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Texe Marrs

Face to Face With The Devil

"And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness."

1 John 5:10

You don't see them, not unless you know what to look for. But they see you. They're always there, standing, perching, sitting, crouching, hiding, always watching, observing, sometimes grinning, certainly leering. I call them beasts: Stony beasts.

The Bible speaks of them as "idols" and warns that while they may consist of mere stone, marble, plaster, or wood, they nevertheless have supernatural powers of hideously strange nature. To deny this is to risk falling victim to their foul and overwhelmingly repugnant grip.

Their universal existence, often in the most unexpected places, is no accident. It was planned long ago that they would be there. But even after you discover their presence, these menacing, grotesque, supernatural entities refuse to budge. They seem to be carefully obeying the orders of someone, somewhere who sent them forth to be advance agents of some mysterious, dark force. In accomplishing this mission, they are unusually successful, hugely so, harbingers as they are of a cruel and evil agenda which, some horrible day surprisingly soon, will be fully realized.

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Can Devils Inhabit Material Objects?

In my newest video documentary, Face to Face With the Devil: Close Encounters With Unexpected Evil (DVD Only), I investigate the presence and meaning of these incredible creations of hell. I show just how amazingly prevalent they are in our everyday lives. They are, in fact, devils incarnate, for the Scriptures clearly tell us that spirit entities (demons, or devils) surprisingly do inhabit material substances.

The unwitting and unlearned in these things may imagine that an idol fabricated to represent the real Satan (aka the Devil) is just another inanimate object, even if it is an ugly and repulsive object. But the human imagination is often deceived. The devil and his demon cohorts have the power to literally enter and possess an unregenerated, that is, unsaved, person's brain and mind. From that point on, the devil (or, demon) is a type of "walk-in," possessing and directing the physical human entity.

Foreign spiritual entities are also able to supernaturally co-exist within many other material items, ranging from satanic paintings to voodoo dolls, witchcraft trinkets, charms, and talismans, and including ungodly designed furnishings and décor and malevolently wicked, symbolic jewelry and clothing.

Just as an invisible cyberforce (artificial intelligence) animates and operates advanced robots and other computerized electromechanical gadgets and machines, invisible spiritual entities likewise are able to inhabit, activate, and energize (e.g. "possess") organic materials. Advanced technology is, therefore, often indistinguishable from psychic and spiritual phenomena.

I have heard of voodoo dolls, occult books and figurines, and other satanic artifacts (including album covers of satanic, heavy metal, rock 'n' roll music groups) literally screaming and crying out when thrown into the fires. No wonder, then, that the early Christian Church gathered up pagan and witchcraft books and materials (curious arts) and cast them into the burning flames:

"Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed."

Acts 19:19-20

The Scriptures sagely warn that it is an abomination to worship idols or even to possess witchcraft occult materials. Indeed, keeping such in one's home leads to a dreadful curse.

The Magical Power of Demonic Idols

Now, you may deem all this so much superstitious mumbo-jumbo. Modern-day men and women, after all, consider 
Lakeshore Drive beast in Chicago
Chicago’s downtown is populated by hosts of stony beasts. This one is found along Lakeshore Drive.
themselves too sophisticated and cosmopolitan to buy into such talk of demon-possessed idols and artifacts. But hardened Satan worshippers, including the initiates of the Illuminati secret societies, strongly believe in the magical powers of demonic-possessed idols and artifacts. They are convinced that idols of stone, wood, plaster, or other materials are, in essence, alive!

Occult doctrine teaches that devils inhabit and animate these things. That is why more and more idols are built, displayed, adored and secretly venerated. Every statue of a devil is, in the reckoning of Illuminists, a potential or real god, and collectively these devil figures represent the supreme God of the Illuminati; that is, Satan.

So obsessed are the Illuminati elite—the rich and famous of this world—with devil idols that they have caused them to be built and put up in places of honor in countless locations across this planet. You'll be shocked and flabbergasted, in viewing my video Face to Face With the Devil, to find them on the exterior and interior of cathedrals and churches, and on the facades of banks, museums, civic auditoriums, and government buildings. Devils in stone are discovered on arches of doorways and window ledges at the headquarters of Fortune 500 corporations, on cruise ships and in the galleys of the billionaires' yachts. They're festooned on the exterior of majestic movie theatres and department stores and over the doors of public park restrooms.

Ignorance Leads to Danger

Devils, devils, devils, everywhere, yet few are aware of them at all. It is as if a great black curtain has been pulled over most peoples' eyes. They either don't see the great multitude of devils in their midst, or they simply don't want to see them. Reality, apparently, intrudes violently on most peoples' comfort zones.

But, why remain unaware? Ignorance leads to danger. Once you view my newest video, your awareness will increase a thousand-fold. Your eyes will be opened to the horrible truth—and to the reason why I have produced such a mind-numbing documentary exposé. The prudent, wise person realizes that the whole earth lies in wickedness and is under the control of the Wicked One. This planet is temporarily his fiefdom and kingdom, and his loyal, if sometimes ignorant, human subjects honor Satan everywhere with idols of stone, marble, alabaster, metal, plaster, and wood.

You've Got to Serve Someone

Now, the Good News! If you are born again through faith in Jesus Christ, you are not subject to Satan's authority. Jesus rightly said that His Kingdom was not of this earth; therefore, you are immune from Satan's devices. God has erected a hedge of protection around each and every citizen of His Kingdom. Right where you are, you are surrounded by God's love and sheltered by innumerable numbers of victoriously powerful, protecting angels. This being so, these idols of wickedness neither speak to you nor command your obedience. They exist as mute, dumb idols, worthless hunks of matter fit only for eventual destruction.

I must sadly report, however, that if you are not a citizen of Christ's holy realm you are in dire jeopardy. You have no legal right to complain of Satan's many idols that decorate and populate the landscape. He is your master, so get used to it. You are, then, faced with a prickly, momentous choice: Either believe in Jesus and be rescued, or bow down to the Evil One and simply resolve to learn to love Big Brother.

"And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood..."

Revelation 9:20

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