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Newt Gingrich Would Be a Wicked and Devious Vice President of the United States

Satan's Choice for Vice President

“I have an enormous political ambition. I want to shift the entire planet and I’m doing it.”

Newt Gingrich
to The Washington Post

Bill, Hillary, and Newt celebrate
The Republican Party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has made his short-list of vice presidential choices. The news is out that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is top on the list. This is great news for billionaire Jewish money-men, but it is very sad news for patriotic Americans.

Newt Gingrich: Most Wicked Man in Politics

Gingrich is clearly the most wicked man in politics. We start off by reminding readers that he was instrumental as House Speaker in passing NAFTA. In fact, Gingrich has been called “Mr. NAFTA.” Donald Trump says that NAFTA is the “most deadly, job-killing trade bill” ever passed!

While Speaker of the House, Gingrich loved to be called a “New Ager.” Gingrich has said that New Deal socialist Franklin D. Roosevelt is the “greatest President who ever served.” Gingrich wrote the foreword for the Tofflers horrible book, Creating a New Civilization and personally gave every member of the House of Representatives a gift copy, so impressed was he with Tofflers satanic, anti-American viewpoint.

What exactly do the Tofflers endorse in Creating a New Civilization that Gingrich fell for? I give actual quotes from the sick book below, but let me say here that it calls for “new family styles, a new economy...and altered political consciousness.”

The End of Nationalism and National Sovereignty

Creating a New Civilization also pushes for the end of outmoded “Nationalism and national sovereignty.” It promotes a “borderless world, planetary consciousness and more diverse religious systems.”

“The Constitution needs to be reconsidered... The system must die,” says the book.

How much worse can it get than this? Surely, Donald Trump does not concur with these horrific, anti-Constitutional, anti-Christian views being promoted by CFR-member Newt Gingrich.

The billionaire Jews who own the Republican Party establishment are eager to see their long-time puppet, Gingrich, sitting just a heartbeat away from the Oval Office. Then, at the crack of an assassin’s bullet, the President could be slain and—ka-ching!—the cash registers would be rung as President Gingrich, an ardent Zionist and Israel-firster, is sworn in.

Opus Dei work image
This Opus Dei image is said to represent the work required of its members. Newt Gingrich is now linked to Opus Dei.
Gingrich a Loyal Zionist Puppet

For the Jews, it’s all Newt Gingrich. He has been ultra-loyal both to the Jewish money men and to the secretive Vatican group Opus Dei, another group of money men. A fanatical Israel supporter, Gingrich is continually pimping for more wars and death in the Middle East. He supported the Bush torture and gulags and can be counted on to siphon trillions from the U.S. Treasury into the coffers of Wall Street’s Jewish bankers and ponzi scheme artists.

As House Speaker, Gingrich’s supreme achievement was the NAFTA Act, which has resulted in wrecking the American economy and sending millions of U.S. factories and jobs to Mexico, Canada, South and Central America. Gingrich prided himself on being a covert occultist and led the House’s New Age Conference, a private group of some 50 members of the House.

Opus Dei Headquarters in New York
The influential Catholic Order, Opus Dei, has branches across the globe. This is Opus Dei’s U.S.A. headquarters in New York City. Note the red color, reminiscent of the prophecies in the book of Revelation which refer to the scarlet colored Beast and the Woman who wears scarlet and purple.

Gingrich a Loyal Jesuit Catholic

To prepare Gingrich for his role as Vice President nominee, Newt “converted” to Catholicism. In February, 2010, some 500 Catholic millionaires, initiates of the Opus Dei affiliate Legatus, met in Dana Point, California to honor Gingrich and former President and Jew-Catholic loyalist George W. Bush. Gingrich was lauded by the group for his conversion and even gave his “Christian testimony” regarding his leaving the Southern Baptist denomination to become a convert to “Holy Mother Church.” His new wife—his third, Callista—was on hand. Callista wears the “Hillary Pin” on her breast, indicating her secret association with Hillary Clinton and other liberal women.

Also present was Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer, a Jew who is Chairman of the Vatican’s Magis Institute and Spitzer Center. The Jesuit Order is, in fact, a crypto-Jewish organization and Spitzer is one of the many Jews who claims to have converted to Catholicism. He and the debauched Gingrich must have really been laughing up their sleeves.

Legatus has some 1,800 members, with a heavy presence in the United States, Canada, and Ireland. Gingrich thrilled the attendees in California by showing them the new film his company, Gingrich Productions, has produced about the “exemplary life of the late Pope John Paul II.” The theme of the Legatus conference was “Challenging the Culture.”

