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Eye For An Eye

Picture of John Sack
Did vengeful Jews take over concentration camps at the end of World War II, then arrest and herd innocent Germans inside these camps, torturing and murdering thousands? In his thoughtful, yet mind-splitting book, An Eye For An Eye, John Sack fully documents the answer.

Yes, regrettably and sadly, it is a fact that, empowered by the victorious Allies, some Jews were given vast authority to populate the concentration camps with German victims. In all, 1,255 camps were run by Jewish Commandants. German men, women, children, and babies (yes—babies!) were starved, beaten, whipped, tortured, and murdered by Jewish officers and guards.

Author John Sack is himself a Jew. That is why he was so horrified over his shocking discoveries. Since his book came out, both TV’s 60 Minutes and The New York Times newspaper have independently corroborated what Sack reported. The New York Daily News wrote: "The events are vivid, the language is powerful, the conclusions appear just."

Following the book’s publication, Lt. Schlomo Morel, the man Sack exposed as possibly the most vicious and barbaric of the Jewish Commandants, was indicted by Polish authorities for crimes against humanity and for the extermination of innocent people. Morel promptly fled his native Poland and now is living in Tel Aviv, Israel, shielded and protected there by Jewish authorities who refuse to turn him over for trial.

Meanwhile, John Sack’s book—which we offer this month and highly recommend—has sparked a furious controversy. Influential Jewish organizations are doing their utmost to kill it. The media generally refuse to admit these things ever happened, and one magazine calls An Eye For An Eye, "The book they dare not review."

Sack, a highly respected journalist for over 50 years and a former special correspondent for CBS News, refuses to bow under pressure. He recently told Texe Marrs, "Only by way of the truth can Jews find redemption."

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