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l  What Happened to the Unabomber?  Not much is being reported these days about Theodore Kaczynski, the alleged "unabomber." The mass media are afraid the public will learn what is now being covered up. For example, found by FBI agents in Kaczynski's isolated and dilapidated shack was a dog-eared, well-used copy of Vice President Al Gore's pro-environmentalist book, Earth in the Balance. It was Al Gore's Marxist book that inspired the unabomber to kill for Mother Earth!

The unabomber was also a fan of the Wildlands Project, the United Nations/Clinton White House biodiversity plan to drive 80% of American property owners off their land and into controlled, big inner-city areas.

We see, then, that the environmentalist nuts are the real extremists—the real terrorists. They are bombing America and killing innocent people. So why aren't the FBI, the BATF, and the armed forces going after environmentalists? Why not leave the harmless patriots and militias alone and go harass the dangerous, Mother Earth worshippers?

l  Devil Worshipper Born With Tail!  The self-titled "High Priest of Satan," Anton LaVey, was born with a tail. This little, devilish nugget of information is reported in the biographical book, The Secret Life of a Satanist, written by LaVey's former mistress, Blanche Barton. A medical doctor called the tail "extra vertebrae near the end of the spine which formed a prehensile tail, a caudal appendage." Asked about this by a Rolling Stone magazine interviewer, satanic priest LaVey responded, "Yeah, I had the tail removed when I was thirteen or fourteen, under very painful circumstances."

l  Lord Maitreya—Again.  In the March, 1997 issue of Benjamin Creme's The Emergence newsletter, readers are alerted that the coming of Lord Maitreya, the supposed New Age Christ, is at hand: "Stand ready to see the Great Lord, for the time of His emergence is nigh. Respond quickly to his call...End forever the hatred and intolerance of men."

Clinton—Soul Twin of Nero?
  While Rome burned, it is said that Nero, the bloody Roman Caesar, fiddled. Now America, the New Rome, is being spoiled and ruined, being turned over to foreign money interests and immoral, homosexual-abortionist weirdos. And while the horrible, silent destruction is being carried out, head of state Bill Clinton, like Nero, continues to merrily play his musical instrument, the saxophone (or is it the sex-aphone?).

If there is any doubt that Clinton is a modern-day Nero, a comparison of the two men's shockingly similar physical appearance is enlightening. Look at this image of a statue of Nero (AD 37-68) and then compare it to the visage of President Bill Clinton. Is there not a striking similarity?

Nero and Clinton also have this in common: Each has plotted against the people, and each has relished the branding of innocent Christians as scapegoats.

l  "I Lied Through My Teeth."  In helping President Clinton last year dredge up an excuse to veto a bill to outlaw Stalinist-like, murderous, partial birth abortions, Ron Fitzsimmons, executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, had insisted that such abortions were rare. He said they were only for the health of the mother and were never performed in the third trimester when the baby is fully formed. Now, in an unusual fit of conscience, Fitzsimmons has come clean. "I lied through my teeth," he admitted recently to a New York Times reporter.

Our reaction here at Power of Prophecy Ministries: So what else is new? Don't abortionist leaders always lie?

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