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The World Cup Conspiracy (Part 2)

The greatest sports spectacular on earth is not America's football Superbowl or baseball World Series. It is the World Cup, the trophy and award given to the winner of championship competition soccer after a feverish playoff among teams from all nations on earth. In 2002 the World Cup finals are being held in Japan and Korea. Twenty fabulous new stadiums have been constructed especially for the games, as well as a World Cup Town in Korea. In 2006, twenty more new stadiums are to be built in Europe and Africa.

Where does the money come from to build these luxuriously modern and super expensive stadiums? Are these architectural marvels really athletic stadiums, or—could it be?—that these monolithic sports structures are huge, high tech transmitter antennas which produce and beam electromagnetic waves across the globe? Do they, in fact, link up with the HAARP fields in Alaska, and are they connected with CIA, DIA, and NSA computer centers in Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.?

Nanorobots—The Amazing New Technology

There is also growing evidence that a mind-warping new technology, nanorobotics, the mass production of thousands of miniature robot machines, nanotransistor powered, smaller than the size of bacteria, could soon be linked with the new, global, electromagnetic transmission system.

Scientists say that nanorobots will soon be able to be injected into the bodies of every person on earth. The nanorobots could be programmed by remote computers, and signals sent via World Cup stadium transmitters. These nanorobots would then become deadly and murderous. They could be remotely directed to traverse the human body, traveling through it's blood circulatory system and then attacking targets such as the vital organs of the heart and brain.

It is even possible that Project L.U.C.I.D., the Beast 666 Universal Human Control System first revealed in my prophetic book of the same title, could be directed through the World Cup transmitter and computer network. This new technology will employ biometrics and biochips to identify and track every person on earth.

Bill Gates—The Vaccine Connection

Some believe that Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, is playing an important role in creating this fantastic human control system. Gates is donating money from his $24 billion Gates Foundation to develop vaccines to be used to vaccinate every child on earth. Will the undetectable nanorobots be hidden in the vaccine? Why is Gates researching his new vaccines in India and Korea and not in the U.S.A.?

Enron and Global Crossing

We should also question the role that the once prosperous and mighty global corporations Enron and Global Crossing play in the World Cup conspiracy? Why was Europe's UBS Warburg, an Illuminati held firm, allowed to take control of Enron's oil transmission pipeline trading system? Why is Red China being allowed to merge the hundreds of thousands of miles of Global Crossing fiber optic lines, spread across oceans, with it's secretive, gigantic, state-owned company, Whampoa-Hutchinson Limited?

Kaz, Ato, and Nik—mascots for the World Cup

Mascots for the World Cup are these three computer-generated creatures, name "Kaz," "Ato," and "Nik." In an animated film promoting the tournament, it is explained that the three characters "live high in the sky in a place called Atmozone." The mascots, we are told, have numerous adventures which lead to chaos. But in the end, they convey "the lesson that harmony is the key to success."

Satan's Mascots Ride the Air

A fascinating aspect is that the wealthy sponsors of the World Cup have adopted three strange creatures to be its mascots. The World Cup promoters say in a promotion video that these three mascots "ride the air" and live in another dimension. Look closely at the picture we provide of the three mascots, and you will observe what I believe is their satanic nature.

One of the mascots is a sun-flame creature with horns and a goatee. He carries a crystal globe containing light. Is this not representative of the New Age's solar angel, the "Prince of the Power of the Air," in other words—Lucifer?

The Golden Cup of Mystery Babylon

Truly, the Holy Bible was on target when it depicted the last days world system as a prostitute who sits astride the beast, controlling all peoples, languages, and nations, Revealing, too, is the prophecy of John in which the Apostle described the last days Whore of Babylon, symbol of a global system of maximum evil, as having "a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication." (Revelation 17:4)

The Golden World Cup Trophy
The golden World Cup Trophy, given once each four years to the national team which wins the soccer championship of planet earth. (Note that a strangely shrouded figure is upholding the globe. Also note the phallic symbology.) While football and baseball are number one sports in the U.S.A., soccer (also called futbol) is the rage everywhere else in the world.

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