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Texe Marrs

Bilderbergers Secret Agenda Revealed

As directed by the ten man Inner Circle of the global Illuminati, the secretive Bilderbergers held their 1997 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, June 12-15. A reliable correspondent has obtained files on what transpired at that important meeting of 120 of the world's conspiratorial elite and has provided startling information to Power of Prophecy Ministries. The revealed material indicates that the Bilderbergers set forth six goals, or planks, for their short-term agenda of global domination. These six goals severely impact the future of the United States and its citizenry, and I want you, the friends of this ministry, to know what the elite has in store for you and me.

UN and IMF to be Given Billions

First, it was decided by the Bilderberger elitists that the United States would promptly pay its so-called "back debt" of billions owed the United Nations. The U.S.A. would also cough up billions more for the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This money will be used to bribe the wealthy in Asia and South America to cooperate with the plotters' New World Order objectives. However, the international bankers will be the real profit-makers. Politicians from the U.S.A. were instructed to make these payments to the UN and the IMF a top priority in the current session of Congress.

Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich
President Clinton and House Speaker Newt Gingrich agree—Bilderberger goals must be met. The UN and IMF will get billions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers, and a Gestapo Secret Police network will stifle dissent by Americans who resist the "New Civilization."
NATO Forces to be United Nations Resource

Second, it was decided that NATO would be converted into a United Nations military force. However, to deceive the wary American citizenry, the politicians and news media in the U.S. must never reveal that NATO is an adjunct of the UN and its New World Order. The term "NATO" must always be employed. The Bilderbergers reasoned that the American public are already propagandized to love NATO but most have come to distrust and despise the UN. The American people will, therefore, unwittingly allow foreign commanders to be put in charge of U.S. fighting forces as long as the deceptive term, "NATO," is used as a cover.

"Corporate Governance"—Fascism to be New World System

Third, the Bilderberger insiders decided that "Corporate Governance" would proceed at a rapid pace. A proposed multinational investment treaty will bring all the earth's corporations under a single global order, ending national sovereignty and terminating local control by nation-states over their own corporations. The giants of finance and industry—AT&T, Lucent, Microsoft, McDonnell-Douglas, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, Seiman, etc.—will be able to entirely avoid and to snub the laws and dictates of national governments, including that of the U.S.A.

Thus, a global system of Fascism shall quickly emerge as the new millennium dawns. The new system will be pitched to the ignorant masses as "Democratic Capitalism" and will be embraced by people as free trade wisdom from the top brains and giants of the corporate world.

A World Ecumenical Initiative to be Launched

Fourth, in the field of religion, an unprecedented World Ecumenical Initiative would be launched, culminating in a 2000 AD global spectacle centered in Jerusalem. That city is to become the earth's spiritual center for all religions. Under the direction of the Illuminati, America's most famous-name Christian evangelicals and charismatics, working closely with the Vatican, with Islamic "moderates," and with Jewish chief rabbis and organizations, will meld together an unstoppable ecumenical juggernaut.

Moreover, the Pope was to go to Cuba in 1998 and demonstrate the power of global religion, with former 
Proving himself to be a puppet of the Bilderbergers, in 1998, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro treated the Pope like royalty during the Pontiff's visit to the troubled Caribbean Island-state.
atheist/communist dictator Fidel Castro bowing to the Pontiff's vaunted spiritual powers.

The Bilderbergers further decreed that, in America, the politically powerful evangelical leaders—the Falwells, LaHayes, Robertsons, Dobsons, Colsons, Brights, Grahams, and others—would work together with the Christian charismatics, Jews, and Catholics to lobby for legislation creating a Religious Czar.

The Religious Czar, to be a toady and puppet of elitist organizations such as the CFR, Freedom House, and the Jewish ADL, will be given vast, 1984-styled law enforcement powers. He will take the title of Director and head a U.S. federal agency to be called the Office of Religious Persecution Monitoring (ORPM). This agency will be given power by law to monitor, harass, control, and eventually shut down all fundamentalist religious groups and churches opposing the Illuminati's design for the global, ecumenical unity of all religions.

