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Amazing Prophecies in the Book of Genesis

"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end"

-Revelation 21:6—Jesus Christ

When Christians think of prophecy, their minds most usually gravitate to that last, incredible book in the Bible, the book of Revelation. And certainly, the marvelous prophecies contained in Revelation are both stupendous in their scope and breathtaking in their implications. But, in fact, about one third of the entire Bible is prophetic. Most of the Bible's 66 books contain prophetic insights. No wonder Jesus our Lord is described in Revelation as Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.

Several years ago, realizing the magnificence of the whole Bible in relation to prophecy, I set out to more fully investigate the wonders of prophecy revealed throughout the scriptures, including of course, the staggering future events forecast in advance in Isaiah, Joel, Ezekiel, Thessalonians, Matthew and other books. What really thrilled me most of all, however, were the mind-boggling prophecies I discovered in the very first book of scripture, Genesis! Yes, Genesis.

A Goldmine of Prophecy

What a goldmine are the prophecies in Genesis. Few pastors and Bible teachers are even minutely aware of the fabulous depth of hidden (to unbelievers) prophetic knowledge imbedded by God in this power-packed book.

Did you know that the book of Genesis foresees high-tech wonders like nuclear-tipped ICBM missiles and NASA's space program? Can you believe that the Illuminati's dark plot to establish a New World Order has its roots in the prophecies in Genesis?

And, there's more...In 1948, UFO sightings intensified in America and throughout the world. Can the current invasion of UFOs, reported appearances of extraterrestrials, and the phenomena of alien abductions be traced back to the eye-opening prophecies of the book of Genesis?

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One of my greatest areas of historical research for some two decades now has been the study of ancient Mystery Religions and the advent of the gods and goddesses of Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Rome, even of South America and the far isles. Could it be that the book of Genesis not only explains these historical events, but also prophesies an end-time revival of the ancient Mystery Religions and of the "Mighty Men and heroes" worshipped by ancient civilizations?

Research into the prophecies of Genesis also reveals the horrendous effects of genetic cloning of humans in the last days. Will atheistic scientists end up creating cloned monsters, so-called "supermen" devoid of human souls? Will this atrocity result in tragedy for us all?

Vast Spiritual Implications

The spiritual and theological implications of the book of Genesis are especially mind-boggling. We find in this great book of scripture promises that the Christian faith of Jesus Christ shall grow from a single seed to spread across the face of the whole planet. Moreover, the rewards of this spectacular faith are prophesied to bless all nations.

Sadly, the prophesies in Genesis tell us that one particular nation will refuse this blessing and, in its place, shall be punished by a curse put on it by God. This rebellious nation will then become so reprobate the scriptures proclaim that its spiritual name shall be "Sodom and Egypt."

Left to right: Reign of the Wise, Masonic hexagram, and Sumerian god

What Nation will Produce the Antichrist?

Many people over the years have asked me: "What nation will produce the antichrist? How might we best identify this evil leader when he comes?" Amazingly, the book of Genesis has a shattering prophecy given by God to Jacob that provides the startling answers to these intriguing questions. In that prophecy, the tribe from which the last days antichrist shall come is specifically named and the wicked nature of this beast-man is revealed as that of a deceitful, biting serpent. Wow! It doesn't get any more exciting than this.

I hope I have got your interest with this article. I love Bible prophecy and I know that most readers of Power of Prophecy do, too. That is why I have prepared two 60 minute audiotapes entitled Amazing Prophecies in the Book of Genesis. These two programs were broadcast recently on our international shortwave radio program, and we had some terrific feedback from our listeners.

I encourage you to order the tape set, Amazing Prophecies in the Book of Genesis. You will be blessed if you do. After all, the scriptures proclaim our Lord Jesus to be the very Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10). What could be more wonderful and amazing than that?

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