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Texe Marrs

God's Warning to the Green Barbarians: He Shall...
Destroy Them Which Destroy the Earth

"And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever...and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they shall be judged, and that thou...shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth."

(Revelation 11:15,18)

They claim to be lovers and friends of the earth, admirers of nature and protectors of its bounties. But then, Satan, their hellish director, is justly accused by Jesus our Lord as being the father and inventor of lies. Thus it is that, far from being benefactors and nurturers of nature, environmentalist fanatics are in fact DESTROYERS.

Yes, as I document in my newest video, The Green Barbarians (available in VHS or DVD), environmentalist true believers must be unmasked and exposed for what they truly are: "DESTROYERS OF THE EARTH."

The Reign of the Green Gestapo

In a recent issue of Freedom Network News, Jarret Wollstein chronicles the frightening belief system of the environmentalists. He calls them the "Green Gestapo" and describes their behavior as "insane."

Wollstein recounts the horrifying true tale of Mr. John Pogasi, a self-employed truck mechanic from Morristown, Pennsylvania. Mr. Pogasi fled the tyranny of Communist Hungary in 1956 and proudly became an U.S. citizen. He told one and all that only in America could a man breathe free. But that was before the Green Gestapo began its terror campaign.

You see, John Pogasi believed in conservation and beautifying his surroundings. He bought an abandoned, filthy, unsanitary lot and improved it by removing over 7000 mosquito-breeding, used tires. He cleaned up old rusting auto parts and other trash and debris on the lot and filled dirty, sewage-filled ditches.

The environmentalists couldn’t stand it. They were furious that anyone would clean up and beautify that lot. They reported Mr. John Pogasi to the Environmental Police—the federal EPA bureaucrats.

Mr. Pogasi was indicted and convicted by a jury and judge of 41 violations of the Clean Water Act and sentenced to three years in a federal prison. A man who had escaped the ravages of the Communists in Eastern Europe had fallen into the hands of the Communists in the Eastern region of the United States.

Turning the Truth End on End

Now imagine: The federal law by which this poor man was unjustly imprisoned is amazingly called the Clean Water Act. What a misnomer! Proving once again that Satan and his earthly minions love to turn the truth end on end. In satanic circles, language is reversed. Black is white and vice versa, good is bad, unclean is clean, and death is life. That is why, in the satanic black mass, the Lord’s Prayer is recited backwards. And the cross, or crucifix, is blasphemously displayed upside down.

"Come, Let Us Kill the Children!"

Environmentalist barbarians profess to love the earth and all life, but they deceive, converting dark falsehoods into politically correct "truth." For example, they have no sympathy for unborn babies, demanding cruel abortions, even partial birth abortions, of live, fully-formed little babies.

That’s not all. They get perverse satisfaction from wolves, mountain lions, grizzly bears, and other wild beasts they release in densely populated areas that attack, maim, and kill innocent children and adults. Environmentalists justify the carnage by pointing out that people are plentiful and can be spared, while the animals are "endangered species."

"Come, Let us Destroy Homes and Extinguish Living Things"

Wollstein reports that in Riverside, California, in 1993, dozens of homes were destroyed as wildfires erupted in the area. But desperate homeowners were threatened with prison and fines if they cleared dry, overgrown brush. Reason: endangered rats, vermin, inhabited the brush. Net result: The homes, the brush, and the rats alike went up in flames. DESTROYERS OF THE EARTH.

In towns and cities across America, federal, state, and local environmental police and bureaucrats are bullying citizens—and destroying their property. In Galveston, Texas, a 67 year-old retired couple wept as their tiny home was bulldozed into ruins. The defeated husband was branded an eco-criminal by a federal judge and castigated in local newspapers. His crime: The couple’s house had been built in an area the environmentalists said was once (not now—but in eons past) a "wetland." When the old man complained there was no water on his quarter-acre lot or anywhere else in the subdivision, so it couldn’t possibly be a "wetland," angry environmentalist bureaucrats snarled and said, "For regulatory purposes, a wetland is whatever we decide it is."

Louise and Fred Williams of Little Compton, Rhode Island also lost their home, after the EPA ordered them to tear it down. DESTROYERS OF THE EARTH.

"Come, Let Us Hack Down the Trees"

In Chicago’s suburbs, environmentalists are now demanding that 80,000 trees be uprooted and destroyed. These DESTROYERS OF THE EARTH explain that the "native habitat" of the midwest United States was once plains and grass. No trees. Let us, they demand, "restore the land to its primitive wild state."

