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UN Troops in U.S.A.—Update

An article published recently in Der Spiegel, the influential and popular German news magazine, matter-of-factly reported that German soldiers would be participating with other nations' armed forces in the "Roving Sands" military war games at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Our own U.S.A. Today newspaper, in its April 8, 1997 edition, also reported on the Roving Sands war games exercise, announcing that, according to Fort Bliss officials, "More than 30,000 soldiers, airmen, and Marines from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada" would be participating.

Meanwhile, Power of Prophecy Ministries has received many photographs and eye witness reports of UN troops operating throughout North America. Amazingly, the average American citizen is totally ignorant of this sell-out of American sovereignty.

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