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Sally Jesse Raphael, the perverted, TV talk show hostess who focuses on sexual weirdness and kinky immorality, finally had a program on religion. She had as a guest Benjamin Creme, forerunner for Lord Maitreya, the New Age Messiah. Creme invited the TV audience to seek and believe in Maitreya. Creme said that Maitreya is the "Christ" for Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and all other religions.

We continue to receive word that someone is jamming the signals on our Power of Prophecy broadcasts. From a friend in Evanston, Illinois, recently came this report: "I listen to Power of Prophecy on WWCR, 5070 kHz, Saturdays at 7 p.m. For the past several weeks, in the background of your radio show there is a faint digital transmission sound you know, the kind of warbling sound that you hear if you call a fax machine on the telephone. Anyway, today's subject was the infiltration of false, New Age religions into the mainstream of religion and politics. You were coming through loud and clear until you started to talk about the Orthodox Jewish rabbis in Israel. Immediately, the warbling sound gradually got louder over the next five to ten seconds until, finally, I couldn't hear your show at all anymore. This lasted then for the rest of the broadcast except for a few seconds when I could hear a few words about Sri Chimnoy and the U.N."

Henry Kissinger, Rockefeller puppet and New World Order clone, recently held a private, two hour meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to insiders, Netanyahu emerged from the meeting ashen and pale. Evidently, Kissinger read him the riot act, warning him to go along with the Illuminati's plan—or else.

Power of Prophecy is expanding its outreach. We recently began streaming our radio programs on our websites and This is only made possible by your love gifts and offerings. May our Lord bless each of you for your faithfulness to God's work.

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