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Long Night of the Black Marias

The Communists wasted no time after seizing the organs of government in Soviet Russia. Almost immediately the arrests began. The Gulag began to overflow with prisoners. The pain grew and grew. Torrents of blood were spilled. Only the Jews were exempt, and even a few of them were taken away:

"And so in Moscow they began a systematic search, block by block. Someone had to be arrested everywhere. The slogan was: "We are going to bang our fist on the table so hard the world will shake with terror!"...

The Black Marias, the passenger cars, the enclosed trucks, the open hansom cabs, kept moving...The Gulag Archipelago had already begun its malignant life and would shortly metastasize throughout the whole body of the nation." (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, pp. 42-43).

The persons most hated and reviled by the Communist Jews who ran the Gulag prisons were the Christians, the Bible-believers, the faithful Gentiles. Lenin, the Jewish Commissar who had become the Kremlin's new master, demanded "merciless suppression" of the "counterrevolutionaries and other persons." Christians, no matter how meek, gentle, and nonviolent, certainly fit into that broad, all-encompassing category of "other persons!"

Taking power in Russia, Jewish Communist leaders took delight in demolishing Christian churches. Some were converted into barns and stables, others into factories and warehouses.

Harmful Insects to be Purged

In his essay, "How to Organize the Competition" (January 7 and 10, 1918), Lenin proclaimed the common, united purpose of "purging the Russian land of all kinds of harmful insects."

The Jewish overlords, led by Lenin and Trotsky, (later, Kaganovich, and Beria) were self-appointed exterminators. Some 66 million "insects" (people, many of whom were Christians) were the vermin who had to be exterminated. The "parasites" must vanish. It was all for the good of building the new Jewish Utopia, a global-wide One World Order to be ruled by the Jewish clique, which euphemistically called itself the "Vanguard."

Leon Trotsky, a Communist Jew from the Bronx, New York City, whose real name was "Bronstein," was sent by the Jewish Illuminati to Moscow to help overthow the government and set up a Jewish-run dictatorship. Trotsky was a principal architect of the "Red Terror."

Solzhenitsyn, in his classic book, Gulag Archipelago, writes that all those active in Christian churches were deemed "insects" and "parasites," even those who sang in church choirs. But, of course, there were also many other groups considered too dangerous to be allowed to exist. And so, factory workers, artists, teachers, youth, farmers, engineers—millions of people from just about every social category—were culled out and taken away to prison labor camps. Many of these hapless victims were driven to the fateful kangaroo courts in the despised and feared Black Marias.

The Black Marias Came Out At Night

Ah, yes, the Black Marias. They usually came at night. They found their victims at home, in their apartments and flats, or on the street, in bars and in theatres. They worked off lists, and oh, how lengthy some lists were. Resisters were pummeled, beaten, sometimes bayoneted and dragged into the long, black, box-car, limo-like automobiles that came to be called the "Black Marias."

In a typical night's work, the Communist thugs would round up fourteen to sixteen victims and crowd them like sardines into the austere compartments of the Black Marias.

Solzhenitsyn tells the sad story of one young woman, a secretary, dragged into a Black Maria car. Innocent and a virgin, guilty of nothing more than the fact that she had refused to give in to the sexual demands of a Communist bureaucrat, the naive girl was attacked inside the crowded cab by a half dozen filthy gangsters. They stripped her of her purse and shoes, ripped her dress, and their hands went all over her body. Raped and battered, the girl was a physical and emotional wreck by the time the Black Maria rolled into the police courtyard where she and the others were ordered out.

The girl began to whimper, cry, and complain about her treatment, but the guard simply shrugged his shoulders and told her to move on. He knew that what awaited the girl in the gulag prison was even more hellish than the savage pounding she had just taken. In any event, these things happened every night, seven nights a week. It was the nature of the beast. The beast demanded victims.

The innocence of the arrested was no excuse. Chance, randomness, also had its premium in the lives—and deaths—of the millions of "selectees" chosen to be human chattel, slaves of the beast and its Gulag.

An Eye For An Eye

It was not only in Soviet Russia and its conquered republics that the prisons filled up with slaves. In occupied Eastern Europe, too, the Jews who ran Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and other nations that had fallen under the jackboots of the Soviets, set up concentration camps. In An Eye For An Eye, heartsick, prize-winning Jewish reporter Jonathan Sack documents the cruel fate of thousands of men, women, and children whose only "crime" was that they had the misfortune to have a German surname. The Jews were determined to get their revenge for Nazi crimes, and these poor souls, even little children, babies, and old men and women who had had nothing at all to do with the Nazis—many of them had even suffered themselves under Nazi occupation—would just have to serve as scapegoats.

