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Jonesboro Shootings Tied to Satanism

In the United States the liberal media had a field day after the grotesque ambush shooting of classmates by two boys in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The media blamed it all on guns, and the cry rang out everywhere for more gun control laws. Meanwhile, the clergy generally were either quiet or made some mumblings about the "failure of the culture." Christian psychologist James Dobson and his Washington, D.C. lobbyist sidekick, Gary Bauer, used a full page ad in U.S.A. Today to decry the lack of moral values by families.

Of course, what Dobson and Bauer had to say does have some validity. But amazingly, nowhere in America was there a hint of the real cause of the monstrous murders by a 13-year old and a 11-year old. That real cause was carefully 
Was it a satanic coven that turned these two young, impressionable, and nice-looking boys into cold-hearted killers?
explained, however, in the British press. As it turns out, the older of the boys, Mitchell Johnson, was, at the time of the shooting, awaiting a juvenile trial. He had been charged with the sexual molestation of a Jonesboro, Arkansas, two year old girl. But there's more: the young boy was deeply involved in the Satanic worship of the devil!

This is the dirty little secret that the controlled American press did not want you, the citizenry, to discover—that in small towns and villages across this nation, Satanism is exploding. It is fostered not only by the popular culture but by pedophile adult rings—local men and women in high positions of authority who are sexually abusing children and introducing our innocent kids to the brutal and bloody horrors of satanic-lust and child sacrifice.

Below is an article published March 19, 1998 in The Sunday Mail, a popular and widely read London newspaper. These are the facts covered up and suppressed by the media of America:

Satanic Link to Slayings

The older of the two boys accused of having ambushed fellow students at an Arkansas school had a fascination with the occult, according to classmates. Mitchell Johnson, 13, apparently had discussed Satan with his classmates, according to a psychologist who counselled students after the killings.

The counsellor said that the children were clearly terrified of Johnson and only spoke of the boy's interest in the occult to a trusted teacher two days after the massacre. After one little boy mentioned it, two-thirds of the class said they, too, had known about it.

Johnson and Drew Golden, 11, are accused of having set-off a fire alarm at the Westside Middle School and firing on classmates and teachers. Four children and a teacher died and another ten were injured. The students spoke of Johnson having drawn satanic pentagrams on his hands and on the covers of his school books. It was claimed that he told classmates, "If I don't get you, others will."

The counsellor said this threat by Johnson raised the question of whether the boy was referring to another child or if an older person was in some way involved.

It is claimed that Candace Porter, whom Johnson considered to be his girlfriend, had told him she wanted nothing to do with him because of his weird, satanic behavior. Johnson had, according to students, been making hand signals at schools that some mistakenly interpreted as being gang-related. In fact, the hand signals may have been a representation of two horns and a skull which is part of satanic ritual.

The counsellor said police were now examining the information. "It has to raise the possibility of some sort of coven," the counsellor said. (The Sunday Mail, March 19, 1998)

It is an outrage that the British press reveals this but the talking heads of the American media refuse to give us all the facts about the Jonesboro murders. This is why, in my book available from the ministry, Ravaged by the New Age: Satan's Plan to Destroy Our Kids, I provide Christian parents "20 Warning Signs of Satanism" so they can know if their children are involved in dangerous occultic activities. The book also exposes the "Nine Satanic Statements" of the Church of Satan and its late founder, Anton LaVey. The Word of God says, "Without knowledge, my people perish."

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