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Texe Marrs

God Brings Prosperity to Farmer

In Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos,I document that across the U.S.A., small farmers are suffering. The ridiculously low price most are getting for their stock and their crops doesn't even cover costs of production. Yet, God is sovereign, and He does as He wills. For God's chosen, prosperity is often God's pleasure, even amidst a backdrop of national suffering.

Several years ago, a precious brother and sister in Christ, Illinois farmer Robert Horton and his wife, Vaunda, visited the ministry here in Austin, Texas. I was most pleased to meet these good folks and to hear 

Robert Horton with Ashley

Robert's testimony that he prayed not only for his family and others, but for his farm animals—hogs and pigs—when they were sick. Moreover, said Robert, "They get well, and people are amazed at what God has done."

Well, that was an inspiration to me and the staff. The Hortons have long been faithful supporters of God's work.

Brother and Sister Horton just sent me this recent picture of him and his beautiful grandniece, Ashley (she's the one doing the riding!). Brother Horton, who is a lay evangelist, also enclosed a note to me. I pray it is OK with him and Sister Vaunda if I pass on to you, dear readers, what he had to say:

Dear Brother Texe:

Your most recent Power of Prophecy newsletter was very interesting. I wonder what "they" will try next to stop your telling it like it is. You are one of only a few who support me in my ministry to expose the counterfeit bibles. I have visited five churches each for a few months and made it as plain and simple as I can that only the King James Bible is God's Word in our English language. Mostly, the people have not wholly agreed with me. However, two Pastors have!

I am 85 years, Vaunda will soon be 81 years. We live and work here on our farm. Our son Bruce and his son John do most of the work. We raise hogs from birth to market, weight, 250 lbs. more or less. We also farm our land, about 800 acres. Corn, wheat, and soy beans. God has prospered us here on the farm.

Enclosed is a photo of some of our hogs about ready to sell. In order to encourage and help you some in your new situation, enclosed is gift of support for the ministry.

Perhaps you do not remember me and my wife and daughter, etc. visiting you a few years ago.

Better get this in the mail.

Your Brother in Christ,
Robert Horton

Brother Horton, I do, indeed, remember you and your precious wife and daughter. Your testimony of prosperity and blessed contentment is still an inspiration, as is your example in preaching the true Bible. May our Lord Jesus keep you and Vaunda in excellent health until He comes again. And if He tarries, I hope you'll come visit us again.

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