Communist Gulag camps were hell on earth. Above: An isolated slave camp in the icy region of Siberia. Inmates worked and shivered in frigid conditions, and untold millions perished. Today, Jewish controlled government media in Russia and the U.S.A. allow no-one to tell their pitiful story of suffering, pain, and death.

And so, the arrests, the torture, and the slaughter began in earnest. Women were raped and brutalized by the vicious Jewish guards who ran the Communist camps, boys were sodomized, and children molested and ritually sacrificed in what can only be described as some type of medieval Jewish, satanic, kabbalistic rites.

Below: Entrance to a Russian slave labor camp. The sign reads: "Work in the Soviet Union is a Matter of Honor and Glory."

"You Have Come Here to Die"

Sack's stunning reports even introduce us to a Jewish woman prison camp commandant, but especially distressing is Sack's numbing account of the genocidal savagery of Solomon "Schlomo" Morel. Morel, a Polish Jew, was surely the inhuman equal of Ivan the Terrible or, say, Joseph Mengele. Morel liked to greet each new trainload or truckload of German-surnamed prisoners. "You have come here to die," the strutting, military-uniformed, polished boot-wearing Morel would announce to the heart-fallen men, women, and children, "and I shall be your executioner!"

Solomon "Schlomo" Morel, a murderous Jewish Commandant who imprisoned, tortured, and killed so many innocent German men, women, and children. Morel loved to physically beat Germans to death. He once grabbed a German Mother's baby from her arms. Holding the baby by its legs, he swung and smashed its head into a wall, killing it instantly. Today, this genocidal monster, indicted and wanted for murder by the Polish government, is living luxuriously in Israel, shielded from prosecution by the Israeli government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The Past as a Picture of an Ominous Future?

Why, some might ask, is it necessary for me to remind you, dear reader, of these tragic and awful things? Why not just forget the past? Let bygones be bygones.

It has often been said that he who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it. The past is prologue to the future. The Old Testament tells us there is nothing new under the sun. What has happened before could—and does—happen again.

Many of the Communist Gulag prisoners died of malnutrition. Their meager daily diet consisted of a filthy, rat feces-infested bowl of gruel and occasionally a tiny bit of hard black bread.

This, then, is a warning. Already, we can see the storm clouds gathering. Lightning is flashing. America has become the destined New Rome and Israel is the driver of that destiny. Around the world, America is the proxy Rottweiler for the Jews, their attack dog. Zionist Jews covertly rule behind the scenes in Washington, D.C. They control our media and news, our entertainment industries, our education establishment, and our book and magazine publishing. They own our computer and high tech corporations. With the assistance of the CIA and FBI, the Israeli Mossad and its ADL cohorts are now monitoring what we say on the internet.

Again, there is talk of a Zionist Kingdom on planet earth, and the buzz among high-level Jews is their plot to rid the earth of the goyim (Gentiles), the inferior "insects"—first, the Palestinians and Arabs and, next, the Christians. Not the average "Christian," mind you—only the Bible—believer who understands (Daniel 12:10). The other "Christians" the Zionist Jewish elite already have in their back pocket.

These dark forces have worked diligently for centuries to usher in a New World Zionist Order. With their iron grip on the world's media and banking and by using the armed might and diplomatic influence of their powerful proxy, America (Revelation 17), they intend to conquer and seize total global domination. Amazingly, they are on the threshold of accomplishing this incredible feat.

A Special Message to Zionists and to All Jews

But, I warn these dark forces: In attacking God's people, true Christian believers, and in working to destroy all vestiges of freedom and liberty in America and the world, you are unwittingly undoing yourself. Be assured: God will avenge crimes committed against His people.

Please, I beg you: Think about what you are doing. Do not feed the curse that is already upon you. In Illuminist Revolutionary France, in Communist Russia, and elsewhere, your Protocols have been wildly successful. They have vaulted you into the upper echelons of power. Now, you believe yourself to be gods on earth. But you are mistaken. You are mere men, born sinners as are all men.

My message, then, to Zionist Jews, is: Do not lie to yourself. Only the Truth will save you. And only Jesus Christ is that Truth. He has set before you Death and Life. Therefore, choose Life through Him! If you refuse, then do not be surprised when someday, in a future, long night of the Black Marias, the Black Marias come for YOU.

But you, as an individual Jewish man or woman, do not have to be a victim. You do not have to participate in The Lie. You do not have to join in the unholy, ages-old plot and scheme of your Zionist leaders. You can put an end to the long night. We, Gentiles and, yes, some Jews, who know Christ Jesus are your only true friends. Call on us before it is too late, and believe in our Savior, Jesus. He is able to deliver you and us. We promise: He will not fail you!

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