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Exclusive Internet Only Report

Douglas Shulman,
IRS Commissioner

Steven Wilson,
Acting IRS Commissioner

Lois Lerner,
Head of Tax Exempt Organization Division, IRS

Jacob Lew,
Secretary of Treasury

They make up only some two percent of the American population, but Jews make sure they are in influential positions to punish and persecute Christians and patriots. Both President Bush and President Obama have appointed Jews to high offices in Treasury and the IRS from which they are able to persecute the individuals, groups, and organizations they deem as conservative or constitutional.

Feminist Jew Lois Lerner, who pled the Fifth Amendment and refused to testify to a House Committee, was previously chief of enforcement at a separate bureaucracy, the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). At FEC she harassed and sued the Christian Coalition. Then, she went over to the IRS to become head of its tax exempt organization division. There, Lerner saw to it that over 500 Tea Parties and scores of pro-life groups and other conservative organizations were denied tax exempt status. She bullied and intimidated them with hundreds of ridiculous inquiries and forms.

Her malicious behavior probably resulted in hundreds of thousands of votes being lost to the Republicans in the 2012 elections. Ms. Lerner was given a $108,000 bonus in a single year for her criminal activity.

Guess what? Lois Lerner was so successful at her criminal work at the IRS she has been promoted once again. Lerner is now head of ObamaCare for the entire nation! That’s right, this IRS radical, who lorded it over Christians and patriots at the FEC and in the tax exempt organizations division is now overseeing hundreds of billions of dollars flowing into Obama’s healthcare. She says who gets medical care and who does not. She runs Obama’s death panels. And yet, she’s so arrogant she refused to even answer questions put to her by Congress.

Douglas Shulman, as IRS Commissioner, and Steven Wilson, as Acting Commissioner, say they didn’t know a thing about what was going on. “We know nothing,” is their refrain.

Neither does Jacob Lew, the Jew who runs the Treasury Department for Obama. “Shocking! Shocking!” says the dumb Mr. Lew, in a Casablanca movie performance.

Of course, Obama himself knows nothing. After all, he’s only the President of the United States.

Even our esteemed Congressmen knew nothing, even though the IRS continued for three solid years, 2010 through 2012, to harass, punish, bully, and intimidate hundreds and hundreds of Christian, conservative organizations and groups.

What happens at the IRS is being echoed throughout the U.S. federal bureaucracy. At the Pentagon and DOD, they bring in a Jewish guy named “Weinsten” who, as a consultant, tells them to stop servicemen from sharing Christ with their fellow soldiers. So the DOD puts out an order telling service members they will be court-martialed if they so much as dare to mention the name of “Jesus.”

Your brother, sister, daughter, or son in uniform now subject themselves every day to militant lesbians and homosexual predators who threaten to rape and molest them. And they had better not complain, or their careers will be promptly ended. The service wants no homophobes in uniform, you see.

Things will get worse and worse, as Obama and his Communist brigade search out Christians and patriots in every government bureau and find new ways to punish and harass them.

The IRS, a terrorist organization if there ever was one, is only the tip of the Communist spear. Don’t think Congress really wants to stop the Lois Lerners. She’s only one of thousands of liberal zombies just waiting to rip at your flesh and feast over your dead body.

The Apostles warned us. John said, “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ. He is antichrist that denieth the father and the son.”

Shulman, Wilson, Lerner, LewóJews all. Antichrists all. Don’t take my word for it. The Apostle John said it, and I believe him.


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