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Jewish Red Army Veterans Demand U.S. Benefits

Since the fall of the Communist regime in the Soviet Union, a steady stream of Soviet Jews have immigrated to the United States. The majority came here from Russia. Many Christian evangelicals believe this is unscriptural and in defiance of the Bible, which they say calls for all Jews to resettle in Israel. The Russian Jews chose to immigrate to America instead of Israel because of this nation's affluent economy and its financial benefits.

Due to the influence of powerful Jewish organizations in America, most of these newly arrived Russian Jewish immigrants are being given favorable treatment. They have received millions upon millions of dollars in government "resettlement grants" and welfare subsidies. As unbelievable as it seems, Russian Jews who immigrate to the U.S. are eligible for free Medicaid health insurance, free housing, free food stamps, and—believe it or not—free Social Security benefits!

That's right, thousands of non-citizen Russians living in America, never having paid one red cent into Social Security coffers, are nevertheless taking in an average $640 per month for life from SSI. Meanwhile, many retired, native-born Americans who, as workers, mandatorily contributed for decades into the Social Security fund are today drawing measly benefits of as little as $220 per month!

Jews who served in the Russian army march in Washington demanding U.S.A. veterans' benefits. They say they helped fight the Germans. But so did soldiers from many other nations, including the Belgians, the Dutch, the Ethiopians, the Poles, the French, and the Serbs from Yugoslavia. (The U.S. is now repaying the Serbs for their war service with NATO bombs and missiles!)
The Jewish Lobby Greatly Feared

The difference is that the Russian immigrants are Jews, and Jewish interests are massively powerful in American politics. The Jewish Lobby is greatly feared by Washington's politicians. Tragically, Jewish interests consistently support ultra-liberal socialist politics and the growth of the Welfare State.

Recently, 50 bus loads of Russian Jews were transported from New York City to Washington D.C. by Jewish organizations and Israeli lobbying groups. In our nation's capitol, the Jewish demonstrators were given signs, banners, and placards, and they enjoyed maximum positive press coverage. They marched and demonstrated, demanding veteran's benefits be paid Jews by the U.S.A. for their war service to Communist Soviet Russia! Their demands were supported by President Clinton as well as liberal Jewish politicians like Minnesota's Senator Paul Wellstone and Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey.

Designs on U.S. Dollars

What sheer audacity and gall! These Red Army vets served Stalin, Brezhnev, and other commie dictators. The Soviet Army they served in helped enslave much of Eastern Europe and Asia, and brutally massacred thousands of Poles, Czechs, and Hungarians. Their brutal Soviet Army forced millions of its own countrymen in Russia to work to their deaths in Siberian Gulags and salt mines.

Now, having never served a single day in the U.S. Armed Forces, these Communist war veterans and their Jewish promoters have designs on U.S. dollars. Shamelessly, they are grabbing for a huge hunk out of the pitifully small pool of benefits allotted legitimate U.S. military fighting men and women.

This is a disgrace. Soviet Armed Forces veterans should not be treated as if they had been U.S. fighting men and women. We've never doled out money to French, Ethiopian, English, Dutch and Australian ex-military, so why compensate these Russians?

Shameful Bigotry by Jewish Organizations

As for the Jewish organizations and politicians behind this monstrous scheme—I say: You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Your plot to take the puny benefits now available to America's own elderly and especially our suffering war veterans—many of whom are sick and handicapped from war-related injuries—and give them to Red Army veterans is despicable. You do not have America's interests at heart, but are prejudiced and bigoted in favor of people of your own race.

Yet, the Bible says that God is no respecter of persons, that He loves and will save Jews and Gentiles alike, whosever calls on His name and believes.

The ranks of American war veterans include people of every race, including some Jewish Americans who served proudly and capably in uniform. But these are American citizens who served in the United States military. Veterans of the Soviet Red Armed Forces should not be given monies reserved for loyal U.S. war veterans.

Moreover, why don't the Jewish organizations involved assist their fellow Jews by helping resettle them in Israel? These immigrants were not being persecuted in their home country of Russia. They simply came to the U.S.A. because we are a rich country and they wanted to be on the gravy train.

If evangelicals are correct—if the Bible commands that Jews return to Israel—then why are we paying Jews (with taxpayer funds) to leave Russia and reside here in America? Are these Jews in defiance of God's will? Shouldn't the wealthy and affluent nation of Israel be asked to take them in and give them Israeli government benefits?

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