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Texe Marrs

Decade of Destiny, 2001-2010

"But there is a God in Heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known… what shall be in the latter days."

Daniel 2:28

The now history twentieth century was surely a time of awe-inspiring wonders. Each decade brought with it horrible new calamities, but also fresh opportunity. We progressed scientifically from railroads, horses and buggies to spacecraft, jet aircraft, and sleek automobiles, and from crude surgery and snake oil formulas to advanced nuclear medicine and miracle drugs.

Picture of George W. Bush
The past century also delivered much of mankind into the cruel arms of satanic dictators—Lenin, Stalin, Hirohito, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mao. We saw the rapid erosion of spiritual foundations and stunning increases in sexual debauchery, unpatriotic conduct, and dishonesty.

By the dawning of the year 2000, America was so degraded and backslid that its President, Bill Clinton, arrogantly seduced and raped countless women, murdered and blackmailed his opponents, took money bribes, and sold U.S. military secrets to foreign powers.

Yet, amazingly, the mass media reported that Mr. Clinton left office one of the century’s most popular Presidents, his standing in the polls unimpaired. The majority of America’s 280 million residents were said to love and admire this beast of a man for he represented the very type of human specimen which they themselves aspired to be.

Most Shocking Ten Year Period Ever

If, however, you think the twentieth century was event-filled and momentous, I hereby warn: You haven’t seen anything yet! We are about to be catapulted into the most incredible era in the annals of human history. What’s more, this decade, 2001-2010, is gearing up to be the most shocking, mind-numbing, imagination-bending ten year period ever.

In the 1990s, with God’s help, I made many predictions and forecasts which came to pass. Long-time readers of this newsletter and listeners to my radio program know that I was the first to forewarn of the emergence of Hillary Rodham Clinton as a grotesque, but satanically energized and popular superstar politician. I wrote in my 1993 bestselling book, Big Sister is Watching You, that eventually she would try and become a powerful politician in her own right and even had unbridled ambitions to be elected the first woman President in U.S. history.

I first reported in this newsletter that it was Hillary who gave the order in the White House to torch the Branch Davidian complex in Waco and to kill every human being there. Some objected: "Waco—No, not Hillary!" But in fact, Linda Tripp, former top assistant to deceased White House Counsel Vince Foster, recently confirmed on Fox TV News that was exactly what happened.

I also forewarned of prophesied food crises, water shortages, and energy problems—unconnected to Y2K. These emergencies are even now coming to the fore with hoof and mouth disease, mad cow disease, bioengineered food, the California electricity crunch, droughts in many places, etc. They will intensify in the years ahead.

Terrorist Osama Bin Ladin
I predicted that George W. Bush would be elected President and that, regrettably, he would then go on to compromise his Christian faith to appease liberals, Jews, and other Jesus haters. In fact, the first week he was in office, President Bush and his Attorney General ordered Big Brother SWAT teams to seize a Church, Indianapolis Baptist Temple, simply because the Church and its pastor had refused to buckle under to the unconstitutional harassment of IRS thugs.

Bush’s Attorney General, John Ashcroft, also complimented outgoing Waco butcher Janet Reno for her "outstanding service" as Attorney General and promised liberals in Congress he and Bush would not seek to change or challenge Supreme Court decisions allowing partial birth and other murderous abortions.

George W. Bush has put a Roman Catholic in charge of his newly created Office of Faith-based Initiatives. Meanwhile, the President now publicly states that he, his mother Barbara Bush, and Billy Graham all agree—Jesus is not the only way to salvation.

I warned also of plots to force gun registration on citizens, of the plan to give the United Nations authority over our national parks and wilderness areas, and of the scheme to turn our armed forces into global mercenaries. All of these things occurred, though patriotic Americans stubbornly fought these New World Order plots tooth and nail, winning some hard-fought victories in the process.

