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Without Bang or Whimper

Dear friends of Power of Prophecy, I am very, very concerned. And I know you will be, too, when you discover the shocking facts presented here about the scandalous betrayal of our once, great country by men in the highest positions of leadership in Washington, D.C.

Oh my, Oh my! So many traitors to American freedom, so much evil, and so little time to fight it all. That's the way patriotic citizens feel these days. We are simply overwhelmed at the onrushing tide of deceit, and at the non-stop stream of lies and treachery thrown at us from every side by greedy, secret society politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate agents who are today so rapidly selling out America and betraying our nation's constitution and heritage.

Bush Betrays America's Citizens

Recently, I viewed a disgusting video that literally turned my stomach. It was a 2004 President Bush campaign video reported
President Bush waves Mexican flag
President Bush waves the Mexican flag.
 on in The Los Angeles Times. The video, narrated by Bush himself, was sent out secretly to Latino voters all over the U.S.A. In it, Bush enthusiastically waves a Mexican national flag and brazenly suggests to his Mexican viewers that while they, the Mexicans, are welcome, the U.S. Anglo citizens, in fact, are interlopers.

According to Bush, Texans, that is, American citizens, are illegal foreigners who are unlawfully residing in Mexico's national territory. The Latinos had the land first, said Bush, so they deserve to possess Texas now in the 21st century. "Viva Mexico," trumpets Bush to his Mexican co-plotters.

George W. Bush, of course, has long been a globalist, and he and his CFR cronies favor the ending of American sovereignty. His endorsement of the Mexican invasion is, therefore, understandable.

Lawrence Patterson of Criminal Politics
Lawrence Patterson has called for the impeachment of President George W. Bush
My good friend, Lawrence Patterson, the distinguished publisher of Criminal Politics magazine, believes that President Bush should immediately be impeached and put on trial for betraying his oath of office by conspiring to destroy the Constitution. I agree 100%.

Orders Taken From Synagogue of Satan

But keep in mind, Bush is only a simpleton and fool, taking his marching orders from others. He is being willingly used by the over-arching elite hierarchy that the Holy Bible wisely and revealingly calls the Synagogue of Satan. Bush has no ideas of his own. He's just a pitiful and pathetic tool—so much slimy putty—in the hands of his diabolical Zionist overlords.

Ditto for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, both of whom dutifully trotted over recently to Jew Central HQ (AIPAC—American Israel Political Action Committee) for AIPAC's annual convention. There, they groveled and bowed and promised their Zionist hosts that the security and prosperity of Israel (not that of the U.S.A.) was the chief concern on their mind.

Pelosi, Reid, Bush—and you can throw in Obama, Clinton, McCain, Romney and the whole gang—are all just pitiful and loathsome cowards who willingly lick the boots of the AIPAC billionaires that carry around those fat, bulging wallets brim-full of political payoffs.

"U.S. Sovereignty Must Be Altered," Says CFR Head

In the United States today, the principal arm of the global cabal, the Synagogue of Satan, is the Council on Foreign Relations. Its membership is 73% Jewish and it's president, naturally a Zionist Jew, is a smooth political operator named Richard Haas. In February of last year, Mr. Haas declared that America, indeed all nation-states on this planet, must relinquish independence and yield to a global supra-state:

State sovereignty must be altered in a globalized era. In the age of globalization, states should give up some sovereignty to world bodies...Sovereignty must be redefined...Sovereignty must become weaker...The time has come..." (Haas, Taipei Times, May 18, 2006)

Haas is simply reiterating the Zionist goals first expressed in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. All nations must cede sovereignty so that a Zionist global super-state can emerge. This is the reason for the browning of America and Europe. It is the impetus for tens of millions of aliens to invade our homeland. The Synagogue of Satan wants it so, and as the Masons and witches say, "So mote it be."

The Silent War

While our eyes are fixed on the Middle East and the bloodshed and violence in Iraq, here at home yet another vicious and deadly war is being waged, a war of which few are even remotely aware.

The domestic conflict now raging is a different kind of beast than the Iraqi shooting war. This one is a Silent War, and instead of humvees, helicopters, and bullets, the weapons employed are satanic confusion, propaganda, legislative sleight-of-hand, bureaucratic tricks, money kickbacks, and double-minded dealings by corrupt men and women. Judging by the results, these weapons are proving to be just as deadly and powerful—and just as explosive—as bombs, tanks and mortars.

Today's Silent War is a clear and present danger to our country and its citizens. Our enemies lie within our own borders. They pretend to be Americans, they manage American corporations, they run U.S.A. banks, and they hold the highest political offices in the land. But they have joined together in a cultic, globalist compact and organization called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), whose objective is the total surrender of American sovereignty and the dissolution of the United States.

The men of the CFR are responsible for invasion of the U.S.A. by some 30 million foreign persons (illegal aliens). These illegal aliens will commit over 650,000 crimes against U.S. citizens and property this year alone.

