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Texe Marrs

Six Facts on Gog and Magog
From the Land of Magog Came the Khazars to Destroy and Plunder

The Matrix of Gog

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Six Facts:

  1. Historians and archaeologists record that the ancient Kingdom of Khazaria in the Caucasus was called Magog... Its people were said to be ruled by a king known as Gog.

  2. The pagan peoples of Khazaria (Magog) converted to Judaism in the seventh through the ninth centuries and became “Jews,” though they remained of Turkic and Mongol genetic stock. They are not Israelites, nor are they descendants of Abraham.

  3. In 1948, the leader (Gog) of the “Jews” (Turks and Mongols) of Khazaria (Magog) invaded and conquered the land of Palestine, adopting its ancient name “Israel.” They took as their new flag the six-pointed star, a pagan symbol first displayed in Khazaria over 1,200 years ago.

  4. The Bible prophesied that in the last days, the army of “Gog from Magog” would descend on Israel like a horde.

  5. Bible prophecy was thus fulfilled when the fake “Jews” (Gog, from Magog) invaded “Israel.”

  6. Bible prophecy reveals further that Gog, from Magog, will soon plunge the whole world into a catastrophic global war. The horrors of the Middle East are already in progress as the fake “Jews” take charge of America and Europe and the chaos of total war looms.


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