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"Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed..." (Psalms 2:1, 2)

"Egypt plans to crown the Great Pyramid," said the headline in the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper (November 22, 1998). "It has long been missing its stone top. A millennium ceremony will highlight the installation."

The newspaper article, datelined Cairo, Egypt, and written by Vijay Joshi of the Associated Press, went on to explain: "For ages the Great Pyramid has been without its apex, the pointy stone top that completes its triangular shape. Now Egypt plans to make the pharaoric structure whole again by affixing a gold-encased capstone—if only for one night—to celebrate the advent of the third millennium on December 31, 1999, says the pyramid's custodian, Zahi Hawass."

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley, who pridefully called himself the "wickedest man on Earth," claimed that his devil spirit guide, Aiwass, told him that the year 2000 A.D. would see the arrival of the Beast and signal the triumph of the occult Illuminati.

Hawass, Aiwass, and the Great Pyramid

The custodian's name immediately grabbed my attention: Zahi Hawass. The man's name is Hawass! I had recently seen this same man, Zahi Hawass, on TV's The Discovery Channel as he was interviewed for a program on the mysteries of the 13-story tall Great Pyramid. Hawass is both custodian and curator of the huge, Egyptian stone monolith.

Strange and bizarre is the fact that the name, Hawass, is remarkably similar to Aiwass, the name of the devil who mentored and taught Aleister Crowley, the notorious British satanist, the mysteries of Egyptian magick and occultism. Other sources use the spelling Aiwaz for this demon from hell who assisted Crowley.

Crowley claimed that his 1904 book, The Book of the Law, was dictated to him word-for-word by Aiwass. It was this same devil spirit, Aiwass, who boasted to Crowley that the 1990s would end in tumult and chaos, leading to the domination of planet Earth by satanic Illuminati chieftains.

Fascinating is the fact that Crowley divulged to his most intimate associates that the name of his spirit guide, Aiwass, is a corrupt derivative of the name of the great Egyptian sun god, Horus. In other words, Aiwass and Horus are the same.

The Illuminati plot thickens when, on our U.S. dollar bill, we discover the mysterious 
The eye inside the sunlit capstone of the pyramid on the U.S. one dollar bill is that of Horus, the Egyptian sun god. Horus represents the coming Son of Perdition who will lead the nations into a Luciferian New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum).
image of the Egyptian pyramid with the revealing Latin inscription below, Novus Ordo Seclorum (In English, New World Order). Suspended above the pyramid is the structure's capstone, sun rays blazing and glowing around it. Inside the capstone is the cryptic, all-seeing eye of Horus, the Egyptian sun god, son of Osiris, whom all occult Masons revere as the "Great Architect of the Universe."

All of this is, of course, the Devil's Masquerade. In fact, Lucifer is the incarnation of Osiris, and Horus represents Satan's antichrist, 666, the chosen man whom Lucifer will possess and who shall reign over a short-lived, coming world kingdom.

Invocation to Lucifer

According to the Associated Press item, custodian Hawass is proposing that the entry into the pyramid's inner sanctum be closed forever to prevent it from being damaged by tourists. "Why do you want to visit a tomb?," he asks. Good question. In fact, there is a very special reason why Hawass desires the king's tomb, or chamber, deep inside the pyramid's structure, be closed to tourists.

As I reveal in my video, A.D. 2000—Year of Destiny (Regrettably, this video has been discontinued), the créme of the Illuminati, the men of the Inner Circle, will be conducting a black mass inside the King's chamber. The grotesque ceremony, these men believe, will culminate in a visit by their glowing Masonic god of light and magic, Lucifer himself, at exactly the stroke of midnight, December 31, 1999.

To insure the comfort of the congregating VIPs, custodian Hawass has installed a new ventilation system for the cramped room and a new lighting system for the once dark passageways that lead to it. To accomplish this renovation work, Hawass temporarily closed the pyramid's interior beginning in 1998 for almost a year and only opened it again this February.

Pomp and Revelry

While Lucifer is being invoked deep inside the massive stone structure, on the grounds just outside the Great Pyramid there will be a festive, official celebration open to the public. Mr. Hawass declares that, "The official millennium ceremony will mirror the pomp and revelry that must have accompanied the installation of the pyramid's builder, Pharaoh Cheops, in a celebration about 4,600 years ago."

The A.D. 2000 extravaganza, involving a cast of thousands, will be telecast live to a world audience. As midnight arrives, cameras will capture images of tens of thousands of revelers and mystery religion worshippers from around the globe, most dressed in ancient Egyptian costume and carrying religious idols and tiny statues of ancient Egyptian deities.

The deluded, decadent people of the world watching on TV will, indeed, envision a gala millennium spectacular. But hidden from view, yet another spectacle—one of consummate evil—will be taking place. In the Great Pyramid's secluded king's chamber, Lucifer will be privately communing with his chief human disciples and energizing their Great Work of establishing his antichrist kingdom on this planet (Revelation 17 and 18).

Inside the king's chamber of the Great Pyramid, at exactly midnight, December 31, 1999, Lucifer is expected to appear to his chief disciples on Earth—the wicked men of the Illuminati. He will inaugurate the Solar Age, also known as the New Age.

The Devil's Masquerade

If you have read my book, Circle of Intrigue, you are fully aware of the sinister aims and activities of these men who comprise the Inner Circle of the Illuminati conspiracy. Unfortunately, the ordinary man or woman in America is totally oblivious to the existence of a conspiratorial elite group of wickeds. Nor can they possibly imagine the depraved nature of the black ceremony that will be taking place inside the pyramid.

The masses are ignorant, unseeing, and unknowing, because the Illuminati uses magick and illusion to mask its true purpose and cleverly conceals its blasphemous activities. As Robert Wilson writes in his occult novel, Masks of the Illuminati:

"Don't believe the human eye in sunlight or in shade.
The puppet show of sight and sense is the Devil's Masquerade."

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