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Civil War Racists

By Texe Marrs

Jean Lafitte

Jewish slave trader, with 60 slave ships flying the Jolly Roger. Sold slaves in the ports of Louisiana and in Brazil. He also bred slaves for their beauty and set up bordellos, (the first casinos, reminiscent of those the Jews own today in Las Vegas, Nevada).

Jean LaFitte, Pirate of the Caribbean

The Pirate of the Caribbean imported Africans into the ports of Louisiana, and plantation owners along the Mississippi bought his slaves. He smuggled slaves and goods into Louisiana up to St. Louis and New Orleans, marshaled forces of his maritime thugs against free trade, and was complimented by the rabbis who told him he was doing “a great work for God.”

Standing on a hillside before a motley assemblage of 500 sea robbers and cut-throats, the Jewish creole dandy dispatched 60 ships throughout the Caribbean to find Spanish slave ships, and he held weekly slave auctions at his retreat on the Louisiana coast.

Amsterdam armed his ships. Auction houses preferred his slaves, who were sturdy and healthy, since only the hardiest survived in his ships from the disease and brutal treatment of their journey. 400 blacks would be sold in a single day and smuggled into Louisiana, and LaFitte monopolized the commerce of the Mississippi Valley, became known as the “greatest trader in all the West” in 1814.

Remember the War of 1812? Remember when the British burned Washington, DC? The Rothschilds have never given up their plan to own America.

Judah P. Benjamin
Judah P. Benjamin, 1811-1884

Judah Benjamin was a Jewish plantation owner, owned 140-150 slaves, and was a fanatical proponent of slavery. When he was elected to the Senate he spoke out passionately in favor of slavery and secession.

He was so close/inspeparable to Jefferson Davis that Davis’ wife was very concerned. He ran the South before and during the War, and fled to England after the War where he became the head barrister lawyer for the Rothchilds and the Royals.

Judah Benjamin was also Secretary of War and Attorney General during the Confederacy. He pretty much ran the South. Yikes! I don’t think I’d like to be a slave owned by this guy! Creepy!

Judah Benjamin was also on Confederate currency.

Judah Benjamin’s face was placed on the Confederate currency.

Judah P. Benjamin
The Rothschild’s Civil War, 1861 to 1865. 365,000 total died for the Union, while 260,000 died for the Confederacy. What better way to weaken the country—maybe able to conquer it—and place it back under Britain’s thumb again, than to split it up into pieces? Same old game the U.S. is playing today in the Mideast. We have Jews running the U.S. now too, so it’s back to “Lets you and him fight.”


In Richmond, Virginia (home of Confederacy), its two most prominent buildings are the Masonic Temple and the Jewish Synagogue built right down the street. Jews were premier potentates of Freemasonry in the Old South, and great plantations were owned equally by Jews and Catholics. Jefferson Davis had ties with the Catholic church and wrote letters to the Pope. No surprise that the Pope favored the South, sympathized, and sent a crown of jeweled thorns with his counsel to persevere.

Jews owned many plantations and owned most of the slaves, and were the head of Southern culture. Plantation parties always had the Jews, and Catholics and Jews worked closely together. Both were fanatics about keeping slavery. Most people of the South were working people who didn’t own slaves, and we must remember that Gone with the Wind was a fictional novel.

Texe reports: “Confederate soldiers, who were fighting for their state and their home and not for slavery, believed Lincoln was a tyrant who authorized his generals to attack civilians.” The issue was not slavery for most people. In Richmond, there was a building with a bronze plaque with the six pointed star, engraved “1861-1865, commemorating the Civil War,” and on two granite blocks it said, ‘Confederate Jewish Monument,’ containing a lot of Hebrew letters and English translation: ‘Hear oh Israel. In blessed and eternal memory of the South’s sons and daughters of Abraham in Dixie’s land. They gave all to the cause of the Confederacy.’”

Have Jews always helped the blacks? Have Jews always championed the civil rights movement? Have the lawyers and marchers who helped the blacks? Not at all. Texe gets the following information from Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volumes I and II regarding the Jews that oppressed the black man, the slave trader, and different writings.

