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Bush is Pitiful Tool of Illuminati Puppeteers

George W. Bush has lived a very charmed life, indeed. Just think. Raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, a mental buffoon laughed at by classmates at the expensive and exclusive fancy pants private schools he attended, Georgy Boy scored so low on his SAT college exam he wasn't even admissible to Podunk University in the back hills of West Virginia. But thanks to Poppy Bush, Georgy Boy got into a privileged Ivy League school, where he was tapped for the elite secret society, Skull & Bones.

Was his selection as a Bonesman based on merit and ability or perhaps his Yale academic performance? Not on your life! Georgy got into the world's most exclusive secret society because he was heir to the legacy of his daddy: George Herbert Walker Bush. His daddy was also a Bonesman at Yale; and before George Senior, there was Prescott Sheldon Bush, George W's grandfather. He, too, had been a Bonesman at Yale. It's an intergenerational dynasty thing you know.

Alcohol, Cocaine, and Wild Parties

By the time he was in his late 40s, Georgy Boy had accomplished—uhhh...ahhh—nothing with his life. His only claim to fame was that time when, stoned on alcohol and cocaine at a wild party attended by decadent debutantes, he danced naked on a table and scandalized the Bush clan. Also, there were the DUIs, the rape coverup, and other little details that I won't bother to recap here, now. Too tedious.

Oh, there was also the neat photo of Georgy Boy all decked out in his spiffy Air National Guard uniform. Though his status in the Guard got him deferred from the draft and allowed him to bypass Vietnam War duty, the would-be warrior never showed up for most of his required military training. Never mind. He was a Bush. The political appointee brass shrugged and pretended all was well.

George W. Bush demonstrated his allegiance to Zionism and to Israel while visiting the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
Shiftless, a loser, a party animal who never worked a day in his life, Georgy Boy's charmed life struck the mother lode in 1996. The Texas Republican Party, taking its cue from wealthy Jewish country club types in Dallas and Houston, chose Georgy Boy to be its candidate for Governor of the State of Texas.

Bush was not surprised. He knew he was "qualified." He was a businessman, said his credentials. Owned one percent (that's 1%) of the Texas Rangers pro baseball team, gifted to him by a family friend. It's a tough, tough job to manage one percent of a sports team, but somebody had to do it.

George W. Beats Lesbian Queen at Polls

Georgy Boy won the election. Beat the lesbian cocaine queen, colorful Democrat Ann Richards, at the polls. And, well, the rest is history.

For two terms Georgy Boy occupied the Governor's Office in Austin, smiled and partied a lot, and went to a lot of Rangers baseball games. This prepared him for the Presidency of the United States, a post Georgy Boy won with the help of a few Republicans sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court, including liberal pro-abortion justices like Sandra Day O'Connor and David Souter.

A triumphant Bush reminds me of famous actor James Cagney who, portraying the role of a two-bit hood, shouted out that famous movie line, "Ma, I'm on top of the world!"

But Georgy Boy, in 2001, was not alone at the top. The fascist Illuminati chieftains who put him in the Oval Office also sent to Washington, D.C. a huge assortment of Zionist political handlers and watchers, conspiratorial men called neocons to guide their newly elected puppet and insure their cherished agenda came to pass.

For years their scheme had been honed to perfection at elite gathering places like the Bohemian Grove, the Bilderberger conclaves, the lodge meetings of the Grand Lodge in Jerusalem, the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C., the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris, and at the Rothschild mansion in Scotland. It called for a New Regime to be installed in Washington.

Joshua Bolten fanatical Zionist Jew

New White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolton is a fanatical Zionist Jew and illuminist whose appointed role is to make sure the incompetent President George W. Bush doesn't gum things up any worse than he has already done.

Agents of Influence

The stooge-in-residence, the presider over carnival events, was slated to be the Illuminati's front man and mouthpiece, George W. Bush. The bumbling, but likeable Bonesman seemed perfect for that part. But to make sure he got it right, around him were assigned cunning, dedicated, and traitorous Agents of Influence at the Pentagon, in the Justice Department, in the White House, at the CIA, FBI, and at the National Security Agency. These were the choke points, the brain centers, the action stations where the real decisions would be made. Here were placed the real decision makers. Most had to be Jews, of course, men whose first loyalty was to the Illuminati and to Zionism, its chosen vehicle for 21st century world domination.

