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A Special Message from Wanda Marrs

Message from Wanda

It is with a grateful heart I say THANK YOU for your love and prayers for me during the recent loss of my beloved husband, Texe Marrs. The outpouring of your many letters and cards of condolences are much appreciated. I could not have made it without your love and prayers.

    Many of you have asked about the future of Bible Home Church. With your financial and prayerful support we will continue its vital ministry. The message of hope and inspiration of God’s love for a desperate nation is badly needed, now more than ever. All its messages are archived for you to listen to at your convenience at

    Your gifts to Power of Prophecy and Bible Home Church are greatly appreciated. I will continue to pray for you and look forward to that great day when we shall all be gathered together in that city not built with hands, and walk the streets of gold, arm in arm with Jesus our Saviour and all the loved ones who have gone on before us. What a glorious day that will be.


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