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Churches and Pastors Gone Wild!

"But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption; And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness..."
  (II Peter 2:12-13)

Clownish, disgusting, nuts, insane, goofy, sick, sad, idiotic—these are just a few of the adjectives we can use to describe what passes today for the "Christian Establishment." Now notice, I didn’t say the "Christian Church." We are talking about a wholly different animal here. We’re talking about the huge majority of churches, congregations, ministers, and pastors in America, composed of men and women filled with devils, yet pretending to be sanctimonious and holy. Mouthing the name of Jesus while scheming to do evil deeds. The Bible calls those reprobates "brute beasts." I call them "wild men."

In my exposé videos, The Blind & The Dead (VHS or DVD), Tower of Infamy  (VHS or DVD) and others, I give you a mind-boggling look at some of the antics of the wacky, stupid, and outrageous pastors and evangelists who are leaders of this apostate "Christian Establishment."

These wicked leaders are being hero-worshipped by the average, pew-sitting "Christian." Yet, in truth, scripturally they are undertakers, ministering in vain to the Congregation of the Dead.

For example, there’s faith healer Benny Hinn, who is pictured in my video, The Blind & The Dead, passing around a hashish pipe. Meanwhile, Hinn’s wife is seen preaching to a throng in a crowded auditorium, advising the folks that what they need is a "Holy Ghost enema." (I’m not making this up—you’ll actually see all this on my video, The Blind & The Dead).

Hush Money and Witchdoctor Dancing

I have informed you in the past about Paul Crouch, wild man and founder of TBN, the world’s largest Christian television network, how Crouch gave $425,000 to a black homosexual man he had a sexual affair with, hush money to shut him up. And there is Jack Hayford, who told 60,000 "Christian" men at a massive Promise Keepers rally that God had just whispered in his ear, "May I have this dance?" Whereupon, Hayford, a President Bush "spiritual advisor" and authentic wild man, broke out into an African tribal witchdoctor dance.

Now, did the audience all vomit, leave their seats, and depart this unseemly idiotic behavior? No, not at all. Instead, they roared their approval. Crazies all.

At any given time you can take a look across the bow of today’s Christian establishment and you’ll see a vast sea of unfathomable, bizarre conduct. Wild men and women everywhere, doing their thing, blaspheming God and His Word, partying, frolicking, laughing like hyenas, wild as loons. God must surely be heartsick at what he is seeing.

On CBN’s The 700 Club, we have evangelist and wanna-be politician Pat Robertson giving the El Diablo hand sign and calling publicly for his pal, President Bush, and the federal government to go down to Venezuela and assassinate that country’s democratically elected President, Hugo Chavez. Just like Jesus would do, right?

Robertson is a wild man and he’s gone wild. So has his viewing audience.

A Condom to Cover the Virgin Mary

Recently, America, a popular Catholic magazine published by the Jesuit Order of the Vatican, ran an advertisement for a miniature statue of the Virgin Mary, covered over by a rubber condom! The statuette also showed Mary standing atop a serpent. "I thought the ad was a little odd," explains Reverend James Martin, the magazine’s associate editor, "but we accept a lot of strange ads."

Speaking of strange, what about the address given by Billy Graham at Harvard in which he told the assembled students that, "The way to Jesus is expressed by tolerance of other religions." Graham also lauded the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist god-man, for being a role model of holiness and peace.

Billy Graham is really a wild man, but instead of wearing animal skins and eating locusts, he wears an expensive, tailor-made suit and is transported around the world in a fleet of executive jets. The media love to depict Graham as a honest, poor, struggling preacher, but, in fact, he spends time in fancy condos in Mexico City and Tokyo, and his books are all ghostwritten for him. Even Graham’s autobiography was ghostwritten for him. And one of his chief ghostwriters just happens to be Mel White, a homosexual activist. Now that really is wild!

Jesus A Marijuana User

Equally wild today are all those alleged "Bible scholars." One of these maniacs recently came up with a novel idea. Dr. Carl Ruck, professor at Boston University, says he believes that Jesus was a regular user of cannabis, or marijuana. Writing in High Times Magazine, researcher Chris Bennett agrees. Bennet insists that the oils used by Jesus and the disciples to anoint people were "literally drenched" in cannabis, as it can be absorbed through the skin.

Wild men, to be sure, with wild, totally fabricated notions.

But what of Oprah Winfrey, reigning TV talk show queen, whom women have put on a lofty pedestal akin to royalty? Asked about her personal belief in God, Oprah responded:

"I believe in the FORCE. I call it God. Actually there are many diverse paths leading to what you call God...There couldn’t possibly be only one way."

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah, most beloved of TV queens, says God is a "FORCE" and is for all religions.

The congregation at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Denver, Colorado, would no doubt applaud Oprah’s wild New Age theology. That church has just hired a Moslem Imam (clergyman) on their staff. "We hope this sends a message to the community that we don’t look upon people of other religions as targets for conversion to Christianity," explained a church spokesman.

