gone Berserk?

"Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long sufferings and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned into fables."


II Timothy 4:2-4

Who but devils can deny that the Christian establishment is desperately sick? In recent months I have broadcast two editions of my Gone Berserk radio series. Now, I have just finished Volume 3 of the series and, frankly, it was almost too much to bear. Every true Bible-believing Christian has to be filled with disgust and horror at what passes for "Christianity" today. To prove my point, please allow me to examine just a few of the many examples presented in Volume 3 of Gone Berserk.

Masonic Lodge Has Death Grip on Baptists

First, there is the matter of the vile, pagan cult of Freemasonry that almost has the entire Southern Baptist denomination in its death grip. Most Baptist pastors (and Methodist, and Presbyterian, and Episcopal pastors) are Masons.

As a result, the Devil has achieved a slick and sleazy pathway into the lives of millions of Southern Baptist churchgoers.

Most Southern Baptist seminaries and colleges are likewise controlled by Masons. Take, for example, Baylor University, Texasí premier Baptist institution. Baylor has always had a 33rd degree Mason at its helm. Baylor President Herbert Reynolds is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Masonómeaning he has lain in a coffin and drank from a human skull, among other atrocities. Heís also a licensed psychologist. Reynolds angrily attacks Christians who oppose the lodge as "demagogues," and he actually branded one young Baylor student as "an aberrant individual with an unhealthy obsession" simply because the student questioned a Christian leader being a Mason.

Jesus in Everyone, Even Unsaved Prostitutes?

Then thereís Tony Campolo, the bestselling "Christian" writer and professor of Bible at Eastern College in Pennsylvania. Campolo, who once wrote me a letter complaining because I exposed some of his activities, served as one of President Bill Clintonís spiritual counselors during the Monica Lewinsky affair. Campolo believes that homosexuals can live together and even go to bed together and "cuddle" without breaking Godís laws. Anyway, all homosexuals have Christ within, he says, because all people do!

As Professor Campolo enthusiastically told a huge group of teenagers brought together by local churches during a visit to New Zealand, "Jesus is everywhere and in everyone. When you go out there today and you witness to a prostitute, the Jesus in you will be witnessing to the Jesus that is already in her."

One wonders if this is the kind of sordid advice Campolo offered Mr. Clinton. Did President Bill Clinton have the impression that the "Jesus" in him was simply ministering to the "Jesus" that was inside of Monica Lewinsky when they did what they did inside the oval office at the White House?

The Reverend Henry Lyons, president of the National Baptist Convention (8.2 million membersómostly black) was one of the many black Christian leaders who stood by Bill Clinton all the way. Even after Clintonís exposure as a liar, crook, perjurer, adulterer, and serial rapist, Lyons told an audience of 10,000 black pastors and laymen: "We love him...We thank God for him...Weíre going to stand by him."

Within months after making this statement, Reverend Lyons was himself exposed as having provided a mistress and lover a hefty sum embezzled from the Baptist denominationís bank accounts. Lyons and his lover spent thousands partying and jet-setting around the country. (Reminds one of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, yet another black "minister of God," doesnít it?)

We also have Benjamin Chavis, ordained a minister in the United Church of Christ. Chavis, a hater of white people in my opinion, left his position as head of the NAACP after his own hijinx with women and money. He went on to join the Nation of Islamóthe Black Muslim sect headed by Minister Louis Farrakhan.

"I am affirming that the God who called me into the Christian church is the same God who is calling me into the Nation of Islam," Chavis said to a group in Chicago.

Resurrection A Myth?

Donít think, however, that the apostasy is only black in color. White leaders are just as evil and reprobate. Take, for instance, Dr. Martin Marty, a top leader of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. At Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Marty reiterated his belief that the resurrection of Christ is pure myth. Nor can Christians who die expect someday to be resurrected, said Dr. Marty: "Resurrection does not mean that God will have to go hunting for our parts or ashes and reconstitute our body," he remarked, "nor does it mean", said the theologian, "that Jesus himself rose bodily."

Jerry Falwell, the one-time head of the now defunct Moral Majority and founder of Liberty University, may believe in the resurrection, but it is strange that he has been associated with Korean cult guru, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, leader of the "Moonies." Falwell has been paid huge sums for attending Moonie events.

So have Pat Boone, Beverly LaHaye, Robert Schuller, Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, and other Christian establishment leaders. All of these people were handsomely paid $80,000 to $150,000 apiece for their attendance at a 1996 Moonie-sponsored Family Federation for World Peace event.

Reverend Moon teaches that Jesus failed in his mission and that he, Moon, is the true Messiah. Moon teaches, too, that men are to become gods, but only if they accept the true gospel of Moonís "godism" doctrine.

Being an ecumenicist, it is not surprising that Robert Schuller would accept tainted money from Reverend Moon. Schuller has declared, "Thatís what sets me apart from the fundamentalists who are trying to convert everybody to how they believe."

Billy Graham has Gone Berserk

Billy Graham says he is "comfortable" with the beliefs and teachings of Jews and Mormons.

Billy Graham is "Comfortable" With False Religions

Billy Graham was on the Larry King Show (CNN) in 1997 and what he said was right in line with Schullerís teachings. Asked what he thought of Mormonism, Catholicism, and other such faiths, Graham responded, "Oh, I think I have a wonderful relationship with them."

