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The Antichrist is Walking Among Us

A vegetarian antichrist is "walking among us." Thatís according to a leading Catholic Cardinal, as reported in the London Times (March 7, 2000).

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, 71, the Archbishop of Bologna, said that the Antichristís aim is "the destruction of Christianity and the death of God."

The leading conservative contender to succeed the Pope also said that the Antichrist was operating on Earth in the guise of a prominent philanthropist whose concern for human rights and the environment and advocacy of ecumenicism masks his real aim: The end of Christian truth and the exaltation of the Father of Lies.

Cardinal Biffi said the Antichrist was not the beast with seven heads described in the Book of Revelation but a "fascinating personality" whose outward charm and plausibility had deceived his enemies. Cardinal Biffi said the Antichrist espoused vegetarianism, pacifism, environmentalism and animal rights.

He also identified the Antichrist as an expert on the Bible who, nonetheless, promotes "vague and fashionable spiritual values" rather than the Scriptures. The Antichrist is described as one who advocates ecumenical dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian denominations, including Anglicanism and the Orthodox Church. This, said the Cardinal, appeared to be a worthy aim, but was in fact being used by the Antichrist in an attempt to water down and undermine Catholicism to the point where it collapses.

Cardinal Biffi did not say whether he had any particular world figure in mind. But he added that the mysterious usurper would promote "feel-good" causes such as ecology and humanitarian aid, with the masses deceived into thinking this is "true religion."

Cardinal Biffiís remarks appeared to outline the conservative agenda ahead of the next conclave to elect a Pope. The physical decline of Pope John Paul II, 79, has sparked a vigorous jostling for position among the Cardinals who stand to replace him.

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