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Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report

Texe Marrs

Power Elite at Bilderberger Conclave

While the ten man, inner circle of the Illuminati dictated the agenda, among the power elite in 

attendance at the Bilderbergers conclave in Atlanta, Georgia, in June, 1997 were Umberto Agnelli (Fiat Corp, Italy); Paul Allaire (Xerox Corp., U.S.A.); Robert Bartley (Wall Street Journal, U.S.A.); Lloyd Bentsen (former Secretary of the Treasury and U.S. Senator); Conrad Black (The Telegraph Media Group, Great Britain); Lajos Bokros (Senior Advisor, the World Bank); John Browne (British Petroleum Corp., Great Britain); John Bryan (Sara Lee Corp., U.S.A.); Jon Corazine (Goldman Sachs & Co., New York); Louis Gestner (IBM Corp., U.S.A.); Henry Kissinger (Kissinger Associates, U.S.A.); David Rockefeller (Chase Manhattan Bank, U.S.A); Klaus Schwab (President, World Economic Forum, Germany); James Wolfensohn (President, the World Bank); and General Colin Powell (Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S.A.).

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