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Texe Marrs

Billionaire Jews Fear This Man and Want Him Dead

Donald Trump Has a Target On His Back

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”

John F. Kennedy

“I want to take a knife and stab, stab, stab, stab Donald Trump until he is dead.” Those were the angry words of Glenn Beck, the Mormon talk show host who is a big fan of Ted Cruz for President.

Glenn Beck with his wife

Glenn Beck and wife at a social event. Note the belt symbol.

    Now there is a federal law against threatening a presidential candidate. So what did the Secret Service do about Glenn Beck’s threat to kill Donald Trump? They did...nothing.

    Three different YouTube videos have been made of nuts threatening to murder Trump, and numerous talk show hosts have uttered threats. Still the Secret Service stands idly by. Meanwhile, Trump admits he sometimes packs a firearm on his person for protection.

    However, these threats by “crazies” are the least of Donald Trump’s worries. Foremost are the unspoken ones by billionaire Jews of the “Donor Class” who are determined to prevent Trump from succeeding Barack Obama as President. These evil men have the determination and the means (that is, the money) to end Trump’s career—and life—forever. They murdered John F. Kennedy and they forced Richard Nixon to leave office prematurely. Now, they have Donald Trump in their sights.

They assassinated John F. Kennedy

In his excellent exposé book, Final Judgement, Michael Collins Piper proved that Israel’s Mossad, hand-in-hand with American traitors in the CIA and FBI, were responsible for the death of President John F. Kennedy

    Donald Trump, indeed, has a red bullseye target “painted” right on his back!

Trump Has a Bullseye on his back
Why They Oppose Trump

In last month’s newsletter, I reviewed the ten campaign promises of Donald Trump that had gotten the ruling powers in America and Israel so furiously upset. Chief among them are immigration and trade. The Illuminati global elite are now in the process of using immigration as a tool to bring about a New World Order. Under Bush and Obama, deportations have come to a halt. A surge of illegal aliens is underway, threatening to change American culture forever.

Protocols of Zion

You’ll discover in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion the Jewish Plot to flood America with immigrants and end American sovereignty.

    Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and you will discover that the mixing of all civilizations and the ending of national sovereignty is of the utmost priority to these evil men. They fear Christian white men most of all, and they want to dilute the whites in America with an invasion from Mexico and Central America. Added to that are the millions of Moslems arriving from the Middle East and the rampant infusion of Chinese, Pakistanis, Indians, and other Asians.

    This immigration invasion is at its end peak right now and it will take only a few more years for the Jewish billionaires and their socialist underlings to finish the task.

    Congress, the Courts, and the Presidency have proved no obstacle to the schemes of the moneymen. Their “gifts” to politicians have easily bought Washington, D.C. Now comes Donald Trump, exclaiming, “No More!” and evidently meaning it. Their plan to bring in cheap labor, reduce the middle class in America to peasantry, and forever end the 250 + year old American experiment of our founding fathers is now at risk of toppling. They are enraged at Trump, as he has excited the white middle class into believing that, finally, they will see justice.

Trump wants to build a fence

Trump vows to build a fence along the United States-Mexico border and deport all illegal aliens.

Hear That Big Swooshing Sound

Trump Tombstone

On March 27, 2016, this gravestone mysteriously appeared in Central Park in New York City. The epitaph on the gravestone reads “Made America Hate Again.”

Trade is an even bigger concern for the money grabbers. Ross Perot was right. America has heard a big swooshing sound as jobs and factories went straight out the window as a result of the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). Today, the miserable Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was signed in February 2016, and is awaiting ratification. It will result in the completion of the dictatorial New World Order—commercial Mystery Babylon (see Revelation 18). This horrific legislation—an Obama priority—will put trillions of dollars in the pockets of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, General Motors, Nabisco, General Electric, and the other multinational conglomerates. It will bankrupt America and throw millions more out of work. America will be reduced to third world status.

    But, hold on, right in the nick of time comes Donald Trump. He’s telling workers about the defects in this monstrous plot of the super-rich. He says TPP is the deal that will finally kill America. He promises to undo NAFTA and every other trade agreement.

    Now think about what Trump is saying. The Illuminati con men have spent billions upon billions pushing America slowly into the “Free Trade” lane. They know that little is left of American industry. They hate this nation. They are globalists. The only nation they want to see prosperous and rich is Israel. Now, thanks to Donald Trump, their multi-million dollar trade investments are in jeopardy.

    They engineered the U.S. into World War II and about a million Americans were killed. They slaughtered some 3,000 in the 9/11 tragedy. Killing one man—Donald Trump—is a simple task for these psychopathic monsters.

Trump loves Veterans

Trump vows to end the wicked cycle of bleeding young men and women in foreign conflicts, then treating them as pariahs back home. Trump may close down the whole mess of VA hospitals and end the incompetency. He is a champion for veterans.

America First

Donald Trump has shocked America and the world by proclaiming “America First.” He says deportations will begin immediately on the day he’s inaugurated. Then will come the renegotiating of the terrible trade deals that have so mangled America. No wonder he has a red bullseye target printed on his back!

    Pray for Donald Trump. May he be successful and may he live long. And if he does, and if God, in His loving grace, decides to give us more time to repent as a nation and to jettison the sin in which this nation is now immersed, may we once again cry out with joy, “God Bless America!”  

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