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Contrived Shortages and the New Reality

"Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered."

Proverbs 11:21

Never before have the American people been in such terrible danger as they are now. On every side, the elite have created fire-breathing dragons that are steadily advancing and threatening to destroy us.

First, there is the hocus-pocus, contrived energy 
The planet is awash in oil, but the elite have fabricated lies of "scarcity" to drive prices skyward to astronomical levels.
crisis. The establishment story is that we are fast running out of oil. The earth's petroleum stores are almost depleted—supplies are peaking and now economic and human tragedy is at our doorstep. Predictably, the price of gasoline has rocketed into the stratosphere, leaving the ordinary working public terribly depleted of income and financially up against the wall.

Are we really running out of oil? No! Of course not. In fact, the planet is awash with the gooey black stuff. Earth is truly Planet Petroleum. Recent drilling successes in Brazilian waters, in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Bakken oil region of North and South Dakota, in Canada and Alaska, and around the globe prove that mankind will never run out of oil. Never!—Never!—Never!

The unscientific theories of "fossil" fuel depletion and hoax of "Peak Oil" are absurd nonsense, lies designed by oil corporation hucksters and their paid shills to justify their highway robbery of the American and world consumer.

And More Contrived Crises

The contrived crises of "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" are similar scams. The entire environmentalist movement was founded—and funded—by the huge multinational oil corporations: Exxon, Mobil, Shell, etc. They want the Mother Earth crazies to act-up. It gives the greedy oil potentates an excuse to shelve most of the world's oil that is discovered and cap-off tens of thousands of producing oil wells. It also provides the elite an excuse for their failure to build new gasoline refineries and pipelines.

Remember: It was President Richard Nixon, a supposedly "conservative" Republican, who created Big Brother's energy bureaucracy in Washington that today is in bed with the oil companies. It was Nixon who gave us the unconstitutional Endangered Species Act and Environmental Protection Act with their goal of taking away the citizen's private property rights. And it was during Nixon's ill-fated presidency that we had our first taste of long lines of autos waiting desperately at gas station pumps for "limited" and expensive gasoline for their tanks.

Regrettably, we now have con-artists like former Vice President Al Gore out on the hustings, pimping for the oil companies with his pretentious, undocumented and preposterous claims of "Global Warming." The Gore family—Al, Jr. and his corrupt father before him, Albert Gore, Sr.—were and are shills for Occidental Petroleum, owned by Communist/Capitalist (I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but it's the truth!) greedster, Armand Hammer. Gore's ambition is to become a billionaire and he doesn't intend to let a little thing like "truth" hold him back from achieving that aim.

Everyone Will Go Hungry

There is now also the new "scare"—the global shortage of food and the outrageous runup in the prices of 
Agribusiness corporations now own over 90% of farm capacity. To gouge consumers, they lie and contend that food is scarce. Thus, prices are escalating fast.
commodities such as corn, wheat, rice, and other staples. Again, this is a contrived crisis designed to line the pocketbooks of corporate Mafia. Yes, the food riots by angry and hungry mobs of starving people in countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Bangladesh, and Indonesia are real. And the pictures of hungry emaciated children in Africa are, too. There is a food crisis—but it's an artificial crisis. The fact is, new technologies in agriculture have increased production potential 100-fold in the past quarter of a century. Like the oil situation, the planet is awash in food. Thus, while the poverty-stricken masses overseas are begging for crumbs and some shortages are beginning to rear up even in the U.S.A. and developed nations, the distribution warehouses of the agribusiness corporations are bursting at the seams with surplus grains and other foodstocks. No one, anywhere, should be going hungry.

So, why the crisis? Look, at what has been happening on the commodity markets in Chicago and you'll find the answer. The well-fed Illuminati billionaires have bid up the "futures" prices for soybeans, wheat, rice, corn, cattle and every other product to ridiculously high levels. Now, to get their market manipulation to pay off, they must engineer global food shortages to drive prices through the roof. The fat cats are getting more and more wealthy off the misery of the hungry, fear-filled masses.

