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UFO Cults Multiply in End-Time

The 39 men and women found dead in a mass suicide at a luxury estate in Rancho Santa Fe, California, in March were only the first victims of many more to come. That is my evaluation after assessing the grim situation now facing us caused by the public's unearthly fascination with antichrist UFO religious cults.

Since the beginning of this ministry I have sought to warn people of the coming disaster. Unfortunately, the media's soft-core, politically correct, "tolerant" reporting of the New Age cult known as Heaven's Gate will only insure a continuation of the suicides and the madness.

In my book, Mystery Mark of the New Age, I reported on the astonishing occult connection of UFOlogy and alien abductions. My book was the first to disclose that the ritualistic Mark of the Beast was literally being given to some of the men and women who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials. In this month's Intelligence Examiner, I provide further shocking details of this strange phenomenon.

UFOlogy: A New Age Religion and Theology

"UFO cults and societies" was also one of the categories explored in my earlier book, New Age Cults and Religions, in which I stated:

Unlike the old days when UFOs and flying saucers were considered mechanical's UFO cults and societies are promoting a religion and a theology...this religion and theology is classic New Age. (page 321)

In New Age Cults and Religions I quoted New Age psychic and spirit channeler Brad Steiger, well known in UFOlogy circles, who contends that UFO aliens are the "Herald of the New Age," bringing mankind hope through a "space age theology." Steiger also stated his belief that: "The UFO contactees may be evolving prototypes of a future evangelism."

UFO messengers, Steiger added, offer humanity a unique "blending of technology and traditional religious concepts."

Fast forward with me now to 1997, as cult leader Marshall Applewhite leads his deluded flock of true believers into what they imagined to be a fantastic adventure from death to new life as UFO explorers. Applewhite convinced his followers that the Hale-Bopp comet was the sign for which they had long waited—a grand opportunity to poison and kill their physical bodies—which they called their "shells" or "containers." Passing into spirit, the 39 fully expected to then hook up with a UFO mother ship parked nearby in rugged mountainous terrain.

A Devil-Possessed Homosexual Pervert

Applewhite was verifiably a devil-possessed homosexual pervert. A former music professor, he had been fired from his college teaching position after he was discovered to be having homosexual relations with a male student. Voluntarily admitted to a mental hospital in Houston, Texas, he met up there with yet another disciple of Satan, nurse Bonnie Lu Nettles. She promptly introduced Applewhite to such standard New Age philosophies as reincarnation and planetary astrology.

The rest is history. Cruel, murderous history. And though Applewhite's UFO teachings led to the barbaric deaths of 39 people, the media practically painted a smiling happy face on the carnage through their biased reporting. If this had been a "fundamentalist Christian" group, the media would have had a field day blasting away at the "evil and dangerous Christian fanatics." But since it was a group of dazed-over, laid-back, cosmic-oriented New Agers that was involved in the Rancho Santa Fe incident, the media treated the affair with kid gloves.

Marshall Applewhite was often pictured as a loving, kind, and tenderhearted man, oozing with genuine concern for humanity. Even the surviving parents of his dead followers were sucked into a bewildering tolerance for this man's supernatural hocus-pocus. Nancie Brown, mother of one of the men found dead in the mansion, was quoted by the New York Times as being satisfied that her son was "calm, rational, and quite happy" during his years with the cult. As for her son's suicide, the intellectual mother expressed her pleasure that the group members "cared very deeply for each other" and that they "died contentedly."

Nichelle Nichols, the actress who played Lt. Uhura on the original "Star Trek" TV series, lost her brother, Thomas, to the cult. His body, too, was found at the estate. Yet, Nichols praised the dead Applewhite and his followers. "They lived with dignity," a tolerant and broad-minded Nichelle Nichols assured a CNN-TV audience. "They were great with their neighbors. They were kind to people."

Funny, but isn't that the kind of things once said about serial murderers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer? After all, before their exposure, they, too, were described as kind, soft-spoken, and calm. And what of Pastor Jim Jones, of Guyana mass suicide infamy? Didn't First Lady Rosalyn Carter once meet with Jim Jones in California and applaud him as a great humanitarian? Didn't the mayor of San Francisco give the demented Pastor Jones a civic award for his stalwart efforts in promoting harmonious race relations?