This is history, written by educated men, and taken from compiled historical clippings from newspapers and such. The two volumes note that Jews faced blanket expulsion in countries around the world, and no other race has faced such expulsion. (AUTHORS NOTE: And of course the obvious reason is because they killed Christ and are not sorry and still hate him, and because they hate all the rest of us as well, and they are just a unified pack of intrigue of “us against them!”). The book says: “Blacks were brought as slaves, but the Jews came as merchants and men of money and have been accused of monopolization, usury, selling cheap goods, bankruptcies, corruption, etc.” Texe reminds us that this is all denied by Jews, who claim to be all lily pure. But blacks have begun to discover the truth about the Jews, and these two volumes are hated by Jews everywhere, who claim they are “full of lies.” But, as Texe says, they contain source material, newspaper stories and mag articles and ads placed by Jews, which are historical records, indisputable and speak for themselves. This is how we find out who was in charge and what happened in the Civil War.

Judah P. Benjamin was tapped by the Powers-That-Be (PTB), got the eye of someone, and was given special education as a lawyer, and he ran for the U.S. Senate and won. He was one of 2 Jews in the U.S. to be Senators. Judah was a good friend of the Rothschilds and as a senator he gave many speeches on the floor of the Senate in favor of slavery and also secession of the South. He believed he could benefit as a Jew by secession.

Judah was known as a friend of Jefferson Davis and was closer to him than Mrs. Davis; they were never seen alone, always together, best pals. Jefferson Davis’ wife was alarmed and concerned. Judah was influential in government, was made attorney general. One writer wrote recently in 1900s, “Judah was the most important Jewish diplomat—before Henry Kissenger, before Brandeis, or military affairs before Hyman Rickover; he was the greatest American Jewish orator and most influential Jew to take a seat in the U.S. Senate.   Davis made him not only his attorney general but transferred him to cabinet, made him Secretary of War. Next to Jefferson Davis himself, Judah Benjamin was the most influential man in the rebel government. He was called the ‘Jewish brain behind Jefferson Davis.’” Bottom line: A Rothschild Jew/agent controlled the legal processes of South during Civil War.

Old confederate notes show Judah Benjamin’s picture on the currency. When the Civil War ended, southern gentlemen were frightened for their lives and went into hiding. Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee gave themselves up, but Judah Benjamin, who was guilty of many things, fled to England.

Judah Benjamin, who was also a Freemason and friends of John Wilkes Booth and their family, was one of the organizers of assassination of Lincoln. When the South was defeated, Judah had prepared a ship and he and his family took off to a nearby island and waited for a British ship to get them to England. During the war, Judah Benjamin had made several trips to visit the Rothschilds. Back in England, Judah was made an attorney in England and the queen favored him and made him her private attorney, (barrister), made him the top lawyer in England. There this evil man lived the rest of his days. Judah Benjamin even wrote a book about the law in England, which is still sold as a textbook to those in the Barrister position, and the laws are still good. So the “Brain behind the Confederacy” ended up as the top lawyer for the Queen. Mr. Rothschild in England controlled England behind the scenes, and Judah was also HIS lawyer.

That’s enough on Judah Benjamin. Now to learn of the booming slave trade at the time of the Civil War (and before)—and its biggest slave trader.

Jean Lafitte, Jewish Pirate of the Caribbean

Jews are the most cruel of slave traders. Page 82 of Vol. 1 of Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, tells how some Africans rebelled in South America. (Jews also traded slaves in Brazil and other countries in South America). An observer of the slave traffic noted: “Every Jewish trader who got a license for 100 Africans casually loaded 5 times that number into their ship.” But they were given free reign to sell the rest. Traders “bribed the governor and treasurer with slaves and cash for permission to land twice as many slaves as registered.”

There were a number of inquisitions by Jews in South America. When Jews rebelled, the Jewish slave owners of rubber plantations and oil and olive oil and molasses and sugar cane plantations, cooperated with Jesuit priests and Spanish authorities, and were cruel to their slaves. They were so vicious, slaves tried to escape and one is recounted in the book where his hand was, “cut off and he was allowed to bleed to death, beaten—unrepeatable description you don’t want to know.”

