codex magica

Exclusive Update

Texe Marrs

Horses stir unbridled emotions Left: In Australia, these beautiful wild horses were unmercifully massacred by the government after environmentalists claimed the horses were injuring "flora and fauna" (grasses). Environmentalists sneered at citizen groups who begged the horses be spared and not shot. Are these victimized horses blood sacrifices for Satan-worshipping environmentalists?

Right: Bizarre and deadly, in Florida and across the U.S.A., federal environmental authorities are intentionally setting fires wasting millions of acres of timber and natural habitat, torturously burning to death and suffocating countless trapped animals. The feds say they are doing it to clear old growth and "nourish the ecosystem," but they refuse to allow loggers to first cut down and haul away the trees to be burnt. They also refuse the plea of citizen groups to rescue and save the animals. Are these massive fires a form of occult, pagan ritual and sacrifice? Everglades fire expected to help nourish ecosystem

dam comes tumbling down Left: Federal authorities ordered the 162-year old Edwards Dam in Maine destroyed at the insistence of environmentalists. Environmental leaders want the demolition of all of America's 600 dams, including the behemoth Hoover Dam, the Grand Coulee, and Glen Canyon Dam. They have expressed no sorrow for the many thousands of animals and other forms of wildlife that will be killed by resulting floods and raging waters. In Proverbs, God says, "All they that hate me love death."


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