The week following the Heaven's Gate suicides, this picture of the cult's leader made the cover of both Newsweek and Time magazines.

Christians Not Easily Deceived

The world at large is easily fooled and deceived by the Applewhites and their deadly ilk. But not so the true Christian. We are, of course, branded by the media and our detractors as intolerant and bigoted, as harsh and overly judgmental. Why? Because we know and recognize evil, that's why, and because we do our utmost to caution and warn the deceived masses and the unwary, biblically ignorant multitudes to avoid it like the plague!

To a discerning Christian knowledgeable of the devil's wiles, the Heaven's Gate group had all the earmarks of a wicked, thoroughly blasphemous, deceptive, and, therefore, deadly antichrist cult. Consider, for example, these facts:

(1) Applewhite and most of his followers were sodomites and lesbians, guilty of lewd acts labeled an "abomination" by God. The cult's leaders eventually began to preach the avoidance of sex and some members even submitted to physical castration.

(2) The cult's members wore clothes colored black, a familiar satanic sign. Their unisex hairstyles were of the close-cropped, "buzz" variety, intended to destroy individuality and eliminate male/female differences.

(3) Families were split up, children were abandoned, and marriage was forbidden among group members. This was prophesied to occur in the last days (for example, see I Timothy 4:3).

(4) On nightstands and on tables near the bodies of the cultists were found framed pictures of aliens, with their traditional, almond-shaped eyes. Obviously demonic in appearance, these otherworldly UFO beings were said to be greatly admired and adored by the cult as highly evolved beings.

(5) Visitors to the cult's residence reported that members would frequently speak to imaginary beings and claimed to have communicated with the dead (prohibited by God—see Deut. 18:10-12).

(6) Cult leader Marshall Applewhite taught the group that he was "the Second Coming of Christ." He told them that he came from the same place Jesus came from and boasted he was able to teach them how to evolve and become higher-level "god" creatures. Jesus, indeed, prophesied that many deceivers would come in His name, claiming to be the Christ (Matthew 24:5).

(7) The bodies of the 39 were shrouded in purple colored cloths. On their shoulders were triangle-shaped insignia. In the occult world, the triangle is a symbol of satan's counterfeit trinity. The color purple symbolizes his infernal and hellish majesty.

(8) It may not be incidental that exactly 39 cult members committed mass suicide in the final, deadly ritual. Thirty-nine is a powerful number for occult numerologists. Masons know of the profoundly occult properties of the number 39, teaching that this number conceals many arcane and esoteric mysteries, including the hidden number of the Beast. (The famed novel, The 39 Steps, later made into a movie, was written by a high-level British Freemason.)

(9) The logo of the group known as "Heaven's Gate" is clearly satanic. Included is the symbol of the pyramid and, atop that, the letter "G" (denoting the Cosmic "God") as the capstone. The same letter "G" is prominently displayed in all Masonic temples and lodges.

"A Good Way to Get Rid of a Few Nuts"

Regardless of these obvious (to Christians) occultic characteristics, the media portrayed Applewhite and his cult as just another space-age oddity. CNN-TV founder Ted Turner was less charitable. He said that the mass suicide in California was "a good way to get rid of a few nuts."

We've too many nuts running around anyway, right?" Turner rhetorically asked, adding, "At least they did it peacefully."

Multimillionaire Ted Turner and his wife, actress Jane Fonda, are not only rabid abortionists, they are also prime backers of the United Nations plan for depopulation of the planet. The idea is to kill off billions of people to help protect Mother Earth's environment. Turner stated once that only 2% of the Earth's 5.8 billion inhabitants are worthy to live. The others—some 98%—must die, says Turner. (Presumably, he and Jane would be among the 2% fit to survive.)

Fanaticism...or Faith?

