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Australia Confiscates Firearms—
We're Next!

In Australia, the government has already confiscated 100,000 guns and threatened citizens with prison. This shocking picture, in Sydney, Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper, Is an ominous sign of what Americans can soon expect.

Watch out, Americans! The plunderers of the New World Order want your guns, and they could care less about the guarantees set forth in the Second Amendment of our Constitution.

Don't believe it? Just check out what is happening in the nation of Australia at this very moment. Allen Woodham, head of the Australian Christian organization, South East Christian Witness, reports that, following a local "terrorist" incident, the government quickly passed a law for confiscation of firearms.

In October, citizens were ordered to immediately take their firearms to local police stations. No exceptions were allowed. They were warned that if they refused, they would be tracked down and punished with prison time. Already, over 100,000 guns have been grabbed. The people are left vulnerable both to criminals and to their rogue federal and state governments.

The people of Australia are often used as New World Order guinea pigs. What happens in Australia is almost always done later in America. So U.S. citizens, you better get ready! Soon, a horrible "terrorist" act will be committed somewhere in the continental United States by a person who will be branded by the media as a "crazed shooter." The President and the media will scream and holler for action. New, draconian, gun confiscation legislation will be rushed into law by our controlled and bought-off Congress. You'll have to bring in your guns—or else go to prison.

Of course, only you, the individual, law-abiding citizen, will have your guns confiscated. The ruthless gangs in the inner cities will actually be given more guns. Guns headed for gangs are being smuggled in almost every day now on Red Chinese ships docked in Long Beach, California, and Portland, Oregon.

You and I will be left unarmed and defenseless. We will be prey to urban gangs, criminal elements, roving packs of illegal immigrants, and the entire federal Gestapo (the FBI, BATF, CIA, the EPA, NSA and all the other alphabet cops). It's time for us to protest now, or soon it will be too late. They've already cracked the whip on gun owners in Australia. We're next.

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