As determined by the Illuminati and its Bilderberger insiders, the ultimate goal of the World Ecumenical Initiative is to cause all the people of the world to accept a hazy, undefined "God" while suppressing attempts by fundamentalists who advocate their own unique deity.

Bilderberg attendees were instructed that Christian and Islamic fundamentalists are to be considered a grave threat to world peace and order. They are to be branded by the ecumenicals and their friends in the world press both as "religious fanatics" and as a terrible menace to the advent of a tolerance-based, nonjudgmental "Faith Community" composed of all religions.

Red Chinese Model of Economics

Fifth, the Bilderbergers approved the Red Chinese model of economic development and administration to become the preferred model for the emerging European superstate and also for the U.S.A. Dissidents in America who oppose Red Chinese integration will be severely dealt with. President Bill Clinton and a pliant Congress will quickly implement Clinton's long-cherished goals of a Marxist America to be set up according to what the elite know to be Red China's "CommuNazi" system. The CommuNazi ideology is the result of Hegelian synthesis. In practice, it is remarkably similar to the Illuminati's much desired, bureaucratically structured, Fascist system of "Corporate Governance."

An International Gestapo Police State

Sixth, the Bilderberger elite made plans to insure that the police powers of all governments will be exponentially increased. Project L.U.C.I.D. will be imposed by December 31, 2000 AD, with citizens in every nation being issued the controllers' Universal Biometrics ID Card. Funding for people of all nations to be administered this card will come from U.S.A. sources, specifically funneled into the foreign nations by the CIA. In turn, the CIA's secret "black budget," annually approved by Congress, will be greatly increased.

Another item of police state business covered at the Bilderberger meeting had to do with Christian patriots' influence on the worldwide net. U.S. delegates to the Bilderbergers conclave were warned about the internet troublemakers in America who are spreading "rumors, gossip, and other unfavorable information" on the World Wide Web. The elite complained that the American dissidents are effectively exposing the elite's agenda. Thus, they must be monitored, censored, and eventually snuffed out.

It was generally acknowledged by the Bilderberger elite that it is America's patriotic "conspiracy theorists" who, almost single-handedly, are preventing the elitist's grand plan for global domination from becoming a reality. One Bilderberger leader complained: "The pesky American resisters are very persuasive. They know too much. They have been able to convince citizens in England, Germany, Italy, Japan, and around the globe to reject our initiatives. Their use of the world computer net must be stifled before it is too late!"

Antichrist Power vs. Believers in Jesus

The fact that all six planks of the Bilderbergers' secret agenda have been executed so very neatly since the Atlanta meeting gives us an astonishing picture of Antichrist-type power being exercised on an unheralded, planetary scale. Everything is proceeding just as planned, except that, as far as the Illuminati is concerned, there is one stubborn and irritating obstacle to their plan.

The one fly in the ointment is those menacing religious fundamentalists in America and their patriotic counterparts, the loathsome "conspiracy theorists."

Especially troublesome, from the Illuminati's perspective, are the dogmatic Christians they label "conspiracy-mongerers." People like Texe Marrs and the readers of Power of Prophecy newsletter are labeled the enemy because we believe exclusively in Jesus Christ and refuse to bow and worship at the twin altars of money and power.

Increasingly, the police powers can be expected to come against Texe Marrs and Power of Prophecy Ministries. Look for it soon, and pray for us.

One thing you can count on—I will never compromise, even if they trump up false charges, defame and vilify me, and put me in prison. With God alone as my strength, and with your prayers to fortify me, I will never, never, never surrender the faith that you and I together share in Christ Jesus.

God's Courageous 7,000

I believe, too, that there are at least 7,000 more out there just like Texe Marrs who refuse to bow down to Baal. How about you, dear reader, are you one of God's chosen 7,000? Will you trust in Christ and stand by me in the coming, hard times? My prayer is that God will give us all the strength and the courage to be overcomers for the Truth in this epic battle now shaping up between good and evil. May God, our deliverer, help us all as we strive for freedom and liberty in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord.

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith

I John 5:4

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