More generous, but no less devilish in his comments than Turner, was Don McLeese, the liberal columnist for the Austin American-Statesman daily newspaper. McLeese painted the UFO suicide cult as little different in their beliefs than Christians. "What some call fanaticism is faith to others," he remarked.

Heaven's Gate, McLeese wrote, was just another faith group, a worthy people who died for what they believed in. These people, he explained, seemed "like the most devout Christians." They were, he postulated, "almost saintly."

What Applewhite taught his religious faithful, McLeese suggested, "is suspiciously what you're likely to hear from the pulpit on Easter morning."

As crazy as it seems for these 39 to follow a comet," McLeese suggests, "what about the three wise men who followed a star?"

McLeese's blasphemous comments are diabolically sinister, and they are lies. The Christian faith honors a live King, not a dead, false "christ" like Applewhite. And the wise men, through inspiration, followed a star to the Messiah. They did not commit suicide in a vain bid to achieve their own divinity as did the grotesquely deceived followers of Applewhite.

Repugnantly, McLeese goes on to claim that, like Applewhite's followers, Christians today are "stumbling around in the darkness hedging our bets on the world to come." They worship, he scornfully adds, "a man who was nailed to the cross as a criminal 2,000 years ago."

To McLeese, the teachings of Applewhite's UFO group are, therefore, not much different and no more outlandish than those of the followers of Christ Jesus. McLeese asks: "Wasn't Jesus himself derided as a lunatic, a heretic, the leader of a crazy cult?"

Don McLeese writes his column for a newspaper owned by the Gannett chain, a media conglomerate which owns dailies across America. His column (Austin American-Statesman, page B3, March 30, 1997) gives those of us who know and love our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ, a clear indication of just where Satan is taking the masses of humanity.

The Road to Hell Paved by Scribes

The road to hell is paved with the deluded scribblings of Christ-haters like Mr. McLeese (Jesus said, "Woe to the Scribes"). These foul disciples, with their poisonous pens, seek to use such tragedies as happened at Rancho Santa Fe, California, as an excuse to belittle and bash true biblical Christianity.

Mark my word, Christian friends, in coming months and years, men like Don McLeese will rue the day they chose to so viciously attack Christianity and demean our Lord. Men like Ted Turner will lament their inhumane and callous lack of compassion for the 39 souls lost and their pitiful assault on the unborn children through abortion. It could be that their loved ones will, themselves, fall prey to the UFO cults which, even as I write this, are mushrooming in number and strength.

The wicked who falsely accuse Christians shall fulfill to the iota Matthew 7, which warns men to exercise righteous judgment, lest they themselves be judged by the very same measure.

Momentous Troubles Ahead

The UFO cults and their twisted doctrines are not something to praise, laugh about, downplay, or disregard. Their proliferation is a cardinal sign of momentous troubles just ahead. God's judgment is soon to be unleashed on an unbelieving world. When it comes, my friends, pray that you will be accounted worthy to escape. Pray that, like Noah, the Lord will protect you and lift you up in His spiritual ark of protection on that glorious day when the Lord shall appear and we shall be lifted up and translated in the twinkling of an eye.

When Jesus comes, it won't be in a UFO, I assure you. And it will not be done in secret, either. Every eye will behold Him. The McLeeses, the Turners, the Applewhites will be judged according to their works. But as for the righteous, His blood has already miraculously made us whiter than snow, washed and clean, without spot or wrinkle. He has Himself prepared the Bride!

In coming days, as the UFO cults multiply and the ravages of Project L.U.C.I.D. and other latter day schemes coagulate, let each of us press forward toward our high calling. Let us pray fervently that the cultists and their media accomplices will repent and surrender to Christ. And let us exclaim with the saints of old, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus."

Project L.U.C.I.D.The insider information we have obtained on L.U.C.I.D.© is tremendously important, unbelievably vital, and earthshaking. So much so, that I have produced a special book exposing this monstrous project and warning of its deadly implications for Christian believers and American patriots. Order your personal copy of this investigative book, Project L.U.C.I.D.: The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System, by using our on-line shopping cart. For faster service, please call our order line, toll free, at 1-800-234-9673.

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