Creating a New Civilization

Newt Gingrich

Futures Research Quarterly

Newt Gingrich former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, strongly endorsed the book, Creating a New Civilization, by Alvin and Heidi Toffler. That notorious book, in turn, parrots the scheme of the Illuminati to destroy the Constitution of the United States and set up a Fascist World Order. Significantly, Newt Gingrich is a member of the CFR and also the World Future Society. As shown on one of their publications, the logo of the World Future Society appears strikingly similar to a circular, 6-6-6 configuration.

Gingrich’s Satanic Third Wave Plan for America

And just what kind of “culture” does Mr. Gingrich want to see take hold in America? In my insightful, eye-opening book, Circle of Intrigue, I unmask the traitorous anti-American intentions of Gingrich and his associates in crime. “I have an enormous political ambition,” Gingrich told The Washington Post. “I want to shift the entire planet and I’m doing it.”

This planetary shift of Gingrich’s takes a number of dangerous forms. It is, in fact, all part of the revolutionary socialist movement which Gingrich calls the “Third Wave.” The Plan calls for nothing less than to radically change America into a fascist “paradise” with citizens stripped of constitutional rights. What is planned is a virtual high tech prison, an Orwellian Police State superintended by the self-appointed “Masters.”

Principles of the “New Civilization”

Gingrich has not been shy about presenting his “Third Wave” Plan. He flatly states that his goal is to end the old America forever. Insiders Alvin and Heidi Toffler (Jews) enlisted the endorsement of Gingrich and the three set forth this plan in the Tofflers’ sinister Illuminist volume, Creating a New Civilization. Gingrich actually wrote the foreword for this ungodly, anti-American book. Here are just a few of Third Wave principles espoused in the book by the Tofflers and Gingrich:

“The time has come for the next great step forward in American transition to what we call a “Third Wave” information-age society...”


“A new civilization is emerging in our lives, and blind men everywhere are trying to suppress it. This new civilization brings with it new family styles, changed ways...a new economy, new political conflicts, and...altered consciousness... Humanity faces a quantum leap forward. This is the meaning of the Third Wave...”


“Our argument is based on what we call the ‘revolutionary premise’... The revolutionary premise liberates our intellect and will.”


“Nationalism is...First Wave. The globalization of business and finance required by advancing Third Wave economies routinely punctures the national ‘sovereignty’ the nationalists hold so dear...”


“As economies are transformed by the Third Wave, they are compelled to surrender part of their sovereignty... Poets and intellectuals of Third Wave states sing the virtues of a ‘borderless’ world and ‘planetary consciousness.’”


“The Third Wave...demassifies culture, values, and morality... There are more diverse religious belief systems.”


“The Constitution of the United States needs to be reconsidered and create a whole new structure of government... Building a Third Wave civilization on the wreckage of Second Wave institutions involves the design of new, more appropriate political structures... The system that served us so well must, in its turn, die and be replaced.”

Gingrich’s Goals: Smash Christianity and End American Sovereignty

To say that these proposals mesh with the Plan and Great Work of the Satanists of the Illuminati hierarchy is a gross understatement. Even Barack Obama and his cohorts do not have the boldness and the gall to so clearly elaborate the goals of the elite. Gingrich and Toffler openly declare their goals: to smash Christianity, end American sovereignty, erase all national borders, wreck our entire existing civilization and kill off America’s 200-plus year constitutional history forever. Gingrich is a Communist revolutionary who dares to state outright that he intends to destroy the United States and set up a totalitarian New World Order.

Kurt Nimmo, patriotic columnist, states bluntly, “In no sense is Newt Gingrich a conservative or even a traditional Republican. He was a fellow at the neocon (Zionist warmonger) criminal organizations... Newt Gingrich has also attended Bohemian Grove where he rubbed elbows with occultists and male prostitutes...he is a demonstrated liar.” (, April 23, 2010)

Gingrich A Fraud Lionized by the Republican Party

Yet amazingly, except for Nimmo and a few others, no-one has reported on the atrocities of Newt Gingrich. The man continues to be lionized by the Republican Party. He is a frequent “talking head”—indeed, he is a paid contributor—for Fox News TV channel. Everywhere, the elite applaud his every move! And now, if our Jewish controllers have their way, this vicious traitor to the American way of life will be the Republican Party’s Vice President in the sweepstakes for the American presidency. He’s even been an invited guest of the global elite at the fabled Bohemian Grove deep in the redwoods of California. New Ager, NAFTA promoter, Zionist, Jesuit, Illuminatus—that’s what we need to know about this traitor to the U.S. Constitution.

Donald Trump should choose Newt Gingrich as his Vice Presidential running mate only if he intends to exalt satanism and destroy America forever.

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