Terms of Surrender

The CFR's "Benedict Arnold" and lackey, President George W. Bush, and his administration work nonstop to implement a 2005 agreement that can readily be seen as surrender accords. In Waco, Texas, that year, President Bush, without consultation with the U.S. Senate, signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agreement, specifying terms of surrender and American occupation by foreign powers. America is to be merged with Mexico and Canada by 2010 and will cease to be an independent nation. Our borders are being erased and Red Chinese personnel and goods will soon flow unimpeded into the U.S.A. from Mexican seaports.

Mexican workers already cross the border into the U.S.A. as they desire. Thanks to Bush's Social Security Totalization Act, endorsed by Congress, these foreign workers are now being given full Social Security and Medicare benefits. This means that the Social Security system will either go bankrupt in a short time or American taxpayers will see huge increases in taxes to pay for the tens of millions of foreigners President Bush has agreed to cover. A giant, new Social Security Administration building is being erected at U.S. expense in Mexico City to administer the funneling of U.S. funds to Mexicans.

Make no mistake about it. We are engaged in a war to the death of America. It is a duel between two competing forces, the people who support the constitutional United States of America versus the elite of the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR's plan, documented in its protocols, Building A North American Community, sets forth the terms of U.S. surrender.

Most Citizens Are Asleep

The sad and tragic, even mind-boggling, thing about this Silent War is that most citizens of the U.S.A. are not even vaguely aware that a conflict is raging. Yes, a few of us have been screaming "wake up" at the top of our lungs hoping to alert our sleeping fellow citizens. But the nation's chief voices, those of the media, are mute. And so, most of the citizens have no idea whatsoever that their nation's illustrious, 225-plus year history is nearing an end. They do not know that powerful, evil plotters are determined to reduce Americans to serf status and economic slavery, that our natural resources and property are to be stripped from us, and that foreign occupiers may herd millions of innocent, unwitting law abiding men, women, and children into gulag concentration camps.

How many people do you know, dear friends, who have even one iota of knowledge of the elite conspirators' written plan to end America and set up the North American Union by 2010? Their plan is also to abolish our judiciary's independence and put American cities, towns, and farmlands under the watchful eyes of Mexican and Canadian military troops and Spanish-speaking North American Union police?

How many have even the foggiest idea of the CFR/Bush plan to kill the U.S. dollar and introduce a new regional currency, the North American Union's "Amero?" And, of course, there are the many other projects in the works right now, as I write this, that are fated to change your life and your family's destiny forever. They include:


The four football fields-wide Trans America Corridor, a super highway now being built, rising from inside the Mexican interior straight through the U.S.A.—past Texas and on up to Minnesota and into Canada.


The approval by Bush’s CFR/neocon handlers for uninspected, diesel-belching Mexican trucks to travel throughout the U.S.A., without being impeded at the border. (Imagine the tons of cocaine, marijuana, meth, and heroin that will be brought in by this army of Mexican trucks).


The dismantling of our Southern border, the welcome to be given to some 66 million more illegal aliens by 2015, and the re-conquest of all the U.S. border states by Mexico, with a resulting explosion in crime, medical welfare payments, and a general societal breakdown. (Live in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, or California?—watch out!—your property values are going to take a horrible hit!)


The grab of all community-owned assets throughout the U.S.A. by elite CFR robber barons. They call it "privatization." It is the seizing of our national parks, forests, wildlands, public lands, waterways, under-ground water reservoirs, natural resources, and electric utilities, etc., by the super rich. Expect to pay up to 1,000 percent more eventually for your electric power, your gas utilities, and your local water. (They will make you pay for the air you breathe if they can find a way to meter it!)


The gobbling-up of public roads and highways and the turning of most of America’s roadway system into private toll roads and highways owned by foreign groups such as Spain’s Cintra Corporation. Soon you won‘t be able to drive into your local town or city without paying exorbitant tolls. An interstate trip could cost you hundreds of dollars in toll fees.

Toll Roads

And dear friends, our friendly, local Congressman, Democrat or Republican, and our "trusted" pals in the media will all the while be assuring us that these things are for our own good, for security, even for the prosperity and happiness of our families.

The Hollow Men

In 1925, the noted British thinker, T.S. Elliott, wrote a provocative poem entitled, The Hollow Men. It reminds me of what the world shall be like once—or should I say if?—the plan of the Synagogue of Satan and its CFR henchmen is completed:

"We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
This is the way the world ends...
Not with a bang but with a whimper."

Sadly, most Americans are either so stupefied or so cowardly, they utter not a whimper of protest. Some care but the task is daunting, and so they quietly whimper and moan, suffering alternating moods of desperation and gloom. Is it too late? Can we stop this unceasing assault on our nation and our lives by the tyrannical leaders of the Synagogue of Satan and its CFR cult? Have we the courage to face up to the Silent War being waged against us by the elite? Do we dare?

Can we be moved to heroism and action through sheer determination, true grit, and common faith in God? Or indeed, have we finally become the stuffed men, leaning together, heads filled with straw... Hollow men? Is that the way our world will end?

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