The neocon Zionist Agents of Influence were given a script to go by, The Project For A New American Century (PNAC), formulated by radical Trotskyite Communists—men like William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Libby Lewis, Douglas Feith, Richard Pearle, Michael Ledeen. The PNAC essentially called for the United States to be Israel's proxy. As the world's sole Super Power, the U.S.A. was to flex its diplomatic and military muscles. A new Cold War was to be launched, this time against a newfound, virtually imaginary foe, hordes of Hollywood-caricatured Arab Moslem "Terrorists."

Struck with fear, goaded into frightful idiocy by state-sponsored terrorism, perpetrated clandestinely by the Israeli Mossad, the CIA, the British MI, etc., the American public could be counted on to pay the freight for the establishment of a global police state.

Following a horrendous and bloody ritual sacrifice (9/11), the Illuminati were convinced that an aroused populace would give their inspirational puppet, President Georgy Boy, all the Orwellian tools and bureaucratic powers needed to set up this fledgling global police state. It was to be "rally round the President" time.

Bush with Lubavitcher Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov at a Chanukah Party at the White House (photo:

A Hotbed of Zionist Intrigue

To accommodate the New Regime's carefully plotted-out agenda, the White House, the Pentagon, and other agencies became a hotbed of Zionist intrigue. The doors of government were always open to Israeli politicians and pro-Israel fanatic groups like the Christian Right, AIPAC, the ADL, and

Karl Rove, top White House presidential advisor, and Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Committee, meet with black-hatted Lubavitcher Jewish rabbis in the White House.

 JINSA, but they were closed to the plight of survivor families, Katrina refugees, military wounded, etc.

Afghanistan and Iraq, two countries that had never attacked America and had no means of ever doing so, were soon invaded. These were the opening shots in the New Regime's never ending, new War on Terror. Oil and Israeli supremacy over the entire Middle East region were at stake. This was the prize. But the Illuminati saw these two, semi-conquered nations of Iraq and Afghanistan as only the beginning. Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Venezuela, Bolivia, and many more must follow in their train.

Meanwhile, U.S./Israeli concentration camps are fast being built and put into operation around the globe: A worldwide Gulag system of torture and misery that, eventually, will make Stalin's Soviet Gulag and Hitler's Nazi camps look puny in comparison is now being erected.

Victims' screams of agony, after all, cannot be heard when the torture is taking place thousands of miles away from sight of civilization, behind concrete and steel walls. Nor can the nosy Red Cross and Amnesty International organizations visit remote, hidden U.S./Israeli Gulag camps, the existence of which they know little or nothing.

President George W. Bush participates in the Menorah lighting at the White House with a Jewish Rabbi.

A Dancing Puppet On A String

Georgy Boy is, naturally, only a pawn in the Illuminati's end-time game, a dancing puppet on a string. His sinking standing in opinion polls stamps George W. as an incompetent, uninspiring leader who, increasingly, is of little value to the Illuminati schemers. The conspirators need a vigorous President, a statesman, a hero. But poor Georgy Boy is now viewed by the masses as some type of white Stephan Fetchit, a bumbling, shoulder-shrugging, clueless rich boy in way over his head.

Dick Cheney is seen in many circles as a negative light as well, as a trigger-happy, drunken sidekick of Georgy Boy's. This will simply not do. You better believe the illuminati are unhappy with George W. and Dick, and if they could do so without alerting the public to their dark schemes, they'd dump both, and fast. Impeachment? Maybe. Assassination? Possible. But more likely, they'll just tighten up and have their Agents of Influence run things as best they can, while Georgy Boy is left to twist and spindle in the wind. He will remain a pitiful, hapless, lame duck President whom the Agents of Influence will simply disregard and keep on a tight leash.

As TV comedian Stephen Colbert, of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, somewhat knowingly put it, for now they are busy rearranging the deck chairs on the Hindenberg. Then will come the 2008 election and a brand new opportunity. This time maybe the Illuminati won't put forth two donkey-head candidates. No more Skull and Bones losers like Yale's George W. Bush and dunderhead swift-boater John Kerry. No, indeed.

For 2008, we might jut see the One come forward that they've been grooming for world leadership for a long, long time. This man will have both a name and a number. The wise will be able to count that number. It will mathematically be calculated as six hundred, three score, and six.

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