Texe says: “We have seen Mandingo and other horrible movies, but I don’t think they were treated that bad, but in South America they were indeed treated that way.” The book recounts that the Jews had no restraints, could do whatever they wanted, and Brazil today is a black country. Barbados, also. Jean LaFitte was a Jewish pirate who imported Africans in 1808, and plantations along the Mississippi bought his slaves. He smuggled slaves and goods into Louisiana up to St. Louis and New Orleans. He marshaled his forces of maritime thugs against free trade and was complimented by the rabbis who told him he was doing a great work for “god.” Jean robbed the Spanish slave ships of their slaves. “Standing on a hillside before a motley assemblage of 500 sea robbers and cut-throats, the Jewish creole dandy, dispatched 60 ships throughout the Caribbean to find Spanish slave ships and held weekly slave auctions at his retreat on Louisiana coast, and Amsterdam armed his ships. Auction houses preferred his slaves, sturdy and healthy, only hardiest survived in his ships, disease and brutal treatment of their journey. 400 blacks sold in a single day and smuggled into Louisiana, monopolized commerce of Mississippi Valley. Jean became “greatest trader in all the West” in 1814.

Remember the British burned Washington, DC? Remember the War of 1812? Did Rothschild and the Royals really give up on America? There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Commercial inclinations of Jews and slavery in North America:

The Book on Secret Relationships between Blacks and Jews has cases: First Bank of U.S. was a Rothschild bank, in Philadelphia. Isaac Moses was chief of the bank. Heim Solomon was financier of the American Revolution. Levi, Franks and Simon 1751, most powerful merchant conglomeration. The Jewish Mertilla brought Liberty Bell to State House. Jacob Franks had his share of arms and slaves during the war in England that gave England monopoly in slave trade. Incredible facts.

“Over 200 years ago,” the book reports, “when Northern newspaper noted Jews were the most vicious of slave traders and owned most of the ships, the Jews branded them ‘anti-semitic.’” Over 200 years ago. Times have not changed. The Newspaper reported: “The whole Jewish population voted to secede, voted for the South.” They were the slave traders/owners. The Newspaper said: “The charge that we have desired to awaken religious persecution is false. We mention because comprising so large a vote, nearly all voted for secession, cannot be denied, and is chronicled. Southern Jews were fervent in advocacy of slavery and rights of south often mentioned slavery was common in the Jewish kingdom and said ‘God gave them slaves in the New World.’”

Jewish soldiers also fought for the South (Texe gives the numbers in the his audio message). Rabbi Cohen (sp) at the time said “Jews of the confederacy are loyal, and nowhere else have Jews been given such an opportunity to be complete equals as in the Old South.” Slavery had a great deal to do with it.

Judah Benjamin, Secretary of War, wrote in Memphis Daily Appeal, 1861, “Israelites of Memphis are behind none in showing their devotion to the South by taking up arms to her defense.” Louis Killen: ”Jewish southerners were loyal and supported slavery, even Jewish women were passionate in pro-slavery, virulent in hatred of Lincoln and upholding the Confederacy.”

Sad and sordid, Texe regretfully speaks about the rape of black women slaves: “Jews were also among the rapists. Jean LaFitte had bordellos, bred beautiful black women for sex.” Rabbi Sharpman in Jews on the Frontiers, writes: “Most were Jews on the French Synagogue. Black hair flowed to their waist. Santa Domingo, exotic type called ‘Les Sarinnes,’ southerners called ‘serpent women’ exquisite faces, small hands, sought as mistresses, and LaFitte maintained at Grand Isle pleasure saloons for gambling and bordellos, with 200 alluring females, to entertain those from all the nations, offer delights and orgies of New Orleans Swamp.”

Texe says: “Jews own the casinos today—all the great casinos of today.” Lafitte bred women for sex. BRED THEM. They were gung-ho for the south and for slavery. The Talmud says that we well all be their slaves, per the rabbis, when they get their antichrist world government. Either slaves or die.

“Why did they change in the ’60s and take up civil rights? To drive a wedge between blacks and whites? Yes, of course. Many rabbis admit to that. Whatever land they find themselves, the Jew says “I’m not a citizen here, but of Israel.” In the US today with 7.5 million Jews, the majority say we are not Americans, we are of Israel. Israel will accept them no matter what, even if criminals, and many criminals are in Israel from US.

These are just my notes. Give a listen to the broadcasts and you’ll get even more understanding of this.

Since Judaism is based on hatred of Jesus and humanity, and a determination to own the world and kill and enslave every non-Jew, in my opinion the only good Jew is an ex-Jew. Just like the only good Satanist is an ex-Satanist. Their religion, their cause, their core beliefs, what drives them, makes them evil. This is one of Texe’s best broadcasts, and Texe is a historian. He’s come up with some really astounding and key information here. I will never forget and the link to that show is below:

Click Here to listen to Texe’s powerful program, Jewish Slave Traders and Other Secrets of the Confederacy

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