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World Cup Stadiums

A gigantic new World Cup stadium goes up in Seoul, Korea. Note the huge, metal, antennae-like internal super-structure. Ten of these ultra-modern stadiums have recently been erected in Korea, and ten in Japan, all in readiness, we are told, for the 2002 World Cup soccer (futbol) sports championship games. These 20 stadiums cost untold billions of American dollars to build. Yet, even as they rise, both Korea and Japan are suffering staggering economic depressions.

By 2006, some twenty more World Cup stadiums are planned for Europe and Africa. Who is providing the funding? Are these colossal new stadiums, in reality, designed to operate as advanced over-the-horizon ELF (electromagnetic low frequency) wave transmitters, linking space platforms, satellites overhead, U.S. Naval vessels at sea, and HAARP systems in Alaska with CIA and NSA "Echelon" computer centers in the U.S.A., Great Britain, Greenland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Russia?

Will this astonishing new global surveillance and human control system be unleashed in the year 2006 to establish iron-clad control by antichrist and his 666 world government? Will the earth's inhabitants be required, unwittingly, to take into their bodies, through mass medical vaccination campaigns, robotic devices made possible through fabulous advances in miniaturized nanotransistor technology?

Seoul Stadium

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