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Special Report

Texe Marrs

The Devil, in his guise as the horned god Pan, plays his flute in this statue in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This bust of a bearded and horned devil is found at the building in Hollywood which houses the Motion Picture Producers of America.

Horned Celtic god from Germany.

The Devil and a serpentine companion peer down at passersby walking below on the sidewalks of New York City.

Mormon (LDS) temples and churches often use occult symbology in their architecture. This Sun Stone, from the original Mormon Temple, Nauvoo, Illinois, was the brainchild of Church founder, Joseph Smith, a Masonic initiate and occult conjurer.

In Washington, D.C.'s magnificent Library of Congress, this horned devil decorates a wall in the Great Hall.

Inside the fiery sun of this large zodiac clock on Bracken House in London is the face of a dark man. It turns out to be Sir Winston Churchill, who, as Prime Minister, pleased the Devil immensely by ordering Britain's Royal Air Force to execute a fiery holocaust that consumed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Dresden, Germany, a war crime perhaps unequalled in the annals of human history.

Devils love to be placed within the keystones of arched windows. This one resides at Columbus and West 88th Street in New York City.

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