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Is America Cursed by God?

"God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting."

—Daniel 5:25-27

Drive down any freeway or road in America today and you can see bumper stickers emblazoned with the message, God Bless America. Our President has echoed this phrase dozens of times. Politicians love to say it aloud. Most citizens actually believe that America is blessed by God. Even the vast majority of ministers and clergy parrot the party-line: "America is the most blessed nation on earth."

To hear the preachers and politicians, one would think that America is God's beloved, a nation chosen and kept special by Him because its citizens and culture are so very wonderful, so very moral and divine.

A Cursed Nation

But, that's not at all what God has told me to tell Americans. For months now, the Holy Spirit has urged me to come right out and continue to preach the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So, dear friends, here it is, unvarnished and without garnish, devoid of embroidery:

America is one of the two most cursed nations on earth!

There, I've said it. The country I personally love more than any other on this planet, the country I gave 20 years for in U.S. Air Force blue—the United States of America is cursed by God. And, it has been so cursed since 1948!

Since 1948

Why 1948? Well, that is the year that America's leaders, President Truman, his Jewish Zionist money backers, and the Judaizers of the evangelical church defied God and helped to found the nation of Israel in the Middle East. Christ Jesus had ordained that the Jewish Temple would be utterly destroyed and that the earthly state of Israel would be left "desolate" until His return (Matthew 23:37-39). But the Zionists and Judaizers did not give a whit about what Jesus prophesied. They determined in their own minds they would set up the foundations for their coming Illuminati Zionist Kingdom of the Jews.

If it were not for America's financial, diplomatic, and military support, Israel could never have achieved nationhood in 1948. With Zionist and Judaizer lobbying and Truman's backing, it all became a reality.

Truman, a 33rd degree Mason, was not a Christian. If he were, he may have known of the ominous prophecies foretold in Revelation 11:8, in which God declared that the most wicked city on earth in the last days would be Jerusalem. Indeed, God's Word even gives earthly Jerusalem a revealing spiritual name: Jerusalem is labeled by God in Revelation as the latter-day "Sodom and Egypt." This nation (Israel) is so wicked and vile it is found guilty of slaying God's two latter day witnesses and of mocking and defiling their dead bodies!

By our assisting the endtime rise of wicked "Sodom and Egypt," America has become a pariah nation in God's eyes, a rebellious entity and a vessel fit for destruction.

This International Red Cross photo shows Arab victims of the Israeli bombardment of an elementary school in Bahr El. Baker, Egypt on April 8, 1970. Over 70 innocent children between the ages of 8 and 12 were slain in this Zionist attack.

The Cesspool of Humanity

One has only to review what has happened to this nation in the half a century-plus years since 1948 to realize just how devastating God's judgement has been. America has become the cesspool of humanity. America is today a military giant and a spiritual pygmy.

Look around and analyze the current, grotesque spiritual condition of this once, great nation. Oh sure, compared to 1948, Americans are "blessed" with seeming material prosperity. Speedy, colorful autos cram our highways, but road rage brings danger and death. Big screen televisions provide a 24-hour feast of depravity for the human soul; cell telephones keep us in contact with each other and allow many people to communicate profanity, plan adulterous affairs, and concoct crooked business deals. Many children have become sexual creatures, even murderers and fiends, though they have all the advantages of wealth, computers, and so many toys it could fill up a billion storage sheds.

When Israel was founded in 1948, Zionist armed forces terrorized and over-ran Palestinian villages and stole people’s land, homes, and businesses. This is only one of hundreds of thousand of Arab children forced to subsist behind barbed wire in bleak Israeli concentration "refugee" camps.

A Joyless Existence

Everywhere, American men and women have money to spend, but few are happy and contented. Their inner beings are filled with garbage and they crave drugs, sex, and alcohol just to get through the day. Every day.

Wives and soccer moms drive huge SUVs, put on their cosmetics, shop till they drop, watch their sexy soaps, count their carbohydrates, and fret about getting their kids off to the next activity or event. But few wives profess joy in their lives. Few say their home life, and work life, are fulfilling.

Men, too, have their "stuff"—their sports and entertainment and other material trappings to enhance their lifestyles. But, as Thomas Hobbes once wryly remarked back in the 18th century, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation."

Sadly, today, in the 21st century, most men lead fast-paced, empty lives of noisy, sinful desperation.

Churches and ministers are of little help. Few preach or believe in the Bible. Most simply refer people back to the culture at-large for guidance. When most pastors today are confronted with real Christianity, they become angry and agitated. Jesus is the bitter enemy, not the friend, of today's charlatans in the pulpit. Meanwhile, Judaizers in our pulpits profess more love for "Sodom and Egypt" Israel than they do for God and His Church!

To Hell In A Handbasket

Put simply, since 1948, America has gone to hell in a handbasket. When I was a child, no-one locked their doors at night; a man—or a child—could walk downtown at midnight and not be molested. Teachers and cops were respected and looked up to, and courts were viewed as places where justice was served.