Southern Baptist President Quotes Hindu Guru

Along these same lines, we have Ed Young, a wild and crazy guy who is pastor of one of the largest Southern Baptist churches in America, Second Baptist Church, in Houston. Asked to speak to an interfaith group of Moslem imams, Mormon big-wigs, Buddhist monks, Catholic priests, and Christian clergy last August (Christianity Today, Nov. 2005, p.10), Young enthusiastically quoted the late Hindu guru Mahatma Gandhi as once stating, "You must be the change that you seek in the world."

Ed Young

Baptist Pastor Ed Young favorably quotes Gandhi, a Hindu guru.

Impressive, huh? Young, formerly President (yes, the President!) of the entire Southern Baptist Convention, comprising all its alleged 15 million members, seems to have totally forgotten John 3:16, and the verses about true change being brought about only by salvation through Jesus Christ.

Commenting on, indeed praising, Young’s spiritual adoration of a dead Hindu guru’s teachings, Timothy Morgan, editor of Christianity Today, gushingly wrote, "A different day is dawning."

Bishop Carlton Pearson, Pastor of a 5,000 member strong church in Tulsa, is evidently part of that different day that is dawning. Pearson now accepts money and sponsorship from wealthy Hindu businessmen for his national radio program. Pearson invites Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and others to be members of his church. And they can even bring their many gods and goddesses in the door with them. God loves and accepts all gods and religions, Pearson insists, all the while professing he’s a bonafide "Christian" Pastor and Bishop.

Carlton Pearson

Bishop Carlton Pearson welcomes Hindus and others to his congregation, along with all their devil gods and goddesses.

Elvis & Rock ‘n’ Roll Churches

At Promiseland Church in Austin, there is rocking in the pews. On Sunday, Pastor Randy Phillips has rock and roll bands bleating out the words and beating on the drums and guitars. "Christian rock 'n' roll moves people," brag members of the large and popular Pentecostal Church.

Not to be outdone, Anglican priest, the Reverend Dorian Baxter, prances about the platform at his church disguised as "ELVIS PRIEST-LEY." Baxter is an Elvis impersonator who sheds his robe and turns on the charisma to woo his congregation. News reports say that, "his wild, sexy performances are driving audiences crazy."

"I love his hip movements," says fan Maggie Hampton, who once tried to climb onstage. "He really rocks. And I just want to dance with him."

Dorian Baxter aka Elvis Priestley

Reverend Dorian Baxter is a sexy Elvis impersonator who wows the women in his congregation.

"Yes, people are really going berserk for me," says the wild and wooly preacher, Mr. Baxter. "But I do it all for Christ. It’s my calling."

Magic, Weight Lifting, and Live Fish Swallowing

While they are waiting for the rock 'n' roll band to warm up, at many churches, congregations can now be entertained by "Christian" magicians and weight lifters. In Florence, Alabama, at the First Assembly of God, the youth minister has been presenting a program called Fear Factor in which youths swallow live fish and lay in a coffin. "Through this ministry, kids are surrendering their lives to Jesus and developing a deeper relationship to Jesus," notes youth minister Anthony Martin. Sure they are.

A Shocking Experience

Swallowing live fish and lying in coffins as a new style of "worship" is surprising to those of us who still believe God should be reverenced and honored in dignity. But none of those things are as surprising as what happened last October 30 at the University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. There, Pastor Kyle Lake, known for his New Age-oriented sermonettes, gave one that day on the subject of living well. He assured the church that they should "Live, and live well. Breathe. Be present. Be now."

"If you are eating and laughing at the same time," Pastor Kyle told his 800-member congregation, "then you might as well laugh until you puke..."

After this brief, but surely inspirational, little sermon, Pastor Lake led the Baptist congregation in an unusual prayer that went this way: "God, surprise me." He then stepped into the baptismal tub to prepare to baptize a candidate when, zapp!!! He was electrocuted. Apparently, an electrical wiring malfunction occurred and a deadly voltage rampaged his body. The surprised pastor was pronounced dead by an EMS squad that rushed to the scene.

Kyle Lake

Pastor Kyle Lake, sitting at left, with two associate Pastors, was electrocuted after praying, "God, surprise me."

God does work in mysterious ways, does he not? And truly, he answers prayers. He certainly was prompt in responding to Pastor Kyle’s prayers!

Now, would God really wield out instant death to a satan-serving, mocking unbeliever who’s pretending to be holy? Perhaps the skeptic might, with wisdom, consider the late Ananias and his wife, Sapphira, and what Peter said straight out to her just moments before she dropped dead in front of the congregation. It’s recorded in Acts 5:9—

"...behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out."

Pastor Kyle, you see, was a wild man, a man drunken in the spirit with demonic excess, sated by the world’s pleasures, devoid of the cleansing spirit of God. Kyle was a rebel, a revolutionary opponent to the true Christian faith. And he was a leader of a Christian establishment made up of tens of millions of soul-dead church-goers gone wild with hedonism and sin.

Let Kyle’s sudden death be a warning to all the wild men and wild women who today darken the doors of so-called Christian Churches: God is not mocked. (Galatians 6:7). He will in due time reward all men for their works. Of that you can be sure.

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Churches & Pastors Gone Wild!

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