What Lies Just Ahead

More recently, I broadcast a 60-minute Power of Prophecy radio program entitled Decade of Destiny, 2001-2010 (This audiotape has been discontinued). I outlined what I believe will be some of the more fascinating, eye-opening, and significant events on the horizon. I base my projections on intense, personal research, investigation and analysis. I also must be quick to acknowledge God’s mighty help. He has magnificently enhanced my vision and graciously given me almost unbelievable insight into coming events. Here, then, is a brief review of man’s mind-boggling future— what I term the "Decade of Destiny" which lies immediately ahead:

Revelation of the Unseen: Expect an avalanche of startling new information to bubble up into public view about an assortment of mysterious past occurrences. While the ungodly remain stymied and in the dark, men and women of understanding will discover unheralded new facts about the assassinations of Princess Diana, President John F. Kennedy, and JFK, Jr. It will be seen that Diana’s murder was an occult ritual, that the Clintons were up to their necks in the conspiracy to kill young John F. Kennedy, Jr., and that Israel’s Mossad spy agency, working with the Mafia, the CIA, and FBI, was the mastermind behind the November,1963, murder of President Kennedy.

It will also come to light that the federal Reserve is guilty of illegally manipulating the stock market, that former President Nixon was the target of a Jewish plot to force his resignation from office, and that reputed terrorist Osama Bin Laden has been a loyal servant of the USA’s CIA all along, and has been nothing more than a convenient scapegoat.

Red China's dictator, Jian Zemin
Global Cruelty and Barbarism Explosion: In South Africa, Bosnia, Albania, Israel, Great Britain, Russia, South America, and the United States, a wicked and depraved culture will enmesh whole populations in a nightmarish web of cruelty, barbarism, and sordid conduct.

Hillary’s Bounceback: Hillary Clinton will be exposed for much of her criminal behavior. Still, multitudes will adore her and women will continue to go "ga-ga" over Hillary. She will be the Democratic Party’s overwhelming choice to campaign for the presidency. Meanwhile her husband, Bill, will be touted for the position of "Senior World Statesman" by the elitists.

Immigration Onslaught: Economic collapse in Asia, drug and guerilla wars in South America, and Mexican economic turmoil will drive illegal immigrants across U.S. borders. President Bush will open the floodgates and let these millions in. Huge Mexican trucks—NAFTA-sanctioned, oversized, unsafe, deadly—will snuff out the lives of thousands of Americans as they travel U.S. freeways, unfettered and belching out enough diesel smoke to choke entire cities in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California.

Socialists/Marxists in the U.S.A. and in Europe Get Down and Dirty: Revolutionary anarchists who want global government to control corporations and force more environmental Big Brotherism on us will continually make the news. Wars Loom: Peace will be removed and bloodshed prevail. Conflict between China and Taiwan, Israel and Arabs, and Russia and Middle East neighbors will erupt, and narco-republics like Columbia and Panama will demand U.S. attention. Sexual Abominations Mushroom: Outrageous behavior goes public—pedophilia, incest, satanic orgies, sadomasochism, and sex as religious ritual. Worse, religious leaders will defend this behavior, including top names in evangelical and charismatic circles.

Cries for Liberty and Freedom Ring Out: Counter reaction as millions of fed up Americans, joined by many in Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Germany, will cry out, insisting that the socialists in government get out of their lives and off their backs. "Take back" movements and campaigns by factions to secede from the United States and form independent republics in Texas, Idaho, Washington, New Mexico, and elsewhere will thrive. The feds will be alarmed, fearing loss of control, and will strike back.

Spiritual Hunger to Grow Exponentially: Amidst sexual squalor and legions of the dishonest and immoral, many will grow desperate for meaning in their lives and will turn to spiritual things. Unfortunately, cults and religious charlatans are waiting in line to deceive and manipulate spiritual seekers who reject Jesus, the true God and, instead, seek after counterfeits.

The Remnant Magnify Their Faith: There will be a clear dividing of the sheep from the goats. The Remnant—the few, true, Bible-believing Christians who remain—will strengthen and reinforce their faith. They will instinctively recognize each other and grow in love, trust and harmony. They will refuse to compromise, stand firm in the face of persecution, and be as beacons of light shining on a thousand hills. Their whole attention will be focused on Jesus, and wherever the Lamb goes, their eyes will turn in His direction. They shall overcome the world through the power of their testimony and by the Blood of the Lamb. Praise God and Amen!

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