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Black Helicopters and the UN

"Don't worry," say the media, "there are no such things as black helicopters, and certainly there are no United Nations military forces inside American territory. This is just conspiracy wacko stuff."

This has always been the constant refrain of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the other media TV clones. Even The New American, the patriot magazine published by the John Birch Society, has joined in the chorus. Recently, the magazine ran an article bashing other patriot groups and declaring that there is no evidence of UN troops on U.S.A. soil.


Oops! Apparently, at least one establishment media mouthpiece forgot they were supposed to keep a lid on things. In The Washington Times of March 31, 1997, a piece entitled, Uh-oh. Black Choppers, was published. Here's what was reported:

Hollywood had all the plunging necklines and suspense on Oscar night, but for the real drama you had to be at the United Nations.

Around sunset a week ago, a squadron of black helicopters—the kind conspiracy buffs say are favored by U.N. generals bent on world domination—flew along the East River past the Tower of Babble (the UN building).

At least one surprised New Yorker called U.N. headquarters to find out why, as spokesman Juan Carlos Brandt put it, a squadron of black helicopters, maybe with the U.N. insignia, was flying in formation down the East River toward the U.N...

The helicopters were assigned by Canada to the U.N.'s peacekeeping office and were enroute from Montreal to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on an overland flight plan. U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan recommended to the Security Council last week that the peacekeeping mission to Haiti be extended through July.

New UN Chief Makes Admission

Yes, admits The Washington Times, UN forces do employ black helicopters! I wonder if the editor-in-chief of The Washington Times will get his hand slapped over this little disclosure? Well, if so, then the Associated Press (AP) also needs to be disciplined by the censors. On February 8, 1997, the AP reported astonishing comments by Kofi Annan, the Secretary-General of the UN. Virtually admitting a UN scheme to control the U.S.A. militarily, Annan remarked: "I had to reassure some members of Congress that they need not fear a UN takeover of the United States. Even if we did take control of America, I wasn't sure we could hold it."

How revealing! Annan was referring to patriot reports of a UN scheme, fueled by the elite, to takeover America. Notice the Secretary-General's words: "I wasn't sure we could hold it."

Kofi Annan, an African diplomat, is married to a Jewish woman whose wealthy Swedish family is closely allied with the Illuminati's Rothschild Dynasty. He was awarded the UN job by agreeing to be a puppet and play the dummy for the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and their internationalist cartel. With Annan's latest slip of the tongue, he may not be Secretary-General much longer.

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