Billy Graham was especially commendatory of Catholicism. He explained, "I am very comfortable with the Vatican. I have been to see the Pope several times. He and I agree on almost everything."

"Well," said King, "are you comfortable with Judaism?"

"Very comfortable," answered Graham. "I depend on a Jewish rabbi, Rabbi Tannenbaum in New York, constantly, theologically and spiritually in every way."

Now, since the Bible clearly states that a man who does not have Jesus does not have God the Father either, one is puzzled to figure out just what an unsaved man, Jewish Rabbi Tannenbaum, has to offer a supposed Christian evangelist like Billy Graham in the way of spiritual advice.

Possibly the advice given Graham by a Jewish Rabbi is similar to the spiritual advice that Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong would give. Bishop Spong rejects the virgin birth, the resurrection, and ascension of Jesus and favors ordaining homosexuals. Bishop Spong even claims that the Apostle Paul was a homosexual. The Episcopal hierarchy loves the guy, and certainly men like Billy Graham and Schuller would never, but never, criticize a fellow "Christian" leader. Theyíre way above that.

Charismania, The Knights of Malta, and "Godís Bartender"

In Florida, Steve Hill, the man responsible for inspiring the charismatic "Brownsville Revival," was 
Chuck Colson recently visited the Pope in Rome. Chuck Colsonís wife is a Catholic, and the President of Prison Fellowship, the ministry founded by Colson, is also a Catholic.
forced recently to make a stunning confession. He told the Pensacola News Journal that he had lied when he claimed to huge audiences that he was a former drug junkie and ex-convict. Hill says he did it to make a bigger impression on audiences, because Christians love to see how the miraculous powers of God can reform the worst sinners.

Fellow Charismatic, prophet Rick Joyner, is also in the news. He recently boasted of being initiated into the mysterious Catholic secret society, the Knights of Malta. When people complain, Joynerís supporters point out that famous Christian writer C.S. Lewis was very pro-Catholic, charismatic faith healer Benny Hinn is a great admirer of the Pope, and Chuck Colson (Prison Fellowship) and James Dobson (Focus on the Family) recently made pilgrimages to see the Pope at the Vatican.

Power of Prophecy recently heard from New Zealand that Rodney Howard-Browne, the man who calls himself "Godís Bartender," for helping audiences go into drunken-like holy laughing hysteria, held crusades to giant crowds. He and his entourage stayed in thousand-dollar-a-night suites at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Perth. Reportedly, Mr. Howard-Browne left New Zealand with over a million dollars in his pocket. (People sure do shell out bucks when theyíre deliriously happy, laughing like loons, and out of their minds, donít they?)

New Bibles for New Age Christians

In London, England, publisher Hodden E. Stoughton has released a new Bible called the Couples Devotional Bible. Using the NIV version, the commentary includes discussions about female and male orgasm, male sex fantasies, and other sexual topics. Steve Jenkins, a spokesman for the Church of England, says its about time that the church help couples improve their sex lives.

Not any better is a new version of the New Testament just out from Oxford University Press and now available in the United States. The editors of The New Testament and Psalms: An Inclusive Version boast that their bible meets the objections of Jews who despise the King James Version. The new Oxford inclusive edition deletes all negative and disparaging remarks about the Jews. For example, the passages in which the Jewish mob insisted that Pilate crucify Jesus and let Barabbas go free. Those passages were deemed "too anti-Semitic" and had to go.

Also, the new version eliminates references to "God the Father" (too sexist). Meanwhile, Jesus is no longer referred to as the "Son of Man," but simply as "the Human One."

More Abominations...

Would you agree with me that these are all prime examples of a prideful and arrogant world stained with sin, 

Rick Joyner, who claims to be a prophet, has joined the Catholic order known as The Knights of Malta.

calling itself "Christian" while going just plain berserk? If your blood hasnít boiled over up to this point with righteous indignation, I now offer up this final, savage news item, coming to us from Sweden.

Stockholm, Sweden this year hosted the "Europride" festival, a week-long exhibition that drew some 20,000 people to the Swedish capital, which bills itself as the "Culture Capital of Europe."

As examples of European culture on exhibit, there was a revised model of Leonardo da Vinciís famous painting, The Last Supper, in which the twelve apostles are now depicted as leather and chain wearing, gay transvestites.

In another exhibit, Jesusí mother, Mary, was shown off as a lesbian, and in yet another, our Lord and Savior, Jesus, was portrayed as a homosexual with vivid makeup, rouge and lipstick, wearing black stiletto heels.

Swedish artist Elizabeth Ohlson, mastermind of the cultural exhibition, said she did it all because she is a Christian. "My aim," she explained, "is to show a loving God. One who loves, above all."

Cruel Acts to Receive Their Just Due

I am almost too pained to write of these cruel acts of devils and men, so daringly do they blaspheme our precious Lord and Savior. But I know that such as do these things are doomed to perdition. As Paul wrote in Galatians, those who bring a perverted gospel are accursed by God and damned to perdition, to an eternal, burning hell.

Yes, itís true. These men and women have "gone berserk." But on judgement day, there will be no plea of "innocent by reason of insanity" accepted. On that day, all men shall receive their just due.

Until that great day, let us, as true God-fearing believers, not grow weary in fighting these present-day evils which confront us at every turn. Even though the larger Christian establishment goes berserk, let us, the faithful remnant, continue to worship God with a sound mind and with all respect. He deserves nothing less.

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