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Texe Marrs

Defender and Protector of the Christian Faith

Federal Reserve a Jewish Institution

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

Matthew 5:9

His is own citizens now regret ever voting for him. Some say he is a dictator, a masterful liar; they note that he issues executive orders without precedent. Others say he is a Mafioso; they point out his mysterious rise to power, how he came to high office after only a few years as a politician. They wonder if he secretly is a communist, or worse.

But, enough about Barack Obama. Let’s talk about Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. President for two terms, 2000 to 2008, then Premier from 2008-2012, Putin won a third term as President in 2012, with a decisive 64 percent of the vote. He’s called by Forbes magazine, “the most powerful man in the world.” In a Pravda poll, Putin was ranked in 2013 as the “No. 1 Politician in the World.”

Time magazine named Putin as its Person of the Year

Time magazine named Putin its “Person of the Year.”

He Kept America Out of Two Wars

Why such high accolades for Putin? Probably because he kept America out of two major wars, first in Syria, then in Iran. Both the warmongering U.S. and Israel were eager to attack, making contrived excuses about supposed “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD) held by Syria and Iran.

However, Putin said “Baloney” to America and Israel’s bogus claims about WMD. When Secretary of State John Kerry persisted in his false claims, Putin publicly branded Kerry a “Liar!” Putin also intimated that if either Syria or Iran were attacked, well, then Russia’s military might just have to intervene to protect them.

The U.S. and Obama quickly backed down, and peace ensued.

His Economic Achievements

When Putin first became President of Russia in 2000, the country was an economic trainwreck. The Jewish oligarchs had divided up the old Communist property and corporate holdings and were riding herd on the impoverished citizens as “Princes of Judah.”

Putin, former head of the FSB (successor of the KGB), quickly moved to rout out these oligarchic thugs. The richest man in Russia, the Jew Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was prosecuted for financial fraud and tax evasion. Indictments followed for dozens of Jewish crooks, including the wealthy Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Guzinsky. Both were implicated in murder plots.

Obama and Putin look very glum

Putin and Obama look very glum in this photograph. The Russian leader has outsmarted Obama and prevented America from attacking Syria and Iran.

Suddenly, Russia was economically free, purged of its Jewish tormentors. The economy soared for eight straight years. GDP went up 72 percent; wages were tripled; poverty halved; real income went up 250 percent.

Putin meets Sec. State Kerry

Putin meets with Secretary of State John Kerry at an Asian conference.

So successful was Putin that a flat income tax of just 13 percent was introduced, and the corporate tax rate was reduced by one-third.

Putin also prosecuted a war with the internal terrorists, essentially putting an end to the Chechnyan rebellion.

No wonder Putin has achieved iconic “pop” status in Russia.

When the United States attempted to force Putin and the Russian Federation into a subordinate status in the European Community, Putin said “No!” and went about setting up his own Eurasian Economic Union. He also refused to kow-tow down to the Jews in Israel.

1917—The Jews Forced Communism on Russia

In June, 2013, Putin stunned the Jews with his public statement that the early Soviet Union was essentially a Jewish enterprise. Speaking during a visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, and departing from his official speech, Putin stated:

“I thought about something just now. The decision to nationalize this library (in 1917) was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish. These government bureaucrats were guided by ideological considerations and supported... arrest and suppression... Thankfully, those ideological goggles and faulty ideological perceptions collapsed...”

What a shock to the ears of assembled Jewish leaders. Putin had just officially sanctioned the inclusion in world history of facts known to all insiders, but strictly kept from the history books for all these decades by the censors. Lenin, Trotsky, Kaganovich and other mass murderers were all Jews. Even two-thirds of the Commandants of Gulag prison camps were Jewish rabbis.

This the Jews were determined to hide, but Vladimir Putin burst their corrupt bubble and exposed their lie with his speech. A speech presented to an audience made up of top-ranked Jews, before the world’s press, at a holocaust “tolerance” museum.

Putin’s statement, though simple and true, is so forbidden that no U.S. President, no U.S. history book, no U.S. personality had ever, ever breathed a word of it. Only Putin, with his courage, has been brave enough to open the floodgates of truth about the communist era and Jewish involvement in the world’s most terrible holocaust—some 66 million dead and perished.

Defender and Protector of Christian Civilization

That’s not all. Vladimir Putin has taken upon himself the mantle of being the “Defender and Protecter of Christian Civilization.” In a speech given to Orthodox Church authorities on January 23, 2014, Putin slammed the “morally bankrupt and godless nations.” His statement referred both to the morally decadent Europe and to the United States.

Imagine, during the Cold War, America constantly criticized “godless communism” and “atheistic Russia.” Now, the tables are turned. Putin warns that America and Europe have “moved away from their roots, including Christian values.”

Putin shakes hand of Pope Francis

Vladimir Putin shaking hands with Pope Francis. Putin has assumed the role of “defender and protector” of Christian civilization.

Under his sponsorship, the Russian Duma (legislature) even passed a law prohibiting “gay propaganda.” Sixty-four percent of Russians supported this crackdown on gay lawlessness.

“When you come to Russia,” Putin forewarned all gays planning to visit Russia during the Sochi Winter Olympics, “leave our children in peace.” He was referring, of course, to the universally known, but politically incorrect truth that many gays are noted pedophiles. The Russian people do not want their children plundered by the gay pedophiles of America and Europe.

In the U.S., the gays are triumphantly flying roughshod over the Christians. When California voters decided against same-sex marriage, a pro-gay liberal judge simply overturned the vote. So much for rule by majority in the United States.

Russia vs. A Lawless America

In America, we are stuck with a lawless minority (the gays), led by a man (Obama), of whom everyone but the blacks, the gays, the feminists, and the welfare masses disapprove. In a Washington Examiner poll, February 18, 2014, we find:

71 % of American voters regret voting for Obama

55 % of the Democrats regret their vote for Obama

80 % of whites reject Obama’s leadership

84 % of women disapprove of Obama

Obama and a corrupt Congress have given America a worthless, socialistic healthcare system. That, plus war after war and bloodshed upon bloodshed. After sucking our military troops dry in overseas conflicts, now Obama, Secretary of Defense Hagel, and the corrupt Congress are slicing their pay and benefits. Veterans are treated like cattle in a stockyard. That is America in 2014.

Vladimir Putin Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

In 2009, immediately upon embarking on his first term in office as President, Barack Obama was feted by the Stockholm Nobel Committee and given their highest honor, the Nobel Peace Prize. For achieving what? Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zero.

Obama with Nobel Peace Prize

Obama received the Nobel Peace prize in 2009.

In stark contrast is Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, whom I hereby nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Let peace reign and freedom ring!

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