The Coming Great Thirst

Water is also an area where the rich are scamming the citizenry. There is a reason why Maurice Strong, former head of the UN's Environmental Program, owns most of the underground water reservoirs in Colorado and New Mexico, and has water interests in Canada, and why billionaires like T. Boone Pickens are investors in water supplies. Water is going to join oil and food as scarce resources so that, once again, the average person is scalped. I predict that within a few short years the price of water will escalate so much and shortages will be so severe that convenience stores won't even have bottled water to sell and restaurants will start charging customers $2, $3, or more for a small glass of H2O!

And when the water crunch comes, don't even think about watering your lawn or using scarce water supplies to grow your home garden. Satellites overhead will be monitoring backyards to catch "violators" of new water regulations that are already on the drawing boards.

T Boone Pickens Maurice Srong
Illuminist billionaires like T. Boone Pickens (left) and Maurice Strong (right) now control water rights to underground aquifers throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. Look for prices of water to go through the roof in coming years and for the media to print more absurd lies about how the world is running out of drinkable water.

Schemes to Soak the Public

In the State of Texas, they've been working on a plan to tax citizens according to the amount of rain that annually falls on a person's property. That's right, if it is a wet year and you own even a postage stamp-sized suburban home, you could get socked with a new "rain use" tax of hundreds or thousands of dollars. That'll teach you to have the audacity to build your home in a place where it rains.

Taxing for the rain that falls on a person's property is only one of countless sinister methods being cooked up by the elite to plunder individual citizens of their hard-earned income and drive the masses into abject screaming poverty.

The United Nations has a scheme to charge every person who 
This huge complex is the Rome, Italy headquarters of the United Nations’ World Food Authority, formally known as the "Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations" (FAO). Its Latin motto, fiat panis, means "Let there be bread!"
operates a tractor, a lawn mower, auto, power tool, or any other energy-using device a "carbon tax." A punishing tax will also hit homeowners and businesses that have air conditioning systems. Meanwhile, a global pollution tax will be placed on every gallon of gas you buy for vehicles.

The contrived food crisis gives the elite many golden opportunities to rip us off financially and consolidate their Big Brother police state control of the people.

The UN has erected a gigantic building in Europe to house its new globalist agency, the World Agriculture and Food Organization. From this gargantuan complex, bureaucrats will tell farmers in the U.S.A. and around the world what and when to plant. No one will be able to buy or sell food not approved by the global organization. This is the reason why the U.S. Department of Agriculture is demanding that every farm animal—horses, cows, sheep, goats—be microchipped and tagged and that ranchers and farmers maintain exhaustive records of the birth, death, and life of each and every animal. Soon, you will not be able to own livestock or any other farm animal without obtaining a government permit. Not even a single cow.

This is similar to what the oil industry is doing to keep mavericks and independents from drilling for and producing oil. Anyone who tries finds that they must first obtain a thousand permits from the "authorities" and face a blizzard of environmental and energy regulations. Only the multinationals—the Exxons and Mobils—are allowed to make money by bilking the public.

The New Reality

The Illuminati elite are processing and pushing humanity psychologically into a New Reality. Their goal is to force us all to accept this New Reality and to willingly enter their artificially created, new Age of Scarcity. Naturally, they, the High Priests, claim to have the solutions necessary to fix each and every crisis. If, however, we do not accept their prefabricated solutions, we will be crushed—the whole world will grind to a halt due to lack of oil, and we will all starve and thirst to death. What monstrous beasts and liars these elitist human devils are!

What You and I Can Do

I encourage you to obtain some of the resources—books, audios, and videos—we offer this month. My pivotal book, Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos, remains the classic text exposing the plot of the globalist elite and the government to control our food and bring forth panic and food chaos. My video and audio, The Coming Great Thirst (available on Tape or CDVHS or DVD), predicted the current squeeze and contrived crisis in water supplies, and my recent audiotapes/CDs, Planet Petroleum (available on Tape or CD) and Everyone Will Go Hungry (available on Tape or CD), provide extensive facts about our current predicament.

Please order these resources, stay informed, then go forth and educate others. Only by spreading the truth far and wide do we have any hope at all of defeating the sick, disastrous schemes of the elite and their media cohorts who are Satan's allies. With God's help, we will prevail.

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