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High Tech Magic of World Cup Conspiracy to Produce Image of the Beast

Will the transmitting antennas disguised and built as World Cup stadiums link up with those of the U.S. Air Forces HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) system? HAARP goes on line this year—the same month as the grand opening of the World Cup stadiums. Based in Alaska, HAARP comprises 180 antennas. Together, these smaller antennae heat a patch of the sky's ionosphere to make it act like single giant antenna hundreds of miles long.

Project Freedom, a study group in Great Britain, is warning that the ELF electronic waves thus created can easily be used as a psy-electronic weapon, with devastating effects.

But the ultimate use for the combined World Cup stadium/HAARP technology system may be to create virtual images in space, in the sky, or on-ground below. Fantastic new optical holographic technology can produce computer graphics (pictures and images) designed to appear as life-like, 3-D images that float on air.

Optical technology, computer graphics meet to produce 3-D image that floats on air

The net result will be that onlookers are totally deceived by programmed illusions of color and light scenes assembled from computer data. Entire armies of moving, military-action troops can be created, appearing to be real unless you touch them.

A report in Korea's Herald News says that holography-based TV shows are expected to debut this year. According to the news report, "Broadcasters plan to air the World Cup soccer finals in hologram."

In Revelation 13 is found the astounding prophecy of the image of the beast. This image is said to be able to talk and walk, and deceive the masses. The technology for this image is here, now!

Revelation 13:11, 15

World Cup Town
This is World Cup Town, established in Seoul, Korea. IMC Seoul is the nerve center for global broadcast and print media coverage. Public Relations representatives say that this "town" will bring together the "best technology and maximum efficiency."

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