Scientists, of course, maintain that in the far distant past the entire North American continent was ice. Grasses came later. So, there is no real logic to the environmentalists’ demands. Just an insatiable appetite to destroy green things—trees. (And to think we are constantly told by the media that environmentalists are lovers of trees—tree huggers!)

"Come, Let us Firebomb and Destroy Private Property"

Across the U.S.A., evil, crazed environmental terrorists are inspired by Satan to DESTROY AND KILL. In Vail, Colorado, they fire-bombed the Two Elks Restaurant and a ski lodge. Environmentalists said they did it to "save" the endangered lynx, a wildcat. The BATF and FBI didn’t bother to investigate—they were too busy tracking down leads about potentially dangerous (though nonexistent!) right-wing terrorists.

In Lincoln, Montana, gun-toting warrior-thugs, wearing khaki uniforms and calling themselves "Environmental Rangers," tell their pals in the media (Los Angeles Times, Jan 11, 1990), "It’s time to take up arms to defend the environment." "It’s war," shouts environmental wacko leader Ric Valois. Predictably, again their friends, the FBI and BATF, have no problem with the threats of the environmentalist militia. DESTROYERS OF THE EARTH.

Timothy McVeigh, we are told, bombs and kills people in Oklahoma. He’s promptly labeled by the feds as "another" vicious, right-wing, ignorant militia type. Meanwhile, environmentalist Ted Kaczynski, the unabomber, bombs and kills people. He’s lionized by the press. Time magazine calls him a "Mad Genius." U.S. News and World Reports also used the term, genius, in referring to Kaczynski’s rantings and ravings. Other liberal groups described the writings of the unabomber as a "philosophical masterpiece."

Oh, I forgot to add: when the cops searched Kaczynski’s isolated mountain shack, they found lying on a crude table a dog-eared copy of Vice President Gore’s bestselling book, now an environmentalist "bible," Earth in the Balance.

"Come, Let Us Commit Genocide by Massacring Billions of Innocents"

Environmentalist "geniuses" like the unabomber are regularly praised by our earth-adoring media. Jacques Cousteau, the oceanographer, was warmly cheered after he announced that to save and make the earth sustainable, over 350,000 of its human inhabitants would have to be eliminated each day. DESTROYERS OF THE EARTH.

In addition to calling Christianity "A religion for losers and bozos," CNN founder Ted Turner received applause from environmentalists by agreeing with Cousteau. "The earth can sustain only 500 million people." Turner has repeated. That would mean some five and one-half billion would have to be eliminated. Presumably, Mr. Turner did not volunteer to be one of the hapless five and one-half billion to die.

In Britain, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s environmentalist wacko husband, despises human life so much he has declared that, if he is reincarnated, he wants to come back as a deadly virus to kill off most of the Earth’s human population. DESTROYERS OF THE EARTH.

In community after community, in state after state, environmentalists have recently selected shocking, new targets for destruction: dams and levees. They say that all dams and levees must come down and stay down. Homes and communities must be flooded. All land must be returned to wildland. To hell with the devastated people who lose their homes and businesses and to hell with all the suffering animals that will be flooded out and drowned, their habitats destroyed by the raging waters. DESTROYERS OF THE EARTH.

Their Chief Enemy Identified

Pity the man or woman who opposes the Green Barbarians. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, Bill Clinton’s point man in killing off living things and destroying roads, dams, and forests, bluntly states, "We must identify our enemies and drive them into oblivion."

Uh ohh...You’ve got a real problem there, Mr. Babbitt. Your chief enemy, judging by the Scriptures, is not man—or dams and levees, animals, or trees. Your principal enemy is God. He put man on earth and, as recorded in Genesis 1:28, commanded him to subdue and dominate the earth. You and your fellow murderers, Mr. Babbit, have turned this scriptural truth end on end by having the government and its green gestapo subdue and dominate man, created in God’s image. Moreover, though you and other environmentalists, like Satan and his devils, come disguised as "angels of light," God reveals your true, hidden secrets. Instead of saving the earth, your evil objective is really to plunder, wreck and destroy this planet and to bloodily kill off and extinguish people and living things as occult sacrifices to your pagan gods and philosophies.

Beware, all ye Green Barbarians! Now comes the Truth, upright and unyielding, to warn these would-be saviors of the cosmos: Surely, God will do all that he has prophesied. He shall, indeed, "DESTROY THEM WHICH DESTROY THE EARTH."

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