Even in the black communities, before 1948, men and women were good, moral, hardworking, a credit to themselves. Yes, discrimination was practiced and that was wrong. But worse by a long shot is today's social welfarism and liberalism that has wracked black communities and filled them full of drugs, crimes, and sexual perversities.

Blacks now are favored over whites in a process often called Reverse Discrimination. But this unfair process does not elevate the black man. It diminishes his character and lends to subservience and slavery of the black population to a burgeoning communist/fascist state.

In every category except that of better technology and increased acquisition of more "stuff," the American people have declined since 1948. We are now a rich nation considering our TVs, our autos, and our glittery material goods. But we are among the world's losers in measures of moral values and spiritual riches.

As Jesus our Lord once asked, "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, but lose his immortal soul?"

America is a nation that has lost its moral bearings, populated by a people devoid of God's Spirit.

Cursed For Our Zeal and Devotion to Israel

America is also certainly a wealthy, militaristic nation that exceeds all others in its zeal and devotion to Israel. Since 1948, we have showered Israel and its racist Jewish Zionist corporations with trillions in money and aid. We have armed the Jewish nation with F-16s, helicopter gunships, and nuclear bombs, the better to torment and brutalize Israel's captive Arab population. And we've vainly done it all in the name of God, actually believing we would be blessed by the Almighty for giving aid and comfort to Israel and the Jews, a people and nation who literally despise Jesus, who continually blaspheme His name and mock His Word, and who make war on His remnant.

But blessings have not come. Instead, multiple curses have been bestowed on America. We have since 1948 increasingly become an immoral, Christless, unholy, sex-crazed, murderous, profane, degraded society, and the end is not in sight.

Why is God so harshly judging the people of America and sending wrath into our midst? This country has, since 1948, waged an internal war of hatred against the Christian faith. Simultaneously, our citizenry and its leaders never cease in providing aid and comfort to ungodly Israel and to unrepentant Jews who are avowed enemies of God. In II Chronicles 19:2 is found this warning:

"Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord."

Ushering Jews Into Hell

Some may protest: What's wrong with the U.S.A. helping Israel? Didn't Christ tell us to love and bless our enemies?

Yes, Christ said exactly that. But true love means preaching the Gospel to the Jews and to Israel. Salvation is God's true blessing, and Jews desperately need Christ in their hearts. But, our political and religious leaders are totally unconcerned with saving the souls of Jews or with extending the blessing of Christ to a lost Israel. How many crusades has Billy Graham preached in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, ever? I'll tell you: none, zilch, nada. Nor does any other famous Christian celebrity give a plug nickel whether Jews die in their sins and go to hell. These celebrities must really hate the Jews. After all, they're ushering millions of them straight into the depths of hell!

America is concerned only with using our military might, diplomatic powers, and billions of aid money to insure that Israel can keep its lands and possessions and even grab more, killing and stealing from their Arab neighbors.

Most Americans Hate and Despise God

Not only do we help God's enemies conquer and prosper while neglecting their salvation, we, as a nation, are ourselves enemies of God. The Bible warns, "Prepare to meet your God." But America is not prepared. To the American people, God, His Law, and His Word are inconveniences at best. Indeed, inwardly the majority of this nation's 290 million people despise God and want him out of their lives—now!

Many Americans feign spirituality, claiming to believe in some kind of unnamed, hazy, nebulous and undefined "higher power" they blasphemously call "God." After all, our President and national leaders assure us it does not matter by what name we address the deity, whether Allah, Buddha, Krishna, or Christ.

The people of this nation are proud and haughty; they deem themselves to be demigods, gnostically able to discern truth for themselves, with no need for an external divine authority. Yes, Americans seek to dethrone the true God and put themselves on the throne of world dominion.

Accursed Rulers of An Accursed People

Our nation's leaders, our President, our Congress, our Supreme Court justices, have taken the measure of the people. They know what the multitudes really believe about the God of the Bible. They know most Americans hate God, and hold Him and His people in contempt. The arrogant leaders of this country display no fear of coming judgment. They, appropriately, act accordingly, leading the United States further and further toward a culture of death, hurling its citizenry into the abyss of hell.

They are accursed rulers of an accursed people. No longer, therefore, will I repeat the hackneyed, illogical slogan, God Bless America. I can't because I know what only the few know (Daniel 12:10): That America, though flush with material assets and brim-full of lusty bounty, is, in fact, poor and wretched, being a pitiful nation that is cursed by God.

Let The Redeemed Say So

Realizing that America is an accursed nation, a dark place reveling in Zionist intrigues and full of decay and envy, I pray that God will raise up a standard, a remnant who will not bow down to Baal, who will preach the unvarnished truth to a dying nation, who will remind this people of God's judgement, and of His mercy toward those who repent and turn from wickedness. Yes, let the redeemed of the Lord say so, and may God forgive the remainder.

"The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God."

—Psalm 9:17

"Put them in fear, O Lord, that the nations may know themselves to be but men.

—Psalm 9:20

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