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Money, Alchemy, and Betrayal

"For the love of money is the root of all evil."
1 Timothy 6:10
"From now on, depressions will be scientifically created."

Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.

In 1990, when I published my book, Millennium: Peace, Promises, and The Day They Take Our Money Away, it created a sensation. In the book, I exposed the Illuminati elite's plan to destroy the American dollar and eventually replace the dollar and all national currencies with a new global unit, the phoenix. Of the Illuminati, I warned, "These are the men, despisers of America, who plot to take our money away and replace it with empty promises and deceitful lies."

The death of the dollar, I noted in Millennium, will signal a dramatic revolution in the everyday lives of American citizens, with financial misery, bankruptcy, and economic desperation stalking working men and women like some pale and apocalyptic death horse. I also named the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as the "kingpin" of the conspiracy against the dollar.

The Amero is on Drawing Board

Those who have read Millennium are not surprised, therefore, about new revelations that the CFR and its puppets 
As I reported in my eye-opening bestseller book, Millennium: Peace, Promises, and the Day They Take Our Money Away, the Illuminati elite eventually will replace the Amero, Euro, and other regional currencies with the Phoenix. Indeed, the influential The Economist financial magazine out of Great Britain had the audacity to picture the logo of the proposed new global currency on its cover with the feature article entitled, "Get Ready for a World Currency."
in the Bush Administration now have on the drawing board a brand new currency, the amero. The amero is to replace the dollar upon the inauguration of the North American Union and the ending of U.S.A. sovereignty in 2010.

Eventually, of course, when the New World Order is fully realized, the phoenix will be required worldwide and all other currencies, national and regional, will be recalled. Until that bitter day of infamy, Europe will have its euro and the Americas will be saddled with the regional amero.

Love of Money is Root of all Evil

Why the emphasis by the Illuminati on money and currency? The love of money, the scriptures attest, is the root of all evil. After over 20 years of studying the men behind the global conspiracy and their aims, I have found this biblical principle most valid. True, the evil elitists also desire power, fame, sex, and other commodities, but above all, they lust after money. Indeed, they are persuaded that with enough money, they can buy all these other things.

That the Illuminati will scheme and murder—even commit genocide—to acquire more and more money is also a truism. Again, this is prophesied and explained in the scriptures, where James, the brother of Jesus, warned that in the last days the rich would gather for themselves heaps of gold, silver, and other treasures. Greedy and homicidal, they will not hesitate to defraud working men and women. These ordinary citizens who protest will be killed.

Paper Currency Not Real Money?

To fulfill their inordinate lust for filthy lucre, the rich have developed a banking and credit system that maximizes their return. A chief feature of this system is the employment of paper money. Of course, this is not real money; it is a pale substitute. Thomas Jefferson, one of our nation's most illustrious founders, scornfully noted this in a letter he wrote to a friend back in 1788. "Paper," said Jefferson, "is poverty." "It is only the ghost of money, and not money itself."

As a young child I readily discovered the wisdom of Jefferson's admonishment. Growing up in East Texas, a region passionately attached to the Confederacy during the War Between the States, a surprising number of Southern citizens kept their old worthless Confederate currency, somehow figuring that, someday, "The South Will Rise Again." The old Confederate dollars remain a mere museum novelty. The day General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Grant, the South's currency instantly became worthless, by Union fiat.

Lesson learned: Money is whatsoever value the government says it is. That and nothing more.

Magic in Currency Design

For some time now I have carefully investigated the design of currency, especially U.S. dollars of all denominations. I find that in every nation and society, the design of currency is of vast importance. It often has almost a magical connotation. Money reflects the spiritual understructure and the social aims of a nation's ruling class and can even reflect the prophetic goals of rulers, perhaps serving as a predictor of future events.

Mexican $1 Peso
The design and art on it's currency notes is often very revealing of a nation's culture and the aims and beliefs of its ruling elite. Above is a Mexican peso. Observe the grotesque image of the Aztec sun god emblazoned on this peso note and recall that it was this pagan sun god to whom the cannibalistic native Mexicans annually sacrificed tens of thousands of human beings. Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar also has a satanic image—the pyramid and all-seeing eye of the Egyptian version of the sun god. One can only imagine what hideous design the new amero currency will incorporate!

Dean Grace, a researcher and friend who has spent many years studying the symbology of the U.S. one dollar bill, emphasizes that such symbols as the pyramid, the all-seeing eye, and the eagle of the Great Seal speak volumes about America's ruling elite and their conspiratorial aims. The color green has keen significance, and a message in occult numerology is also found in the art and design.

Meanwhile, the design of the Mexican peso also is of great interest because, apparently, the ruling elite of Mexico and the U.S.A. have every intention to soon replace both the peso and the dollar with the new currency, the amero. In March, 2005, in Waco, Texas, President George Bush, along with Mexico's President Fox and Canada's Prime Minister Martin, signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agreement. As conceived 
Professor Robert Pastor, of American University in Washington, D.C., influential member of the Council on Foreign Relations, co-authored the CFR report, Building a North American Union, in which he proposed a currency unit called the amero to replace the U.S.A. and Canadian dollars and the Mexican peso. CFR's Robert Pastor
by the Illuminati's powerful organ, the Council on Foreign Relations, the SPP requires that by 2010, the three countries will be merged into one, the North American Union. Our constitution is betrayed, American sovereignty is coming to an end, and our dollar will be replaced by the amero, much the same as happened in Europe with the European Union's euro currency.

To the Illuminati, it is essential that the art and the design of the amero reflect the New Reality—the fact that the U.S.A. is forever to be ended as a functioning, independent entity. The unique heritage, history, and culture of the United States must be obliterated for the psychological and emotional conquest of the citizens to be realized. The amero will thus be a brainwashing tool, a constant reminder carried in the pocket, wallet, and purse of every resident of the late, great U.S.A., that we are no longer special, no longer a proud and separate people. We shall henceforth be only a regional entity, a subverted and conquered subdivision of the reigning Big Brother global colossus. This is the true meaning of the North American Union and the amero currency.

A Financial Crash Ahead?

Today, economic conditions are being prepared for the dollar to be shredded and devalued in world markets. A financial crash of the dollar is inevitable. Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Iran, Germany and others are already beginning to go to the euro and are about to leave the dollar in the dust. No longer is the dollar king of world currencies. It has already, in the past five years, lost much of its value, and today, the U.S.A. is the world's largest debtor nation. Our country is drowning in red ink.

By the time the Illuminati and its bankers are through draining the dollar of every last vestige of value, the American people will be impoverished and frightened. Then will come our President, our Fed Chairman, and our banking and corporate chieftains, to reassure us, to win us over to the New Reality. The North American Union and its amero—that and that alone, they shall say, will save us from economic depression and money chaos. The amero is our future, our only hope.

Without the amero, our esteemed leaders will caution, you will be decimated, reduced to misery. With it, and with SPP and the North American Union, you will be secure and prosperous. Yes, maybe your savings and pensions and your social security funds will be gone—poof! Vanished in thin air!—your wages diminished and your economy reduced to Third World status. But you will at least survive and will subsist, if at a more "sustainable" level. The Amero: Don't leave home without it!

So, say goodbye, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Andrew Jackson and the others whose sober and trusty faces now gaze upon us from America's historical currency notes. It's been a grand 225-year long experiment in freedom and liberty, hasn't it?

NOTE: As Texe Marrs reported in his eye-opening bestseller book Millennium: Peace, Promises, and the Day They Take Our Money Away, the Illuminati will eventually replace the dollar, the amero, the euro, and other regional currencies with the Phoenix. Get your copy today
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