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Donald Trump Has A Target On His Back



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Who Is Israel? (Tape) OR (CD)

Secrets (Volume 235) (Tape) OR (CD)

Donald Trump Has a Bullseye Target on His Back (Tape) OR (CD)

Embassy of the Illuminati (Tape) OR (CD)

Gog, Magog, and the Camp of the Saints (Tape) OR (CD)

May 2016 Set (Tape) OR (CD)




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Crowning Clinton—Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Be in the White House (Tape) OR (CD)

The Greatest Lie on Earth—Proof That Our World is Not a Moving Globe (Tape) OR (CD)

Truth Is a Lonely Warrior (Tape) OR (CD)

Communism is Judaism Unfolding—We Were Warned by Wurmbrand and Solzhenitsyn (Tape) OR (CD)

Genocide of Christians in the Middle East (Tape) OR (CD)

Project Phoenix—The CIA Massacres and Murders in Vietnam Still Continue in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Around the World in Secret U.S. Prisons (Tape) OR (CD)

We Are At War With the Un-Americans—Secede or Die (Tape) OR (CD)

Illuminati Vision 2025—The Elite’s Ten Point Plan to Reshape America and Build a Global Bureaucratic “Utopia” (Tape) OR (CD)

Vatican Says: Moslems and Jews Are Saved Without Jesus (Tape) OR (CD)

Ted Cruz—Deceiver of Zion, Father of North American Union, Conspirator with Goldman Sachs Bank, Traitor to America and Puppet for Jewish New World Order (Tape) OR (CD)

The Islamic Caliphate, The “New” Osama Bin Laden, and the Neverending Killing in the Middle East (Tape) OR (CD)

Effete Snobs and Nattering Nabobs—The Story of Vice President Spiro Agnew (Tape) OR (CD)

Saving Postwar Germany—How Herbert Hoover Saved Tens of Millions of Suffering Germans (Tape) OR (CD)

Jesus in the Talmud—“The Cat Is Out of the Bag” (Tape) OR (CD)

Israeli Intelligence Assets in America (Tape) OR (CD)

Saturnalia, Sexual Perversion, and the Satanic Elite of Washington D.C. Babylon—(Down the Rabbit Hole Volume 6) (Tape) OR (CD)

The Crescent Moon, the Star and the Black Stone—Unmasking the Evils of Islam (Tape) OR (CD)

“Russia Will Submit to Our Will”—The Zionist Scheme to Punish Putin’s Russia and Force Obedience to the Jewish Oligarchs (Tape) OR (CD)

American Presidents and the Illuminati (Tape) OR (CD)


Pastors and Churches Gone Wild!—America’s Christian Establishment Has Gone Berserk!

DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline

Robot Alchemy—Androids, Cyborgs, and the Magic of Artificial Life

Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star: Eye-Opening Revelations and Forbidden Knowledge About Israel, the Jews, Zionism, and the Rothschilds

Codex Magica—Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati

Who Is Israel?—Yesterday, Today and Forever

Crowning Clinton—Why Hillary Shouldn稚 Be in the White House

The Greatest Lie On Earth

Truth Is a Lonely Warrior—Unmasking the Forces Behind Global Destruction

Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great

Planet Rothschild (Volume 1)

Planet Rothschild (Volume 2)

Planet Rothschild (Volume 1 & 2)

The War Against Putin

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion—The Classic on International Zionism

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ShadowRing (DVD)

“The Eagle Has Landed!”—Magic, Alchemy, and the Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space (DVD)

Gulag USA—Concentration Camps in America (DVD)



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