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Special Bonus Report
by Texe Marrs

Armenia Ravaged by Communist Jews

Armenia is a tiny nation of some three million population. It sits as a next door neighbor both to Turkey and to Azerbaijan, two Moslem countries. The Armenians work hard and are a prosperous people. But in 1915, the Ottoman Empire of Turkey was taken over by a murderous pro-communist group called the “Young Turks.” The Young Turks were communist Jews who pretended to be Moslems.

They were thus doubly hateful of Christian Armenia, being both Turk and Jew. These crypto-Jews set out to destroy Armenia, and they carried out a dramatic, blood-spilled genocide of the peaceful Armenian Christians.

This is a picture of a Turkish official in 1915. He is taunting starving Armenians, holding up food in his hand. Just two years later, in 1917, the communist crypto-Jews, led by psychopaths Lenin and Trotsky, commenced a horrific, revolutionary purge and genocide inside Russia, also a neighbor of Armenia. The successors of these same Jewish terrorists are now active in the United States. They’re called “neo-cons.” Will America eventually suffer the same fate as these starving Armenian Christians? Will the neocons conquer America by internal revolution?

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