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Will the Next Pope Be the Last Pope?

The Vatican Terminator

"And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire."


Revelation 17:15-16

Satan has chosen a new Pope. This new, chosen vessel will not only inherit the ecumenical legacy of the aging and increasingly frail Pope John Paul II, he will be endowed with the occult energies to found and organize a stunning New World Religion. The new faith will involve a fantastic unification of all religions, cults, and sects, but will include other novel religious doctrines, spiritual teachings, and practices as well.

Possibly the most amazing thing about the next Pope of the Catholic Church is that he will be the last Pope! All the prophetic signs 
picture of College of Cardinals
Officially, the College of Cardinals will elect the next Pope. But many believe a "secret power" behind-the-scenes actually chooses who the new, so-called "Holy Father" in Rome will be.
indicate that these are the last days. The time of the Antichrist is near and at hand. The prophetic evidence I have amassed points to the next Pontiff as the one who, therefore, shall be imbued with the hellish power and ambition to extinguish all remaining vestiges of true Christianity from the existing Catholic establishment.

Purged of Christian doctrine, the Catholic Church will be the perfect instrument to lead Satanís blasphemous world religious system, the Whore of Babylon, forward into a radiant but ill-fated new millennium of apostasy and abandonment of the faith.

Who is this new Pope, handpicked in advance by Satan, groomed for global leadership, and destined to be burned up someday in the Lake of Fire? We cannot yet be entirely sure of his identity. However, in a recent edition of my Power of Prophecy radio broadcast, I meticulously examined the chief candidates.

A Jewish Pope?

Among them is a man who, if he succeeds to the throne as the universally recognized "Holy Father" in Rome, could turn out to be the catalyst that causes the merger of end-time Judaism with a counterfeit Christianity.

I refer to Jean-Marie Lustiger, now the Cardinal of Paris, France, a Catholic prelate who is a converted Jew. We are told that Lustigerís Jewish parents perished in the Nazi holocaust. From the time he was a young boy, Lustiger was raised a Catholic. Today, Cardinal Lustiger is a chief confidant of Pope John Paul II and is considered by many as prime candidate to be elected to the highest office following the death or incapacity of his friend, John Paul II.

Since Lustiger is a Jew, it is not a strange thing for us to ask whether, as Pope, he might be accepted someday by Israel and the Jews as their chosen god-man and Messiah. On that day, could Pope Jean-Marie Lustiger enter the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and declare himself as first among all gods and deities? (See II Thessalonians 2)

The Scripture Twister

A favorite of the religious press is Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini. The 70-year old Martini, an Italian, is a liberal. He has authored 44 books and speaks 11 languages. A member of the secretive and conspiratorial Jesuit Order, Martini has been responsible for seeing to it that the Protestant, charismatic and evangelical communities draw ever closer to Roman Catholicism by the groupsí common usage of new Bible versions (the NIV, etc.) engineered by Rome. Through these tainted, false Bibles, the apostasy has grown and flourished. Billy Graham, Paul Crouch, John McArthur, Charles Stanley, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, and scores of others now use and promote Catholic-originated new "Bible" Versions. Cardinal Martini has obviously done a marvelous job as the Vaticanís overseer of this New Scriptures Project. Will he be rewarded by being elevated to the papacy?

A Black Pope?

Another intriguing candidate is Cardinal Francis Arinze. Whereas Lustiger would supposedly be the first European Jew to be crowned as Pope, Arinze, who hails from Nigeria, would be the first African black man.

Currently head of the Vaticanís Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, Arinze oversees the synthesis, unification, and merger of all faiths into one giant conglomerate, an umbrella of false religious unity under the mantle of the Pope of Rome. The charismatic and popular Cardinal Arinze was recently invited to speak at the graduation ceremony for Wake Forest University, a Southern Baptist college in North Carolina.

While recently visiting Dallas, Texas, Arinze was asked by Christian talk show host Robert Ashley, "Could people of other faiths such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam get to heaven without accepting Jesus?" Arinze laughed and replied, "Expressly, yes."

"Every religion has elements that are true and noble and good," Arinze suggested.

Of course, the Devil would agree with such a teaching, would he not? Therefore, could it not be that this ecumenical, broadminded man from Africa is Satanís choice to someday lead the billion-strong Catholic faithful into the uncharted waters of a New Age under the tutelage of the Illuminati elite?


LEFT: Cardinal Francis Arinze, if elected Pope, would take the Catholic Church into a New Age of unholy ecumenicism. Arinze would be the first black Pope.

RIGHT: Will Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger of Paris, shown here with Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama, become the last days Jewish Catholic Pope?

The Last Pope?

In my Power of Prophecy program, I also discuss other potentials, including Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, the Archbishop of Bologna, Italy; Italian Cardinal Achille Silvestrini; French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray; American Cardinal Mahoney, and Brazilian Cardinal Neves. But whoever is chosen by the Adversary and promoted to the pinnacle of religious power by the 122 man College of Cardinals, of one thing there can be little doubt. The next Pope shall be the last Pope. His election will mean that the four decades-long torture and strangling of the traditional Catholic Church will finally culminate in its death and destruction.

For these reasons, considering his future role, the next Pope deserves to be given a fitting title. It is only appropriate that he be given the prophetically ominous title of ...The Vatican Terminator.

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