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The World Cup Conspiracy

What if every man, woman, and child on earth were injected with a "vaccine," a vaccine which, unbeknownst to the recipient, contained thousands of miniscule bioflesh robot machines? Robot machines so tiny, so virtually undetectable, that each is only about one 50,000th the width of a single human hair.

What if multitudes of these robot machines, each so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye, travel about in the person's blood stream, lodge themselves, and furiously begin their amazing work, all at the direction of powerful remote computer terminals? Computer terminals which send their signals via invisible ELF waves directly into the programmable "nanotransistor brains" of these incredible robotic devices?

What if these invisible ELF waves were produced, generated, and distributed by gigantic, antennae-like structures cleverly built to resemble 21st century athletic stadiums? Stadiums erected in scores of cities around the globe, linking their signals up with an array of satellites overhead, the whole system being superintended and run by secret intelligence services from computer correlation centers in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere?

What if you, having voluntarily been vaccinated to ward off anthrax, ebola virus, smallpox, and various other dread toxins, are blissfully unaware that the substances injected into your blood stream, while containing preventive vaccines, also contain legions of tiny, but efficient, programmable robot machines? Nanotransistor robot machines which silently lie in your blood stream, passive and inert, but ready to spring into action when the signal is given and received.

A Threat to Society

What if the men who run the master computers that control these nanotransmitor robot machines someday are notified that you are a "threat" to society, to the New World Order? Why? Well, perhaps it's because of your unorthodox, pro-constitutionalist views, your fundamentalist Bible-beliefs, or possibly your failure to fit in with Big Brother's carefully planned New Age Society.

What if some faceless bureaucrat sitting somewhere decides that you believe—or worse, preach to others—the dangerously outmoded view that God, truth, family, individual rights, country are more important than the universalist-promoted tenet that the socialist collective consciousness of the global village is all that exists and all that matters.

And what if, having been duly notified by cyberspace message of your worthlessness and uselessness to the cause of the Illuminati's Great Work, the computer operator takes immediate action. He calls up your social security number, by which you are identified and tracked each moment of the day, and assigns you "Code Red" classification.

Quote by Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado

Psychosurgery: Robots Rip You to Shreds

Instantly, the insidious, once latent, but now fast moving, now fully orchestrated, armies of nanotransmittor robots inside your body crank up and go straight to work. They tear into their targets, chomping, gouging, drilling, and demolishing your human tissue. Steadily, they destroy life-giving arteries to the heart; they eat away at the brain and liver cells, and tear off bits of plaque and cholesterol which dislodge, travel to the brain, heart, and kidneys, and induce strokes and hemorrhaging.

In minutes, or less, you are dead. The official autopsy and death certificate says that you died of cardiac arrest, or stroke, aneurysm, or perhaps cancer or bacterial infection. No one—not your doctor, not the coroner, not the members of your family—are even minutely aware of the real cause of your demise. How could they be?

The monstrous robots are now turned off, their mission accomplished. Too small to be seen—so infinitesimal in size they are dwarfed by bacteria and viruses—they have proven to be hidden killers, smart machines without souls, directed in their foul and deadly work by human killers from afar, men without souls.

Invasion of the Nanorobots
"Incredible shrinking doctors" is what the editors of Popular Science magazine called nanorobots. Here are pictures of what some of these microscopic machines will look like. Popular Science (July 2000, p. 63) says, "Nanorobots will be mass produced in such miniscule size, far less than the diameter of a human hair—they will be able to travel through capillaries without being rejected by the body's immune system." The nanorobots will be "smaller than bacteria," says Dr. Carlo Montemagno, research professor of biological engineering at prestigious Cornell University.

A Change in Attitude

If, however, the powers that be wish to keep you alive but simply change you, they might computer-instruct some of the robots stealthily residing in your body to "correct" only a specified, surgically precise section of your brain's cortex—the area that controls certain feelings, emotions, and cognitive knowledge. Other robots on stand-by in your blood stream will then be instructed to insert new "knowledge modules" in place of those destroyed and removed.

The psychosurgery procedure having been successful, suddenly your bedside doctors and nurses notice that your attitude has improved. Now, you no longer oppose the government's "public policy." Miraculously, you have an entirely new attitude. Why, you even admire and respect Big Brother, and you possess a strong desire to serve him at all cost.

You begin to feel tears welling up. You just can't help yourself. Slowly, your lips form the words. "Yes...Yes," you hear yourself moaning, "Yes, I do love Big Brother."

Science Fiction Becomes Reality

What if everything I have written here is true? What if early models of these horrific nanotransistor robots have already been built? What if a network of metallic, antennae-like structures, operating as giant transmitters and disguised as athletic stadiums, have already been built? And what if intricate plans for a universal, high tech, Big Brother identification and tracking system already exist and, even now, await implementation?

You'll recall that Power of Prophecy was the first to warn men with eyes to see and ears to hear of the coming Age of Frankenfoods, genetically engineered food produced by industrial corporations. Now, this food is here. Advanced new biotechnology has made it possible, and our farmers no longer control their own destiny.

Power of Prophecy was the first to alert discerning Christians to the development of the implantable biochip. Now, it's here, and many people have already been "chipped," some at their request!

Power of Prophecy was also the first to make you aware of Project L.U.C.I.D., the hellish project to create the Beast 666 Universal Human Control System, linking all the world's computers and making possible the issuance to all mankind of a trackable, biometrics I.D. card.

We further told you of the Illuminati's scheme to take advantage of a coming horrible crisis, brought about by "terrorists," which would cause people everywhere to cry out and demand that Big Brother issue this card for our own good, for security, safety, and control.

On September 11, 2001, that crisis which so frightened the masses came about.

Now, post 9/11, there are few that would resist the pre-planned, privacy-destroying L.U.C.I.D. system. Most will thank Big Brother for his love and generosity in providing for their safety.

Now, Power of Prophecy is the first to unmask this broad scheme for total human control which we call "The World Cup Conspiracy."

Scoffers and skeptics, no doubt, will be in denial. "It can't be," they will protest, "It just can't be!" But as our investigation has discovered and my latest audiotapes demonstrate, this monstrous project—The World Cup Conspiracy—has gone far beyond the what if stage.

The capability to commit maximum ultimate evil is here. The technology genie is out of the bottle. And the world will never be the same.

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